Sawdust as fuel
Building a sawdust-fired boiler to heat kiln and shop. November 18, 2002

Tile Setters vs. Trim carpenters
On a woodworking site, it's not tough to guess the winner of this battle. But the war of words makes for good reading. February 25, 2005

Who Are You? Thumbnail Biographies of Forum Members
Ever wonder who you're interacting with on WOODWEB? In this thread, forum posters give a brief history of their lives in the woodworking trade. June 16, 2014

Woodshop Waste Percentage
How much wood do you waste in the construction of your product? June 21, 2004

Speeding Up CNC Router Production
Tips on operation, loading and unloading for efficiency. December 26, 2004

Woodworking 101: The Basics
and shows how it can affect various production operations. 1998.

Spray Shop Layout
Setting up an efficient spray-finishing area in an expanded shop. December 26, 2004

Tapered Craftsman Porch Columns
A long discussion of the materials and joinery needed to reproduce this traditional architectural element. February 5, 2007

WOODPRO - Species Selection Made Easy
A free complete working computer program (that can be downloaded at WOODWEB), allowing woodworkers to select the most suitable wood species for any particular application - 1997

Shopping for a Profile Grinder
Advice on getting into knife grinding, for mid-job touch-up sharpening or for needed custom profiles, without an excessive investment in time or money. April 21, 2011

Wainscot with toe kick
Notching and other ideas for integrating a toe kick with wainscot. January 3, 2003

Troubleshooting Checking in African Mahogany
Woodworkers puzzle over unusual cracking in some African Mahogany rough-sawn stock. February 6, 2010

Staircase Standards
Standard heights and dimensions for stair parts. January 24, 2005

Static charge on wood
Troubleshooting and resolving static problems on freshly planed boards. October 9, 2002

Quality Issues with Rift Sawn White Oak
Sawing methods affect the presence of visible rays or fleck — but how much fleck is acceptable? March 4, 2006

Troubleshooting Moulder Jams
Strategies for dealing with the problem when boards get stuck in the moulder. April 24, 2009

Walnut Plywood for Wall Panels
A discussion of featuring clear-coated Walnut plywood as a finish wall material. July 18, 2013

Working with Bendable Substrates
Commercial architectural woodworkers discuss working with bendable substrates and plywood, including the issue of how to fill sections of the material to create a solid shape. August 15, 2012

Wood Movement Worries with Large Wainscot Panels
Oversized floating panels are likely to grow and shrink too much to be practical. Here are some explanations, and advice on substitute materials. August 12, 2014

Wood Choice for Horse Stalls
Is there any kind of wood that horses won't chew on? July 18, 2008

Shop Drawing Submittals in Metric
When converting to 32mm construction, should all drawings be done in metric as well? April 18, 2004

White Pine Versus Yellow Poplar for Interior Paneling
A bandsaw mill owner gets advice on which wood species to use for interior wall and ceiling paneling. October 19, 2014

Tools for "Perfect" Miter Cutting
A solid table saw's your best bet. August 29, 2005

Straight Lining Rough Lumber
Efficient methods for creating an edge. December 9, 2004

Safety and climb cutting
Safety issues involved in climb cutting with a shaper. January 21, 2003

Wood Movement Issues in a Solid Wood Bench Seat
Advice on how to allow for wood movement in bench seating in a commercial space. December 26, 2006

What the Heck is "Honduran Black Walnut"?
Woodweb pros discuss the opportunities, risks, and unknowns inherent in buying lumber from foreign sources at arm's length. September 7, 2013

Torsion Box Shelf Ideas
Concepts and examples for strong lightweight torsion-box book shelves. February 25, 2009

Steam Bending Larger Boards
Advice on steam-bending 2x4 stock for a curved roof structure. October 19, 2013

Truing-up rough wood
Planers will not remove the bow from rough stock; jointing is required before boards can be properly thicknessed. February 13, 2001

Selecting Wood for Rot and Insect Resistance
Woodworkers notice that old-growth lumber seems to be more durable than juvenile wood, across different species. December 24, 2012

Tapered Stop Flutes
The search for a simple, efficient method. December 26, 2004

White Oak Versus Red Oak for Outdoor Exposures
The key difference is that White Oak has a closed-cell pore structure and is therefore more weather-resistant. November 23, 2012

Yellow Cedar Characteristics
Not a true Cedar, Yellow Cedar grows mainly on the northern Pacific coast of North America. Here is some info about its useful properties. April 2, 2013

Teak Fence-Post Durability
How long will the buried end of a Teak fence post last? June 26, 2009

Waxing Equipment Surfaces
Using butcher's wax to make wood move easily across machine tables. April 18, 2004

Treated Cypress Options
A discussion of surface coatings, preservative treatments, and natural decay resistance of Cypress used for outdoor shutters. July 12, 2008

Using a Stair-Stringer Router Template
Basic directions for using a manufactured router template to route out stringers for fully-housed stair treads. October 19, 2006

Wood Wainscoting in the Bathroom
Seal all sides with a durable finish, and it's practical. October 4, 2005

Water-resistant Adhesives for Exterior Millwork
Choosing the right adhesive is really a matter of how much water resistance is required. 1998

Water-based Is the Way to Glue
There are many benefits to switching to water based contact adhesives - 1998

Specs for the Taper on Classical Round Columns
Quick advice on information sources for laying out classic architectural shapes and forms. January 9, 2015

Trimming Concrete/Foam Walls
Making trim stick to a nail-unfriendly surface. February 25, 2005

Usfulness of Variable Speed in a Planer-Moulder
Single-speed equipment is okay for running very small and simple moulding, but not for anything large or complex. September 23, 2008

Steam bending wood
Information resources on how to steam bend wood. January 24, 2001

-- Architectural Woodworking Forum -- Moisture Effects on Wood (Video)
Wood Doctor Gene Wengert explains in detail about the ways moisture affects wood, in a seven-part YouTube video series. December 31, 2012

Yellow Pine for Mouldings
Drying stability and machining problems make Yellow Pine unsuitable for fine woodwork. December 24, 2012

Sanding Carved Profiles
A small sand-blaster can be used for smoothing intricate carved profiles. September 19, 2009

Big Monitors for On-Screen Estimating
A discussion of the hardware and software upgrades involved in switching to all-digital (paperless) estimating and takeoffs. April 27, 2011

Financial Success in Woodworking
Philosophies and turning points on the path to $100K a year. January 6, 2005

Four Case Histories for Smart Specifying
December 4, 2001

Humidity, Temperature, Wood Moisture Content, and Wood Movement
Basic technical information and an extended discussion of the way wood expands and contracts in response to changes in temperature and humidity. November 13, 2009

Flattening boards with a planer
Methods for planing warped wood flat. September 25, 2002

Eliminating Wood Problems -- An Industry Review: 10 Ways of Eliminating Wood Problems
Gene Wengert explains why eliminating wood problems begins and ends with monitoring and controlling the moisture content (MC) in wood -March 18, 2000

Parametric Drawings
Can parametric design simplify change orders? May 19, 2004

Optimal Joint Method for Making Curved Beams
Woodworkers discuss the best way to fabricate a curved beam, and learn about an interesting historic example of curved laminated timber barn construction. October 19, 2013

Framing Lumber for Planting Boxes
A discussion of treated wood, naturally rot-resistant lumber, outdoor exposures, and pests. April 14, 2010

Moulding prices
Pricing product in a small, start-up moulding manufacturing operation. October 9, 2002

Hammering and Rolling Large Saw Blades
Saw blades can be pre-tensioned so that they take on a true, flat shape when spinning. The technique is an art that requires knowledge and experience. June 24, 2007

Mahogany Versus Sapele for an Outdoor Structure
A long discussion about different flavors of Mahogany, their sources and qualities, and how they compare with Sapele for durability and quality. March 26, 2010

Potential of a One-Man Shop
Is it realistic to think a small shop owner can make a decent living? December 9, 2004

New Shop Layout
Efficient shop flow for increased profit. February 28, 2004

Moulding on a Curved Wall
Installing trim work along a curved staricase. February 28, 2004

Multimedia Installations -- Hardwoods and Tile, Stone, Marble, Metals and Glass
Complementary materials enhance hardwood installations. December 4, 2001

Layer Names and Line Defaults
Organizing and simplifying layers in CAD. May 19, 2004

FOB defined
Origins and meanings of the term "freight on board." (Sawing and Drying Forum) March 23, 2003

Ripping and Re-Gluing to Limit Cupping
The Wood Doc weighs in on the old-timer technique of ripping and re-gluing boards in order to lessen moisture-related cupping. February 19, 2008

Radius of Convex Wall
Formulas for calculating this measurement. May 19, 2004

Outsourcing drawings
Positive and negative experiences from those who have hired the job out. October 30, 2002

Ellipse jig
Making your own jig for ellipse-based arcs. (From WOODWEB's Cabinetmaking Forum) March 5, 2003

Laying Out, Routing, or Templating an Ellipse
Here are several approaches to cutting a large ellipse: elegant jigs, slick pencil layout tricks, and sources for paper or MDF templates. May 16, 2008

Installing Cabinets Before the Space is Conditioned
Cabinetmakers discuss "cover-your-rear" contract and notification practices for an install in an unconditioned building. September 19, 2009

Floating Bookshelves Without Brackets
Creative ideas for supporting shelves. February 28, 2004

Jigs and Rigs for Cutting Tenons
Thoughts on how to set up for cutting tenons on a table saw or other equipment. January 20, 2010

Picket Fence Lumber Selection
A discussion comparing the pros and cons of treated wood, second growth Cedar, and other wood species for use in a fence. December 1, 2010

Moving to Metric
Tips on making the transition as smooth as possible. September 9, 2004

Lock-Miter and Miter-Fold Joinery with MDF
Detailed discussion of creating good corner joints when building up a column out of flat MDF. June 28, 2007

Rosette Cutting Speed
Drill press RPMs tend to be too slow for great success with machining rosettes, especially in difficult wood. May 21, 2009

Radius countertop edge
Making a radiused wood edge without resorting to segments. January 3, 2003

Is this "Fixed" Shelving?
Does a peg-bracket shelf with screws added to secure it fit the definition of a "fixed" shelf? May 5, 2007

Exhaust Fan Size for Spray Booth
How much ventilation is needed? August 17, 2004

Fabricating Large-Scale Raised Panel Wainscoting
A woodworker struggles with the practical difficulties involved in an outsize design concept. February 1, 2015

Miterfolds for clean corner joints
A sweet technique for classy corners. November 21, 2003

Oversize Wood Gate Structure
Ideas for how to build an 8-foot-wide, 3-foot-high wooden gate so that it won't sag. March 5, 2008

Millwork Touch-up and Repair
A visitor seeks advice on how to get training in the fine art of fixing faults. February 26, 2005

Figuring Complex Leg Angles for Furniture
You can do the math, you can draw the part full size, or you can make a rough cut and then fine-tune it. November 14, 2014

Marketing Historic Preservation Work
Architectural woodwork pros discuss how a specialist in historic preservation and restoration can find and develop good job leads. September 8, 2007

How to Draw an Oval
Pros share methods for laying out elliptical shapes. May 4, 2005

Raised panel wainscot
Making wainscot onsite. November 24, 2002

Milling Rosettes
Information on rosette cutters, and other advice on techniques for machining rosettes. June 23, 2006

Moulder Motor Upgrade Options
Advice on swapping up to a higher-horsepower motor, and other modifications to add muscle to your moulder. May 24, 2010

Is MDF Stable?
Cabinetmakers and woodworkers report mixed results with medium density fiberboard in terms of movement in service. December 24, 2012

Gluing Painted Glass to Wood or MDF
Woodworkers discuss colored coatings for glass, and adhesives that will reliably fasten the coated glass to a wood fiber substrate.July 12, 2012

Halogen lighting: Passing the temperature test
How high-heat halogen lighting is tested for safety, to ensure it is appropriate for various applications. - 1998

Frequently Asked Questions about Widebelt Sanders
A general list of guidelines when using widebelt sanders - 1998

"Light" and "dark" veneer bands
Avoiding the "striped" look in veneered ply. November 18, 2002

Rugged Wainscoting
An installer gets advice on wainscot paneling for a high-traffic commercial space.

Optimal feed rates for CNC machining
What are the best feed rates for CNC work? October 31, 2000

Production ideas for box columns
Joint selection and assembly tips for box-type columns. September 26, 2000

Is Eastern Red Cedar Suitable for a Sauna?
Potential toxicity and non-durability of the sapwood are issues that could affect the decision. March 12, 2014

Mortising for Monsters
How would you make a 2-foot mortise in a giant stick of Ipe wood? We don't learn that here, but we do learn something about why Ipe is so tough on tools. July 3, 2008

Heavy-duty CNC router recommendations
Suggestions choosing for a good-quality CNC router, offering adequate tech support and training. February 28, 2001

Miterfold Tape
Advice on choosing tape for miter-fold joints. March 26, 2010

Preventing Sagging in a Large Driveway Gate
Advice on bracing and post details to prevent a large, heavy gate from sagging in service. February 6, 2010

Procedures for shop-floor medical emergencies
What to do when a serious accident occurs in the shop. September 26, 2000

Mortising Large Timbers
Ideas about tools and techniques to efficiently cut lots of big mortises in 5x5 posts. April 9, 2008

Gluing Wet Cedar for Exterior
Advice on glue choice for outdoor architectural designs built with Cedar. August 6, 2008

Production laminating -- is hot or cold press faster?
A laminator looks for time-saving pressing techniques. June 14, 2000

Moulding Calculator Spreadsheet Program
A free downloadable Excel spreadsheet that calculates the price per foot to charge for mouldings. December 16, 2000

Machinery setup: Squaring up your saw
How to make sure your saw is cutting square. February 12, 2001

Relative Humidity in the Wood Storage Area
Advice on what humidity level to maintain where rough lumber is stored, and how to accomplish that. September 23, 2008

Going metric: Pros and cons
Pros and cons of converting to metric measurement in your shop. February 28, 2001

PUR adhesives
A Q&A on PUR hot melt formulations and their proper use. December 6, 2000

Overcoming sander swirl marks
Why does a random orbit sander leave swirl marks and scratches? January 24, 2001

How Stable is Lyptus Wood?
Lyptus has a reputation for lots of shrinkage and twisting. March 20, 2012

Frosting Acrylic
Advice on sanding clear acrylic to achieve a frosted appearance. December 17, 2014

Fuzzy Mahogany
Tension wood may exhibit more "fuzz" than wood that was not stressed during tree growth. December 24, 2012

Joinery for KerfKore FlexBoard
Advice on how to fasten flexible material to stiff structural backing. July 15, 2014

Preventing Board from Crowning When Ripped
Boards sometimes crown when ripped, as fiber tension is released. There's no easy fix. June 24, 2007

Resawing PVC
Advice on locating 1/8-inch PVC material, or making it in the shop out of thicker stock. January 9, 2015

Edge Treatment for Aromatic Cedar Plywood
Considering the choices for cedar-closet shelf plywood that won't be finished: edgebanding, solid edging, or miterfolding. December 20, 2005

Repairing a sequenced MDF door
reverse the terminal warp of a sequenced MDF/cherry door. 1998.

Learning the trade
How to approach a woodworking firm about becoming an apprentice. November 7, 2000

Field-Treating Doug Fir Timbers for Insects
Impermeable woods such as Douglas fir are very difficult to successfully treat with insecticide. March 3, 2009

Pronouncing Exotic Wood Names
Does "Wenge" rhyme with "Ben-Gay"? Well, that depends on who you ask. November 23, 2012

Exterior Signboard Material
Modern plastic materials are the way to go for outdoor signs. August 6, 2008

Is Bendable Plywood Durable Outdoors?
Flexible plywood isn't marketed for outdoor use, but here's one anecdote of the material holding up in an exterior application. April 18, 2015

Low-Acid Wood Species?
All wood and sawdust tends to be acidic, but some varieties are milder than others. August 1, 2011

ITEMIZER - From R & R Drummond, Inc.
Use your computer to generate efficient layouts for cutting sheet material into desired sizes (a link to a demo download is provided)1998

"M" particleboard grades
The difference between grades of particleboard is explained. June 14, 2000

Plugging and Un-Plugging Screw Holes
Plugging screw holes and removing plugs when they break off. January 28, 2007

Poplar in Exterior Conditions
Although some people have noted 100-year-old poplar porch posts that are still sound, poplar generally seems to rot quickly in exterior use. November 10, 2005

Bending 3/16 Solid Wood
Methods for bending wood to fit an arch. October 5, 2004

WOODnetWork Discussions: Glue
The correct amount of clamping pressure is vital to a strong bond - 1998

Joint Tape "Shadows" -- at Veneer Seams
Why does the area from which tape was removed accept stain differently? March 14, 2004

Durability of Cedar Signs in Outdoor Exposures
Cedar should last 15 years in the weather — if the assembly details and finish are suitable. July 29, 2012

Soft-Closing Hardware for an Operating Bar Top
Advice on hardware that can lift and support a bar-top gate that has to open and close. November 5, 2013

Gluing Ebony: Deep, Dark Secrets Revealed.
Ebony is dense and oily and requires that certain procedures should be followed to ensure a good bond - 1998

"Crying" Spanish cedar veneer
Cleaning up and fabricating "crying" Spanish cedar veneer. June 14, 2000

AutoCAD Drawings, Step by Step
Efficient development of shop drawings. April 18, 2004

Crown Moulding Expansion/Contraction Problem
Who or what is responsible for gaps appearing at joints after installation? June 4, 2004

Are Cabinet Makers Carpenters?
Mulling over the dividing line between skilled tradesmen who all build things out of wood — but in different ways. July 20, 2011

Compound Curved Veneered Panels
Theoretically, it's impossible (or "impractical") — but hey, we can dream. January 20, 2010

Compressed air delivery system
Appropriate piping for shop air distribution lines. January 15, 2003

AWI certification
Is membership or certfication with AWI worth your while?July 29, 2003

Assembling Operable Louver Shutters
Here's a detailed, expert thread, with pictures, explaining how to build shutters with louvers that operate. April 2, 2013

Acetylated Treated Lumber — What's Up with That?
Here's an interesting discussion about the durability, fastener compatibility, and other properties of acetyl treated lumber, such as "Accoya," with some useful links to more. January 2, 2014

Crack Prevention and Repair for a Large Wood Turning
Here's a long, thoughtful technical discussion of humidity conditions, wood cracking, prevention, and fixes, focused around the case of a very large wood turning that has developed hairline cracks. January 20, 2011

Black Locust Durability for Outdoor Decking
A discussion of the suitability of Black Locust wood for outdoor use as decking or for benches. May 6, 2009

Better moulder finish quality
Eliminating snipe on mouldings. August 13, 2002

Building a Solid Oak Bar Top
Woodworkers discuss the options for constructing an Oak bar top, including butcher block or strip flooring. January 25, 2013

Distressing Wood
Learning how to give new furniture that well-worn look. January 6, 2005

Darkening existing finishes onsite
Setting up shop in the customer's home in order to modify a finish. October 9, 2002

Cutting crown flat
Calculating the angles to do it right. October 30, 2003

Buying Equipment Versus Leasing
Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of leasing or purchasing shop equipment. February 6, 2010

Beaded face frames on CNC
Developing the right CNC setup for beaded face frames. February 13, 2001

Artificially Aging and Weathering Wood
Advice on creating erosion and graying on the surface of boards, without waiting a hundred years. This discussion touches on everything from cow manure to chemistry. February 15, 2009

Delamination of Bending Plywood
Construction methods don't appear to be the problem in this example. More likely is a manufacturing quality issue. February 13, 2013

AWI CAD Standard?
If there isn't one already, why not? December 26, 2004

Comparing sliding and vertical saws
Woodworkers voice their views on the virtues and liabilities of both sliding and vertical saws. November 15, 2000

Bowing in a Panel Glue-Up
Woodworkers consider why a one-inch thick shelf made up of a 3/4-inch wood layer glued to a 1/4-inch MDF layer came out of the vacuum bag bowed. October 13, 2012

Clamp Cart
Shop-made carriers for clamps. December 26, 2004

Drum versus belt sander
Pros and cons of two approaches to surface sanding. October 9, 2002

Building Bee Hive Boxes
Bee hives are mass-produced at prices the small craftsman can't easily compete with. July 12, 2012

Custom-Built Curved Range Hood Ideas
Brainstorming about ways to design and build a custom range hood with concave curves. February 16, 2014

Coped Crown Installation
Coping in an octagonal room. April 18, 2004

Curved Stairway Trim Job
Where chair rail meets moulding. February 28, 2004

CAD software for architectural millwork
Choosing the right CAD package for angle calculations and complex displays. January 3, 2001

A multi-faceted challenge
An architectural woodworker gets ideas for making a too-wide handrail intersect gracefully with an octagon-shaped newel cap. December 17, 2003

Commercial Countertop Shrinkage
A very long laminate countertop in an industrial loft buildout experiences movement problems because of humidity changes. January 12, 2012

Cyanoacrylate adhesive
How does this glue work for gap filling? (From WOODWEB's Finishing Forum) March 23, 2003

Chip-free cutting of composite panels
Consider these factors when striving for chip-free cuts in composite panels. February 13, 2001

Chain Mortiser Versus Hollow Chisel
Woodworkers discuss the evolution of power mortising machinery: chain mortisers, slot mortisers, and oscillating chisel mortisers. September 17, 2014

Alternating growth rings in panels
The debate between alternating growth rings and matching grain. September 25, 2002

Distressing Box Beams
Advice on making new sawn lumber beams look old, beat-up, and hand-hewn. November 8, 2008

Cold Weather Gluing
Cold or frozen temperatures affect both the glue and materials and can create problems when gluing - 1998

Bandsaw and Router Templates and Jigs for Cutting Shapes
Advice on setting up to efficiently and cleanly cut and route multiple copies of the same complex curved shape. December 12, 2008

Borate-Based Wood Preservatives
Effective but water-soluble, so leaching is an issue. November 19, 2006

Antique Oak Wall Paneling
Ideas for making large veneered panels with resawn reclaimed Oak. August 19, 2008

Attaching Hardwood Edges to Panels
Here's a handy tip: use pocket holes and screws for edging panels with solid wood, and mate the pieces using tongue-and-groove joints. November 19, 2006

Angle for Coping Crown Molding
Looking for the magic number. December 26, 2004

Afromosia Versus Teak for Exterior Use
A look at Afromosia as a Teak substitute. March 26, 2010

Applying putty for the long haul
How to fill holes in cherry and keep the colors matched over time. February 13, 2001

Built-up Crown Molding Configuration
Achieving unique looks with standard crown profiles. May 8, 2004

Cutters for Machining Cellular PVC
Plastic trim material mills well with ordinary tooling. May 5, 2007

- Wood species
Information on tree species and their uses. March 20, 2001

Unión de galletas versus tirantes
Información sobre especies de árboles y sus usos. 20 de marzo de 2001

Cuando usar bases acuosas
Aplicaciones en las que los recubrimientos a base de agua funcionarán o no. 22 de mayo de 2002

When to use waterbornes
Applications where waterborne coatings will and won't work. May 22, 2002

Vacuum Clamping -- Save Time, Save Money!
March 19, 2002

Applied wainscot
Creating fake raised panels for the lower portion of walls. April 3, 2002

Sujeción por vacío:
19 de marzo de 2002

Multiple cut crown molding
Handling such installations with accuracy. April 3, 2002

Consistent curves
How to create a long, accurate curve. May 15, 2002

Curvas consistentes
Cómo crear una curva larga y precisa. 15 de mayo de 2002

Moldura de corona de corte múltiple
Manejar este tipo de instalaciones con precisión. 3 de abril de 2002

Revestimiento aplicado
Creación de falsos paneles elevados para la parte inferior de las paredes. 3 de abril de 2002

Métodos para el diseño del radio.
Alternativas al uso de un trasmallo para trazar un arco. 19 de septiembre de 2001

Methods for radius layout
Alternatives to using a trammel for laying out an arc. September 19, 2001

Dedicated vs. power-fed tablesaw ripping
Increasing productivity by upgrading to a straight-line, dedicated saw. August 29, 2001

Extracción con sierra de mesa dedicada o con alimentación eléctrica
Aumento de la productividad al actualizar a una sierra dedicada de línea recta. 29 de agosto de 2001

CNC feed rates for melamine
Concerns on purchasing a CNC router and software for cutting melamine. August 12, 2001

Avances CNC para melamina
Preocupaciones por la compra de una fresadora CNC y un software para cortar melamina. 12 de agosto de 2001

Clamping columns
Methods of holding the angles together tightly, without using too many clamps. July 24, 2001

Columnas de sujeción
Métodos para sujetar los ángulos firmemente, sin utilizar demasiadas abrazaderas. 24 de julio de 2001

Flexboard for architectural panels
Stability and strength of flexboard and similar materials. November 24, 2002

Span Capability of an 8x8 Timber
Here's some realistic and practical feedback on a proposed long-span use of an 8x8 sawn beam. September 27, 2012

Shop lighting
Best bulbs for brightness and efficiency. February 12, 2003

Trimming Plugs
Cutting and sanding wood plugs can be tedious and laborious. Here, pros discuss efficient ways to make a clean job of it. September 3, 2005

Gluing and clamping pressure
Is clamping necessary, and if so, how much? January 21, 2003

Making Fluted Pilasters
Detailed tips on efficient fluting, including images of a shop-made jig. October 5, 2004

Gluing White Oak for Exterior Service
This discussion supplies good insight into the various ways glued joints can fail, and the reasons. February 1, 2015

Producing Stable Part Stock
With little time and no system in place, can this shop produce parts that won't move over time? October 20, 2004

Red Alder Pros and Cons -- Pricing, Availability, Usefulness
Pros discuss the cost, availability, and characteristics of Red Alder solid stock and sheet goods. February 25, 2005

Polyurethane (PUR) adhesives
Basic overview of different PUR glues. September 24, 2002

Hide glue
Proper mix ratio and storage info. September 24, 2002

Building a Curved Bench for a Steam Sauna
Advice on glue and wood choices and assembly methods for a curved bench in a hot, moist environment. July 30, 2009

Laminating Teak Strips
Advice on adhesive choice, wood prep, and springback when laying up curved laminated members from Teak strips. November 3, 2010

Achieving Consistent Copes
Why is it so difficult to cut copes the same every time? October 5, 2004

Building Plantation Shutters
Solutions for building custom shutters, including hardware choices. February 12, 2009

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