Tinting Caulk to Match Dye Stained Wood

Advice on doctoring a tube of caulk, and a commercial source for the same thing. July 16, 2012

I'm seeking advice and words of wisdom regarding caulking and color matching. We recently installed a project that will require color-matched caulking. The design required a series of large wardrobe cabinets to be assembled on site. Some of the pieces had to be installed between other boxes - since we're in an imperfect world, some of these joints have larger-than-acceptable gaps. The material is all blonde dye-stained rift sawn white oak, finished in ML Campbell PreCat. Has anyone tried dying their caulk before, or mixing the stain in with the caulk?

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From contributor R:
With a new tube of caulk cut off the very bottom of the tube and squeeze it all out onto a flat sturdy surface. Mix colorant into the caulk until you have the color youíre looking for. Take a putty knife and spoon the colored caulk back into the tube. Duct tape the bottom of the tube. Snip off a little bit of the tip of the tube and caulk to your heartís desire. Water based pigments are used for DAP caulk. Another option is to color some linseed oil putty (window glazing) with utc pigments. Mix some corn starch or whiting into the mix to thicken it up a bit.

From contributor P:
The best advice I can give is the advice of information. We are a custom shop in Pennsylvania that does a great deal of onsite finishing and onsite fabrication on the west coast. There is a company by the name of Centura Paint in southern Florida that will custom match your finish color in several types of caulking for a very reasonable price. We have found them to be a blessing in disguise in more than one situation.