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    Exterior Wood Finish Maintenance
    This long discussion starts with a question about maintaining the finish on a beautiful outdoor wood gate, and continues into a detailed examination of the difficult durability issues with exterior clear finishes. January 14, 2008

    Turbulent Air Flow as a Factor in Kiln-Drying Operational Control
    The Wood Doctor explains why controlling humidity and temperature, not managing airflow turbulence, is the way to maintain optimum drying conditions in the kiln. June 13, 2014

    Wood Composting
    Advice from the Wood Doctor on composting chips, shavings, or sawdust for use in landscaping or gardening. January 30, 2013

    Outdoor wood furnaces
    Experiences with outdoor "water stove" heating systems. March 20, 2001

    Rx for Wood Machining Defects
    Dr. Gene Wengert examines the causes for defects in solid lumber caused by machining. 1998.

    Bending Wood: Steam or Heat?
    In steam bending, is it the moisture or the heat that makes the wood bendable? The doctor explains, it's both. October 17, 2012

    Rx For Bending Wood
    Dr. Gene Wengert offers advice on bending solid lumber in production applications. 1998.

    Wood dust hazards and safety gear
    A detailed look at personal safety precautions for those exposed to wood dust.

    Blue-Stained Pine Pros and Cons
    Controversy simmers over whether blue stain is is a special value, a visual defect, or a mold liability risk. September 17, 2008

    No-blotch dying
    Methods to achieve uniform finishes. March 5, 2003

    Acidity: Common Cause -- of Panel Gluing Problems
    How pH contributes to adhesion problems in glued-up panels. 1998.

    Lumber Grading, Quality, and Small Mills
    Here's an extended discussion of the public policy issues involved in lumber grading, and construction using un-graded lumber, as seen from the point of view of the small sawmill operator. May 18, 2010

    A Wood Identification Puzzle
    No solid answers for this mixed selection of antique boards, but an interesting lesson from the Wood Doctor on the step-by-step method of identifying wood based on end grain. January 12, 2015

    Health hazards of wood dust
    Studies have shown that breathing wood dust can be hazardous to your health. 1998.

    Finishing mahogany
    Producing the dark color expected of mahogany. February 12, 2003

    Using PEG for dimensional stability
    The discovery and use of PEG for stabilizing previously unseasoned lumber. 1998.

    How to Prevent Drying Stress
    A quick explanation from the Wood Doctor of what causes drying stress, and how to prevent or reduce it. August 15, 2011

    Fortune Teller: Making More Money in the Wood Industry
    Wood Doctor Gene Wengert makes some educated guesses about the near future in the wood products industry, and offers some advice about how wood-based businesses can profit from change. April 15, 2013

    Treating wood worm infestations
    How to arrest an infestation of wood worms before they migrate to other furniture. 1998.

    Raised Glue Joints on a Wood Countertop
    Detailed analysis of why glue joints may show up as visible bumps or grooves on a wood surface in a location subject to moisture changes. April 24, 2009

    Characteristics of padauk
    Basic characteristics of this beautiful, brilliant-red wood. October 10, 2000

    Crack In Wood Top

    Aching Glue Joints
    Diagnoses and cures for a variety of problems related to the gluing up of panels in solid lumber. 1998.

    Drying Oak Lumber: Step 7, Storage
    The Wood Doctor discusses how to protect dried lumber from damage during storage. August 27, 2012

    Dr. Gene Wengert - Giving Free Advice Became a Habit
    How Gene Wengert became the Wood Doctor, and how he helps woodworkers on and offline. July 16, 2002

    Drying wood for musical instruments
    A primer on various lumber drying techniques as they relate to musical instrument construction. 1998.

    Glue Joint Failure
    Dr. Gene Wengert delves into one of the primary problem areas affecting furniture manufacturers: glue joints. 1998.

    Finger Joints: A Few Whys and Wherefores
    The Wood Doctor provides his prescription for effective finger joints in solid stock. 1998.

    Causes and cures for sticker stain
    The Wood Doctor weighs in with comprehensive information about the causes and prevention of sticker stain. 1998.

    Treated pine vs. cedar
    The Wood Doctor offers his prognosis for outdoor projects using cedar and treated pine. 1998.

    Wood dust a carcinogen?
    The Wood Doctor points to two sources of information on the carcinogenic properties of wood dust. 1998.

    Is It Practical to Store Logs for Long Periods?
    Most logs will deteriorate quickly if not cut and dried. Here's a long debate on the practicality of pond storage and other proposed ways around the dilemma. April 19, 2006

    Comparing Western and Eastern cedars
    Both Eastern white and Western red cedars have their virtues; the Wood Doctor provides details. 1998.

    Australian lace wood
    Characteristics of this unusual wood. 1998.

    Sawmill recovery rate
    Does one sawmill's recovery rate make it a better choice over another mill? (From WOODWEB's Sawing and Drying Forum) February 18, 2003

    Types and Properties of Woodworking Adhesives
    The Wood Doctor's dissertation on wood glues, from A to Z. 1998.

    Warpage in bookmatched curly maple?
    Warpage should not be anticipated in bookmatched lumber any more than in any other type of glue up. 1998.

    Preserving a cedar deck
    Best methods for treating and protecting wood decks from decay. 1998.

    Wood species for outdoor furniture
    The Wood Doctor names names: Decay-resistance lumber suitable for outdoor use. October 10, 2000

    What's the Toughest Wood to Dry?
    Wood Doctor Gene Wengert lists a few wood species that just love to stay wet. January 27, 2008

    Furniture from Air-Dried Red Oak
    If "air drying" is understood to include drying to equilibrium in a conditioned indoor space, then the result can be useable wood. May 27, 2008

    Fuzzy Mahogany
    Tension wood may exhibit more "fuzz" than wood that was not stressed during tree growth. December 24, 2012

    Wood density studies
    Sources for reports on several studies of wood densities are provided. 1998.

    High-Quality Cherry Slab Doors
    An extended discussion of the advantages of various ways to make slab doors. October 25, 2006

    Pressure treated lumber -- O.K. for grape arbor?
    A look at pressure-treated woods, then and now, and safety factors to consider in using them. 1998.

    Diagnosing a Beetle Infestation
    The Wood Doctor discusses the risk indicated by insect exit holes appearing in wood recently brought indoors. April 30, 2009

    Darkening wood with steam
    Saturated steam can be an effective way to darken some species of wood, while still green. 1998.

    A brief history of wood glues
    Is there a difference between white and yellow wood glues? 1998.

    Woods for outdoor furniture
    A manufacturer of outdoor furniture consults the Wood Doctor for help with choosing a species to replace beech. 1998.

    Twisting cabinet doors
    Only changes in moisture content cause wood to change in size or shape. 1998.

    Pushing the Envelope with a Herringbone Table Top
    Small pieces of wood sliced 1/8 inch thick, laid into a herringbone pattern, and applied to an MDF substrate on both sides, have been known to work as a custom table top. March 26, 2007

    Relative densities of various birches
    The Wood Doctor offers resources for information on the relative densities of birch lumbers, and offers an opinion on plastic laminate. 1998.

    A PEG primer
    Some general information on this green-wood treatment. 1998.

    Techniques for Equalizing and Conditioning Lumber
    The Wood Doctor explains how to complete the final two steps in the primary processing uh, process. 1998.

    Teak Oil Facts and Fiction
    Teak Oil: it's not just for teak. April 24, 2014

    : Redheart, described and defined
    "Redheart" is just another name for... 1998.

    Workbench end caps: Bad idea?
    Though European workbenches commonly feature caps over the ends of the worktop material, these may hinder natural movement of the wood on this side of the Atlantic.

    Salvaging lumber from submerged wood
    The best chance for salvaging lumber from submerged wood lies in cutting it quickly, and drying it slowly. 1998.

    Use and finishing tips: Cottonwood
    Cottonwood is a good quality, light-to-medium duty wood. 1998.

    Pursuing perfect miters
    Methods and equipment for achieving the highest quality. September 20, 2003

    Cupping of resawn lumber
    The two reasons wood cups when resawn. 1998.

    The "Sustainable" Chain of Custody
    How can a small shop get certification that its wood is sustainably produced, all the way back to the source? June 30, 2009

    Wax Finish for a Walnut Slab Table Top
    Furnituremakers discuss wax finishes. December 2, 2009

    Salt pastes and PEG
    Polyethylene glycol is high-priced, but the alternatives for stabilizing green wood are few. 1998.

    Valuing and pricing old lumber
    Lumber pricing is like everything else: Whatever the market will bear.

    Wood waste for electric generation?
    Could wood be an efficient source for eventual conversion into electric power? 1998.

    Wood technology Web sites
    A short list of Web sites with information about characteristics of given species. 1998.

    Steaming beech and why not
    The Wood Doctor cautions against steaming beach for extended periods. 1998.

    Glazing Advice for a High-Volume Shop
    Pros give tips on formulating glazes, simplifying the process, and pacing the work. March 18, 2005

    Knife Characteristics for Best Moulder Finish Quality
    This informative thread includes some expert discussion of the old-school method of back-beveling cutter knives, and also describes other knife characteristics that can improve the quality of machined wood straight off the moulder. August 13, 2014

    Hard maple cracks and causes
    Potential causes for hairline cracks in dried hard maple. 1998.

    Kiln dried: Better than air dried?
    Why kiln-dried lumber is the best option for wood that will eventually 'live' indoors. 1998.

    Raised glue lines after curing
    A glue line that is raised days after parts are assembled and the glue has cured is a sure sign of wet lumber. 1998.

    Lumber drying options and efficiencies
    The Wood Doctor's favorite references for making decisions among lumber-drying options. 1998.

    More on blue stain removal
    Is there a 100-percent-effective method for removing blue stain from pine? 1998.

    Rotted siding
    Gene Wengert helps a homeowner with a question about decaying siding. 1998.

    Embossing wood blocks
    Producing embossed ABC blocks is expensive, unless you're doing a bunch of them. 1998.

    Abrasive Planing: Gluing and Yield Observations
    A comparison of abrasive and traditional knife surfacing of solid lumber, and their effects on gluing and yield. 1998.

    Chemically "aging" cherry
    Tips and cautions for using chemicals to quickly achieve the richer colors certain woods attain with age. 1998.

    Drying small pieces in microwave
    You can dry lumber in a microwave oven, under certain conditions. 1998.

    A source for submerged wood
    A supplier for lumber cut from submerged logs is provided.

    Thick Slab Table Top Construction
    Thoughts and stories about large slab table tops, and some interesting examples. December 14, 2009

    Wood Movement Worries with Large Wainscot Panels
    Oversized floating panels are likely to grow and shrink too much to be practical. Here are some explanations, and advice on substitute materials. August 12, 2014

    Working with Ipe Wood
    Woodworkers air their objections to Ipe, which is heavy, hard, and rough on tools. The Wood Doctor adds a little technical detail to the discussion. March 12, 2014

    Venting and Fans for a Solar Kiln
    A quick expert explanation from the Wood Doctor of how and why vents and fans are used in a solar wood drying kiln. April 20, 2011

    Smelly lauan
    The Wood Doctor is quizzed about bad-smelling lauan in a commercial bar. Diagnosis: anaerobic bacteria. Prognosis: terminal. Prescription: replacement. 1998.

    Harvesting, Sawing, and Marketing Coconut Tree Lumber
    How can a Dominican Republic plantation owner make good use of 300,000 coconut trees that have reached the end of their useful life? March 28, 2012

    Ridding one's house of powderpost beetles
    What to do upon discovering an infestatoin of powderpost beetles. 1998.

    Mold on Southern Pine
    The wood doctor explains why Southern Pine supposedly dried to 18% moisture content would still support mold after being stacked inside a dried-in house under construction. January 25, 2013

    Raised grain: A pith-side phenomenon
    Raised grain tends to appear more on the side of boards which, in the log, faced the pith. Here's why. 1998.

    Do tropical trees lose their leaves?
    The Wood Doctor explains that many species of tropical trees are indeed deciduous. 1998.

    Air-dried oak for casework?
    Air-dried lumber needs to live in the environment it will inhabit prior to fabrication. 1998.

    Cambium miner's effect on lumber grade
    Gene Wengert on cambium miners, what they do, and whether the result affects lumber grade. 1998.

    Calculating longitudinal shrinkage
    There's no firm factor for calculating longitudinal shrinkage in maple, but here's a place to begin. 1998.

    Ash baseball bats
    Where to find the strongest ash for baseball bats. 1998.

    Characteristics of butt log lumber
    Denser, darker wood than the rest of that from the same laod may be from butt logs. 1998.

    Solar Kiln Designs 1 -- Solar Heated, Lumber Dry Kiln Designs - Part 1
    An in depth article by Gene Wengert and Luiz Carlos Oliveira

    Table Saw Blade Height Above Material
    Here's a long, thoughtful discussion of the practical and safety aspects of setting blade height when working with a table saw. November 13, 2009

    Warping and cracking in glued-up pine
    To find clues for cracked and warped pine panels, a measure of moisture content is needed before the splitting occurs. 1998.

    Spots revealed in dry, planed lumber
    Dr. Gene attempts to find the causes of discolored spots on dried lumber, revealed only when the stock has been planed. 1998.

    -- Architectural Woodworking Forum -- Moisture Effects on Wood (Video)
    Wood Doctor Gene Wengert explains in detail about the ways moisture affects wood, in a seven-part YouTube video series. December 31, 2012

    Underwater wood: Worthless?
    Generally speaking, submerged lumber is often a total loss. 1998.

    Tips for machining pecan
    The Wood Doctor offers three things to bear in mind when machining pecan. 1998.

    Worms in ash
    Are worm holes in just-bought ash a cause for concern? 1998.

    and we do mean HARD. 1998.

    Loss in air-dried lumber
    The Wood Doctor provides typicial loss factors for several speices of lumber, when air-dried. 1998.

    Lightning-Struck Wood Puzzle
    Observations and speculation about whether lightning weakens the wood of a tree it strikes. August 29, 2006

    Is Eastern red cedar toxic?
    Eastern red cedar does not share some of the reaction-generating characteristics of its Western namesake. 1998.

    Gluing white oak panels
    Because of its density, white oak lumber must be machined carefully for panel glue-up, and assembled within an hour of preparation. 1998.

    Kiln-drying energy: Too cheap to save?
    Sleep lost over the most efficient way to insulate a wood kiln will yield only lost sleep, not big savings. 1998.

    Darkening Problem when Heating Ash to Kill Borers
    Dry the wood first, then heat it, says the Wood Doctor. July 29, 2011

    Air drying of hardwoods
    Basic information, and where to find more of it, on air-drying green lumber. 1998.

    Dark liquid from walnut: Toxic?
    The Wood Doctor says: Stay away from this stuff! 1998.

    Solar Kiln Designs 4 -- Solar Heated, Lumber Dry Kiln Designs - Part 4
    An in depth article by Gene Wengert and Luiz Carlos Oliveira

    Wood Dust, Breathing Difficulties, and Personal Protection
    Personal accounts make clear that wood dust can bring on breathing problems, and that both shop-wide and individual protective steps are appropriate. August 29, 2006

    20 Steps to Drying Hard White Maple
    The Wood Doctor's 100 percent guaranteed, sure-fire, no-snake-oil method for successfully drying hard white maple. 1998.

    Why is machined teak blotchy?
    If you're not familiar with it, one property of freshly machined teak can take you by surprise. 1998.

    Machining MDF Raised Panels
    Four out of four doctors agree: you can run MDF door panels in one pass on the shaper, if your cutters are sharp.January 2, 2014

    PVA glues for veneering -- pros and cons
    PVA glues can work for veneering, but there are potential pitfalls. 1998.

    Iroko Wood Tearout
    This tropical hardwood (a good substitute for teak) can be tough on saw blades and moulder knives. December 1, 2005

    MC in imported mahogany furniture
    Moisture contents higher than eight percent are suspect, and suppliers must be notified. 1998.

    Lilmited options for blue stain removal
    Blue stains in pine can only be removed through planing or heavy bleaching. 1998.

    Flame spread rating for oak
    Oak is rated at 100 by the ASTM. 1998.

    Building a Hydraulic Swingmill
    Sawmillers talk over the fine points and choices involved in building a hydraulic swingmill. March 13, 2009

    Allegic reaction to sawdust
    Dangers associated with breathing sawdust and saftey precautions to take. August 1, 2001

    Best preparation for bent ash
    Dr. Gene advises a fishing-net maker on the best ways to prepare ash for bending into frames for his products. 1998.

    Cypress board and batten siding
    It's better to kiln dry that cypress before siding your house with it than to let air-drying suffice. 1998.

    Drying green tongue-and-groove pine
    Success in drying green, already-machined lumber has much to do with the species. 1998.

    Drying pine for a trestle table
    A brief look at the basics of drying freshly milled, 3-inch-thick pine. 1998.

    Troubleshooting Blotchy Effects with a Water-Based Finishing Schedule
    Waterborne finishes make it tricky to get even tinting on some wood surfaces. Here, a finisher tries to zero in on a workable dye stain, barrier coat, and tinted topcoat system. December 28, 2007

    Steam Bending Tips
    Expert info on grain, sawing, moisture content, and finishing concerns for steam bending wood. October 2, 2005

    Temperature maximums for dehumidification units
    and that's plenty. 1998.

    When holly goes pathological
    Only fungus and injury cause color change in normally white holly. 1998.

    Shrinkage allowances for red oak
    Estimating radial and tangential shrinkage when drying red oak to 12 to 14 percent MC. 1998.

    Mist systems and relative humidity
    Mist systems, what they do, and some general information about relative humidty and its effect on wood. 1998.

    Kiln drying Mexican oak
    Mexican oak can be dried using the same schedules as those used by processors in the United States. 1998.

    Machining MDF
    Tips for machining MDF. 1998.

    Identifying bird's eye maple
    What causes the unique patterns in bird's eye maple lumber? 1998.

    Birch for outdoor tool handles?
    White birch's comparative weakness renders it a poor choice for handles on tools that must sustain high impacts. 1998.

    Discoloration in steamed beech
    Tracing the source of discoloration as a result of beech steaming. 1998.

    Bending gun stocks
    Advice on bending lumber in general and gun stocks in particular.1998.

    Which Fine Details Do Customers Care About?
    A thoughtful discussion about whether labor expended on small details is wasted, or worthwhile. December 27, 2010

    Safety Gear and Equipment to Reduce Kickback Risk
    This discussion of kickback in the shop, its causes, and how to prevent it, includes several very frightening personal accounts of accidents. January 19, 2012

    Troubleshooting Chatter And Snipe
    Is it a knife grinding issue or a moulder set-up problem? April 10, 2005

    How much time to allow based on thickness and proposed radius of wood. September 23, 2003

    Wood weight and highway transport
    How to accurately estimate the weight of a truckload of air-dried lumber to assure compliance with trucking regulations. Includes access info for resources. August 1, 2000

    Understanding Ring Shake and Bacterial Action
    The Wood Doctor explains the bacterial causes of ring shake. September 5, 2011

    Working with casehardened lumber
    Casehardened lumber should be returned to the processor, or planed to the desired thickness; resawing is not an option. 1998.

    The importance of balanced finishes
    or in this case, do unto one side of your project what you did to the other. 1998.

    Tips for drying butternut burls
    Butternut burls are dried much like regular lumber. Also, a source for further information on drying burls. 1998.

    Stained oak from supplier
    There are solutions for stained, milled, not-yet-dried oak lumber, but first , one must determine the cause of the staining. 1998.

    Tooling tips for African wawa
    More important than knife angles to obtaining a smooth machined finish is feed speed. 1998.

    "Sandy" glue joints
    The age of glue matters. 1998.

    Yellow glue: O.K. for laminating?
    If specs are met, yellow glue is fine for bent laminations. 1998.

    Second-growth cypress -- it's just not the same
    Second-growth cypress lacks the natural decay resistance of its first-generation counterpart. 1998.

    Finishing Cost (In-House Versus Contracted Out)
    A cabinetmaker wonders why bids he gets to finish cabinets don't match his own cost to do the work himself. The question sets off a long discussion of cost, value, markets, and business strategies. May 17, 2010

    How Did You Get Into Woodworking?
    Woodworkers describe how they stumbled into this way of life. October 15, 2009

    Finger-Jointed Wood from 2x Scrap
    A discussion about the practicality of turning off-cuts into useable studs by finger-jointing. July 30, 2007

    Lumber Moisture Content and Glue Failures
    When you cross-cut and rip lumber at too high a moisture content, then quickly glue up panels (such as stair treads), glue failures may soon occur. February 5, 2007

    Jointing Curly Cherry
    Tips and tricks for avoiding tear-out. August 30, 2005

    Moisture content of walnut -- and measuring it
    A woodworker seeks information about acceptable moisture contents for walnut used in furniture, and wonders what makes moisture meters tick. 1998.

    Five value-added approaches
    Professor Gene Wengert presents ideas on adding value to your wood products. April 2, 2002

    Laminating different species
    In a triple lamination, it's OK to use two species of lumber, given a few conditions. 1998.

    Low-cost kiln plans
    Information sources for constructing low-cost kilns. 1998.

    Crowns on Band Wheels
    Why do crowns exist, and do they improve band tracking? January 29, 2004

    Basement drying basics
    The Wood Doctor prescribes proper drying procedures for a small batch in a basement. June 21, 2000

    Buckled veneer is manufacturer's fault
    except letting the manufacturer hear about it. 1998.

    Drying hard maple for whiteness
    Permissible extremes for dehumification drying of maple, to accentuate whiteness. 1998.

    Spraying Shellac
    Finishers discuss the fine points of applying Shellac, a traditional finish that can produce exceptional results when applied with care. December 31, 2012

    Techniques for drying wooden bowls
    Advice on how to dry large, turned vessels. 1998.

    Is Cedar an Insect Repellent?
    Including Cedar in a stack of sawn wood will not keep bugs away, the Wood Doctor explains. July 11, 2013

    Gluing veneers
    Some tips for gluing down veneer. 1998.

    Kiln-drying eucalyptus
    Recommended temperatures for drying this native Australian species. 1998.

    Buckling Tongue-and-Groove Siding
    An example of Ipe siding falling victim to expansion caused by moisture. April 3, 2012

    Drying Oak Lumber: Step 2, Stacking
    Another chapter in the Wood Doctor's introduction to wood drying. August 16, 2012

    Animal and hide glues
    Animal-based glues have all but disappeared in most woodworking applications. 1998.

    Black streaks in birch
    Searching for clues to the cause of black streaks, showing up in birch dowels during manufacturing. 1998.

    Casehardening explained
    The Wood Doctor describes casehardening, its causes, and cure. July 18, 2000

    Design of air drying sheds
    General info on the design of sheds used for air-drying lumber. 1998.

    Stupid Woodworker Tricks
    With a nod toward David Letterman, pros discuss their least-best moments. January 24, 2005

    Small Chunks Sticking to the Edgebander Roller
    Trying to get to the bottom of a performance issue with an edgebander: small particleboard core chunks sticking to the glue roller are starving parts of the joint for glue. November 15, 2010

    Swing blade woes
    What are the drawbacks to this type of mill? April 29, 2003

    Troubleshooting a Diving Cut on a Swing Blade Sawmill
    Swing-blade owners run through the usual suspects trying to find the source of a hard-to-explain blade-diving problem. February 12, 2007

    Tinting Caulk to Match Dye Stained Wood
    Advice on doctoring a tube of caulk, and a commercial source for the same thing. July 16, 2012

    Tannic acid stains in oak
    October 16, 2000

    Measuring Logs and Lumber
    Lumber measurement - Professor Gene Wengert clears up questions regarding proper measurement techniques. May 28, 2001

    Rx For Planer Splits
    The five main causes for splits in lumber during roughmill planing. 1998.

    Is Eastern Red Cedar Suitable for a Sauna?
    Potential toxicity and non-durability of the sapwood are issues that could affect the decision. March 12, 2014

    Preventing kickback
    Diagosing the causes of recurring kickback, and finding cures. 1998.

    Repairing a sequenced MDF door
    reverse the terminal warp of a sequenced MDF/cherry door. 1998.

    Ideal relative humidity in woodworking plants
    Determining the best relative humidity level for your operation. 1998.

    Heat resistant veneer glue
    There are glues that will withstand the high temperatures in heat-assisted finishing operations. 1998.

    Preventing brown stain on pine
    Warm weather is the culprit; keeping still-to-be-processed logs cools is the solution. 1998.

    Cedar Allergies
    After prolonged exposure, you can develop a severe allergy to Cedar, and also to some other wood types. January 20, 2010

    Birch Varieties Explained
    The Wood Doctor lists the various species of Birch tree in North America and relates them to lumber for sale on the market. July 12, 2013

    Distinguishing Western Hemlock from Amabilis Fir
    Tips on how to tell apart two very similar trees. April 20, 2006

    Creating skateboard blanks -- with compound curves
    Ideas for gluing up 'longboard' blanks for skateboards. 1998.

    Drying South American hardwoods
    Dr. Gene Wengert provides a resource for information on drying tropical hardwoods. 1998.

    DH kiln operation
    A resource for DH kiln operation. 1998.

    Challenging Issues for Wood Shops
    This thread tackles two issues at one time (listing the top issues confronting wood shops, and managing multiple different kinds of work), and beats both into submission. July 30, 2009

    The Cost of High Turnover
    Replacing a lost employee costs a business to a degree that isn't always appreciated. Here, cabinetmakers discuss the problem of selecting, training, and keeping valuable team members. September 8, 2007

    Setting Commercial Doors
    Advice for experienced residential carpenters on working with steel door frames and hardware on commercial jobs. March 26, 2010

    Woodworking, Dust, and Lung Damage
    Wood dust might not bother you on a daily basis, but it's no joke. Take it seriously. November 28, 2011

    Troubleshooting Grain Raise with Waterborne Finishes
    Waterborne finishes raise the grain of wood, requiring extra sanding. Here's advice on how to minimize the extra labor. July 15, 2014

    Sawing and Drying Less Common Species
    Sawyers give the Wood Doctor some feedback about lesser-used species such as Persimmon, Madrone, Boxelder, and Mulberry.September 5, 2011

    Finger Versus Tablesaw
    A cautionary tale of a seven-stitches encounter with a tablesaw blade sets off a discussion of accidents had and lessons learned. April 25, 2006

    Etiquette for Dealing with Customers
    A discussion about how a hardworking cabinetmaker can learn the social skills for interacting with customers from other walks of life. July 12, 2012

    Loose Tenon Joinery for Breadboard Tabletop Ends
    Here's a detailed discussion of breadboard joinery, focusing on whether loose tenons will serve the purpose in a Mesquite table top.March 28, 2012

    Plywood Cupping and Moisture Content
    Check panel moisture content when you receive it, advises the Wood Doctor. April 16, 2009

    Red Pine Versus White Pine for Timber Framing
    Red pine is stiffer and stronger than white pine, but more prone to warping. December 28, 2006

    Measuring surface roughness
    Three methods for measuring surface roughness on dressed lumber. 1998.

    Blades for Sawing Old Timbers with Embedded Nails
    There are no easy answers if you need a blade that will saw wood and also cut through nails. April 18, 2009

    Cottonwood for horse stalls
    Is this a suitable species? September 25, 2002

    Defining Quarter-Sawn and Rift-Sawn
    There are both formal and informal definitions for "quarter-sawn" lumber. Here, cabinetmakers and the Wood Doctor discuss the fine points. July 5, 2006

    Tablesaw Accident Anecdotes
    Is a kerf in the palm of your hand a dado, a rabbet, or a groove? An accident that could have been worse sets off a collection of reminiscences, cautions, and advice. December 30, 2005

    Quartersawing Patterns Illustrated
    Here's a set of drawings from the Wood Doctor depicting various ways to saw for vertical grain. June 16, 2014

    Eyewitness: Injury
    Scary stories about careless acts and bad consequences. June 28, 2005

    Preparing Face Frame Stock
    A lively discussion among cabinetmakers about whether, when, and how to joint, plane, or sand stock for face frames. October 8, 2005

    Is Finishing Witchcraft?
    Happy Halloween. October 25, 2012

    Relief for Hurting Feet
    Long days in the shop are rough on feet. Here, woodworkers share sympathy and suggest practical ways to ease the pain. September 7, 2006

    Price Vs. Time Quartering white Oak
    October 30, 2005

    Matching the "Stickley" Look on White Oak
    Trying to accentuate the rays in stained oak? Fuming for different times or tweaking stain strengths can help fine-tune the piece's finished appearance. August 30, 2005

    Finishing a Cutting Board
    Six out of six doctors agree: Use mineral oil. March 9, 2010

    Hanging Cabinets on Metal Stud Walls
    Thoughts on fastening cabinet backs to light-gauge metal stud walls. April 14, 2010

    Finishing Wood Window Blinds
    curing a wavy finish in a flat line finishing system - March 17, 2000

    Allergies, asthma, dust collection, and breathing protection.
    Woodworkers talk about ways to cope with sensitivity to sawdust. February 12, 2009

    Taking Over A Business

    Tablesaw blade safety device
    Does a new sawblade-stop product really protect your fingers? July 29, 2003

    Estimating board footage
    Most accurate and most accepted methods of figuring BF for lumber. December 17, 2002

    Modifying a Moulder to Run a Deep Profile
    Trying to push a moulder to perform outside the limits of its original design can result in serious injury. January 29, 2009

    Making Raggle Boards
    Suggestions on how to tool up for volume production of raggle sticks, and speculation about what a raggle stick is. March 9, 2010

    Removing Excess Stain from Corners
    Hand-work techniques for getting wiping stain out of cabinet corners. July 27, 2008

    Compressed air delivery system
    Appropriate piping for shop air distribution lines. January 15, 2003

    Dovetail Drawers on a CNC Router
    A wide-ranging discussion about cutting dovetail drawer joints on a CNC. November 8, 2008

    Whether to Give Clients your Drawings
    Here's an extended discussion about appropriate policies for control of shop drawings and design layouts. May 26, 2010

    Sharpening Machine for Brad Point Bits
    Insight into getting set up to sharpen your own carbide brad point bits. November 15, 2011

    Sharpening Vibrating-Head Saw Blades
    Did you know you can sharpen the blades for those vibrating-head detail-sander saws? You can also make your own replacement blades. December 6, 2006

    Handling an Order Cancellation Early in the Contract
    Two lessons are learned from this case where a customer wants to cancel without explaining: One, contracts should spell out the exits for both parties; and two, some things in life are more important than business. January 31, 2012

    Naming the Business
    Should you put your personal name in your company name? February 17, 2011

    Feets Don't Fail Me Now
    All day on on your feet on a concrete shop floor is an rX for full-body pain. In this thread from the Cabinetmaking forum, old hands with old feet tell where they stand on personal footwear. October 1, 2005

    How to Make a Full Radius Arch Top Cab Door
    From laying up blanks to cutting, here are some tips on making arched top door stiles. November 2, 2010

    Keeping Your Eyeglasses Clean in the Spray Booth
    Advice on protecting and cleaning your glasses in an overspray environment. April 24, 2014

    Email Check Scams Targeting Woodworkers
    Fishy-sounding email requests for quotes are sometimes the opening step in an "overpayment" phony-check scam. July 13, 2010

    Power Feeder for a Shaper
    Advice on choosing and using a power feeder for a 3-horsepower shaper. June 5, 2007

    Environmental Sensitivities: A Tough Sell
    Failure stories are common among cabinetmakers who have tried to satisfy "chemically sensitive" clients. February 28, 2012

    Hand Cleaning Tips and Tricks
    or keep it off in the first place. October 26, 2005

    Harmful saw dust
    Steering clear of cedar dust, and what could happen if you don't. January 16, 2001

    Rung Remedies
    Suggesteed repairs for loose chair rungs - 1998

    Am I Being Reasonable????

    Charging for Cabinet Design Work
    Cabinetmakers discuss how they price the design phase of a job and get paid. March 12, 2009

    Business Worries and Sleep
    Running your own business can make it hard to get a good night's sleep. Here's some advice on healthy habits that may help (personal and business both). April 9, 2008

    Cabinet Pocket Doors and Adjustable Shelves
    A construction problem: how to build a cabinet with adjustable shelves, inset into a wall, with doors that open out and slide back into recesses next to the cabinet. August 30, 2010

    Applying UV-Cured Coatings to Flooring
    Commercial pre-finished flooring comes with a UV-cured urethane finish, but that's an advanced process best left to the specialists. June 17, 2010

    De-Glazing a Widebelt Conveyor
    The standard method is to sand the conveyor with the wide belt, but you can just use a random orbital hand sander instead. October 15, 2012

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