The CAD Learning Curve, Version Upgrades, and Paper Drafting
Here's an interesting discussion of the learning process for design draftsmen and the influence of technology on the process of getting a vision down on paper. May 28, 2010

Toekick Drawers
Construction details and images for toekick drawers. January 14, 2004

Stile and Rail Sizes for Doors and Drawer Faces
A thoughtful discussion on whether and how to vary the stile and rail proportions when designing and detailing cabinets with larger doors and smaller drawer faces. July 13, 2010

Whether to Place a Refrigerator in the Corner
Cabinetmakers consider a kitchen design problem: setting a fridge diagonally into the corner. September 27, 2008

Tall Cabinet Calculations For Ceiling Clearance
Formulas for figuring how tall a cabinet will be at its longest point. March 14, 2004

Stabilizing a Flimsy Cabinet
Ideas for reinforcing and/or anchoring a topheavy cabinet design with inadequate bracing. January 11, 2008

Stiffening Long-Span Bookshelves
Pros discuss ideas for limiting mid-span shelf deflection. June 18, 2005

Tricky TV Cabinet Problem
Entertainment centers can pose awkward dilemmas. Here, cabinetmakers tackle a doozy: The flat-panel TV has to swivel, and it needs pocket doors. November 12, 2005

Storage Cabinet Shelf Spacing
Ideas about the value of adjustable shelving, and about practical shelf spacing in kitchen cabinets. December 8, 2010

TV cabinets
Designs for large, small and flat screens. April 9, 2003

45-Degree Corner Cabinet Options
Ideas for making use of spaces created by 45-degree bends in a kitchen floor layout, caused by a window bay. December 7, 2008

Upper Cabinets Adjacent to a Microwave
A 14-inch deep microwave stands a little proud of the nearby 12-inch upper cabs. Here are some design suggestions for deeper cabinets to bring the faces flush. April 18, 2006

Upper Cabinet Height Quandary
A homeowner found the upper cabs too high after they were installed. So the cabinetmaker lowered them, but now he needs to make it look right. "It's a lesson for us all," says one pro. November 11, 2005

TV Concealment Door Ideas
Design concepts and hardware suggestions for a moving door to cover a large TV in a built-in wall cabinet. December 27, 2010

Unequally Sized Doors on a Corner Cabinet
Is it okay for the doors on a corner cabinet to be slightly different widths? Opinions here say yes. November 23, 2012

"Upper Upper" Cabinet Concepts
Design ideas for a third tier of cabinets right at the ceiling of a high-ceilinged kitchen. March 3, 2009

Upper Cabinet Heights with Nine-Foot Ceilings
Cabinetmakers consider the options for cabinets heights in rooms with high ceilings. September 27, 2008

Training draftsmen for woodworking
Can an engineer learn the nuances of drawing millwork in CAD? March 20, 2001

Estimating Cabinet Material by Hand
An experienced cabinet builder with no design experience gets advice on making his first materials list for a project. February 13, 2009

NC lacquer for kitchen cabinets
Why shouldn't this old standby be used? March 23, 2003

Making Code from Sloppy Drawings
The frustrations of messy drawings, and a parallel discussion of CNC theory vs. reality in terms of function. December 9, 2004

Innovative Design for Ergonomic Kitchens
Cabinetmakers discuss ways to move beyond the conventional kitchen characteristics such as counter height. October 13, 2012

Kitchen Corner Cabinets
Creative solutions for this awkward space. February 10, 2004

32mm Systems and Drawer Stretchers
A discussion of the fine points of positioning and installing drawers stretchers (or "spreaders") in a 32mm Euro cab system. July 15, 2011

Humidity Control and Cabinetmaking
A cabinetmaker gets an introduction to moisture-related wood movement and humidity control. July 25, 2010

Fastening dado joints
Fast techniques for assembling dadoed cabinet boxes. June 24, 2002

Learning to Design With Drawing Practice
Daily drawing practice is the key to developing your gifts for design. December 2, 2013

Frameless Layout Systems and Granite Countertops
A discussion of how frameless cabinet dimensions can accomodate granite countertop specs (or vice versa). March 25, 2007

Flute Size and Spacing
A discussion of the subjective esthetics of fluted pilaster layout and style. February 11, 2010

Kitchen Design Clinic
Cabinet pros look at a problematic kitchen design and suggest some improvements. January 11, 2008

Kitchen Design: Symmetry Versus Functionality
Here's a nice exercise in cabinet design: Whether to choose cabinet sizes for symmetrical appearance, even though it will call for special hardware to make a trash pull-out work.January 31, 2012

Face Frame Width Issues
Structural and esthetic design considerations influencing face frame widths. April 10, 2012

Look That Up in your Funk and Wagnall's
Is "templating" a word? It is now. March 12, 2009

Flat-Screen TV Over the Fireplace?
Some people hate the idea, but some customers are asking for it. Here, cabinetmakers discuss solutions (and personal taste). August 11, 2009

Optimizing Frameless Cabinet Construction for Materials Saving
Cabinetmakers kick around design ideas for minimal materials use in a frameless cab. May 27, 2008

Ideas for Cabinet Feet
Cabinetmakers discuss style ideas for feet on a kitchen sink cabinet. November 30, 2009

Rounded Outside Corner Moulding Construction Method
A cabinetmaker puzzles over ways to construct a cabinet with rounded corners and applied crown moulding. August 12, 2014

Full Height Cabinets: Figuring Ceiling Clearance
Figure the diagonal using math, or draw the piece full size, or check it in AutoCAD. Do this before you build it. January 26, 2008

Odd Cabinet Heights with 32mm System Hole Spacing
Cabinetmakers who use the 32mm system discuss how to create symmetrical balanced panels when building cabinets with heights that aren't even multiples of the basic 32mm module. February 26, 2007

Hinge Swing: 170 or 125 degrees?
More swing may mean more adjustment and stability problems. August 29, 2005

Raised-Panel Ends on Upper Cabs
Fast and classy construction. March 14, 2004

Finished end panels
How to install pre-finished end panels. April 3, 2002

Fillers on frameless cabinets
Filling the space around cabinets set in uneven alcoves or against bowed walls. January 3, 2001

Minimum Walking Space for Kitchens
In a tight kitchen, how much space do you have to allow between a wall counter and an island?April 18, 2006

Full Length Flush Drawer and Door Pulls
Thoughts on hardware sources, and on the esthetics and practicality of a full-length flush drawer pull. February 14, 2010

Euro Hinge Bore Locations and Door Reveals
Detailed advice with drawings on laying out hinge locations to achieve the desired door gaps. May 4, 2011

Radial Arm Saw Blade Issues
With the wrong blade, radial-arm saws will grab the work piece and "self-feed" it in. May 20, 2009

Facing frameless melamine cabinets
Facing and finishing melamine carcasses to attain a high-end, traditional look without face frames. April 2, 2002

Frameless Oven and Microwave Cabinets
Tips on building frameless cabinets for ovens and microwaves. March 26, 2010

Measurement Tools for PDF Drawings
Notes on a couple of apps that will let you pull dimensions on a PDF drawing. March 27, 2012

Inset Corner Sink Cabinet
Ideas and tips on sink cabinets located in corners. August 29, 2006

Kitchen Layout Problem: Range in the Corner
Advice about how a kitchen stove can be located in the room corner, with the front facing into the room. December 27, 2010

Lattice Design for Wine Bottle Storage
Lattice construction details that keep the bottle tilted so that the cork stays wet. March 27, 2012

Glass Doors and Remote Controls
Will a glass door on an entertainment center block the TV remote? Apparently not. December 14, 2005

Minimum Depth of a Seating Counter
Eighteen inches is comfortable for sitting and eating from plates. February 11, 2010

CAD Drafting Services for the Woodworking Industry
For some comapnies, outsourcing CAD work make sense - 1997

Designing entertainment centers
Important considerations when designing and building multimedia centers. August 25, 2003

Drawers and the Utilization of Space
Why slide-integrated drawer systems are less costly to produce and provide greater space efficiency than traditional drawer construction. 1998.

Cabinet design techniques
A survey of cabinetmakers' design techniques, from pencil and rule to CAD. September 6, 2000

Achieving functional kitchen design
When it comes to the kitchens you build, should you design them yourself or hire an expert? December 6, 2000

Building Beaded Face Frames
Making beadmould application more efficient. January 14, 2004

Appliance Size Specifications Rant
Here's a universal complain from cabinetmakers: it's dern near impossible to find out the dimensions of a kitchen appliance without measuring the actual appliance.November 27, 2012

Determining left and right hand doors
How do you keep them straight? (From WOODWEB's Architectural Woodworking Forum) March 5, 2003

Converting lines to polylines
Step by step CAD instructions. December 17, 2003

Cabinet Design Skill and Talent
Cabinetmakers discuss the knack for good design what it is, who has it, how to acquire it, and what it's worth. September 27, 2009

Design, Construction, and Pricing for a Bar
Advice on building a bar, starting at the conceptual phase. March 26, 2010

Corner cabinets and out-of-plumb walls
How do you deal with the gaps inevitably caused by less-than-perfect walls? August 25, 2003

Cabinet Sink Front Design Concepts
What's the point of a false drawer front at kitchen cabinet sink locations? And are there any better ideas? Sure there are.September 23, 2013

Deleting Blocks and Layers
Why won't these stubborn ACAD elements go away? December 9, 2004

Building A Raised Laminate Countertop
Building a raised 'breakfast bar' on existing cabinets. January 15, 2004

Corner Bookcase Cabinet
How can you create useable space where a built-in bookcase turns an inside corner? October 9, 2006

AutoCAD Dimension Lines
Cleaning up extension lines. December 26, 2004

Defining "Full Overlay" on Face-Frame Cabinets
It's a Euro look on a face-frame cabinet so who's to say what's right? Here's a look at the question from several perspectives. October 2, 2007

Applying Frameless Concepts to Face-Frame Cabinetry
Pondering a hybrid system that would combine some of the efficiencies of frameless with the look of face-frame cabinets.March 27, 2012

Drawers Versus Doors with Pull-Outs
Which makes more sense: drawers, or cabinet doors and pull-out shelves? January 26, 2008

Corner Cabinet Ideas
Pros and cons of Lazy Susans versus corner pull-out drawer options. April 20, 2008

Cabinet Face Dimensions
Thoughts about choosing practical and attractive dimensions for face frames, cabinet door stiles and rails, and drawer fronts. April 18, 2006

Door Clearance Issues with Euro Cabs
Occasionally you need fillers or spacers to address door swing conflicts in frameless cabinetry. March 27, 2012

Building a Curved Countertop Reception Desk
Advice on structure and finish for a curved-front desk. March 26, 2010

A Corner Cabinet for a 50-inch Television
Cabinetmakers share experience with building a TV cabinet into a room corner. January 1, 2012

Box Fixture Ideas for Kitchen Fluorescent Lights
An example with photo and description of a custom wood ceiling fixture for 4-foot fluorescent tube lighting. May 6, 2010

Cabinet Back Strategies for CNC
A discussion with drawings of ways to machine cabinet backs and sides for convenient and strong assembly. May 15, 2011

Design Puzzle: Doors for a Wide Angle Corner
Cabinetmakers discuss solutions to an interesting design puzzle: doors that meet at the outside corner of an irregularly shaped island cabinet. August 16, 2012

Designing a Two-Sink Vanity
Cabinetmakers discuss drawer layout and other characteristics for a wide, double-bowl bath vanity. November 12, 2005

Door Ideas for Wide-Screen TV Cabinets
Examples of bi-fold and tri-fold doors give an idea of looks that work. December 14, 2009

Appliance Garage Tips and Tricks
Pros share ideas for appliance garage design, doors, and installation. September 20, 2005

Base Cabinet and Toe Kick Heights
What's the standard height for a base cabinet and toe kick? February 26, 2012

Door/drawer gaps in Euro-style cabinets
Americans need to apply the looser European standards to door and drawer gaps to avoid frustration when ordering these parts from other manufacturers. October 18, 2000

Dishwasher Compatibility with Unconventional Toe Kick Height
A cabinetmaker and installer searches for a workaround for dishwasher installation when a designer has specified a three-inch-high toe kick.March 28, 2015

Designing Banquette Seating
Advice on seat height, table height, seat back slope, et cetera, for built-in banquette seating at a table. September 25, 2014

Corner Drawer Clearances
Cabinetmakers work on a layout problem keeping drawers from crashing at an inside corner. February 13, 2009

Attaching Freestanding Cabinet End Panels
Cabinet designers compare details for connecting cabinets to the floor at freestanding ends. March 12, 2014

Corner Sink Cabinet Sizing
Corner sinks introduce some awkward space trade-offs. February 17, 2012

Circular Arch Radius Formulas
A little basic math, plus some links to on-line calculators for figuring arch radius numbers. January 19, 2011

Whether to Give Clients your Drawings
Here's an extended discussion about appropriate policies for control of shop drawings and design layouts. May 26, 2010

Thirty-Inch Deep Base Cabinets
Extra depth brings cabinet faces out flush with a standard refrigerator, but it introduces other complications. In this discussion, cabinetmakers share techniques for building 30-inch deep cabinets that work. December 28, 2005

Scribe Rails -- Why Not?
Why are custom shops not including scribe material on backs? August 26, 2004

- What makes a cabinet "custom"?
Is there a specific standard that qualifies a cabinet as custom? June 24, 2002

Why Build Face Frame?
Reasons the face-frame tradition survives. September 9, 2004

Wainscot with toe kick
Notching and other ideas for integrating a toe kick with wainscot. January 3, 2003

Where Doors and Panels Meet
How various cabinetmakers deal with the relationsihp between overlay doors and the adjacent edges of finished end panels. January 24, 2005

Supporting Overhanging Granite
Building a structurally sound kitchen island. November 22, 2004

Trimming real wood edgeband
Tricks for avoiding tears. April 17, 2002

Splitting stiles with pocket screws
Suggestions are offered on how to overcome the problem. July 24, 2002

Wine Cubes
Experienced hands describe ways to design and assemble wine storage cabinets. June 13, 2005

Shop-Made Frame Assembly Table
Details on construction, including images. March 14, 2004

Supporting Pull-Outs Behind Doors in A Frameless Cabinet
Cabinetmakers chime in on a tricky design problem: A wide pull-out below, a pair of drawers above. December 14, 2005

2x4 Base Under Base Cabinets
Constructing ladder bases. December 26, 2004

Space Between Cabinet Doors
Cabinetmakers weigh in on the proper gap between doors. November 11, 2005

Upper Cabinet Heights
Suggestions for upper cabinet dimensions in a kitchen with high ceilings. May 10, 2005

Specs for the Taper on Classical Round Columns
Quick advice on information sources for laying out classic architectural shapes and forms. January 9, 2015

The KISS II System: A Simplified Approach to Building Cabinets Using the 32mm System
This authoritative introduction lays out a simple road map for efficient, standardized cutting, drilling, and assembly of Euro-style frameless cabinets. September 22, 2007

Face frame versus frameless
December 28, 2002

Melamine Carcasses
Can melamine interiors be considered high end? April 18, 2004

Methods of 32 mm system layout
Different interpretations on the 32mm system. (Cabinetmaking Forum) March 23, 2003

Recessed or flush cabinet backs
Which method cabinetmakers find preferable, plus materials and methods used. December 17, 2003

Proper Depth for Frameless Cabinets
In a long discussion, cabinetmakers share observations, opinions and experiences about the dimensions of frameless cabinets. December 14, 2005

Finding Software for Design and Visualization
It's hard to find one application that will quickly create design visualizations for a customer during a sales meeting, but also generate good designs suitable for construction in the shop. This thread offers some insight into software capabilities and some nice example drawings. December 28, 2010 ......

Low-tech panel squaring
Methods and machines for squaring that don't involve CNC equipment. April 9, 2003

Melamine Wall Cabinet Design
Sturdy construction with an unfamiliar material. July 20, 2004

Kick boxes
Building separate kicks for efficient installation. September 20, 2003

Outsourcing Design Work Why or Why Not?
A CAD artist who wants to draw for others on a contract basis gets feedback about the usefulness and value of that proposed service. February 8, 2008

Joints and Connections for a Heavy Cabinet
Beginner gets advice on constructing an entertainment center cabinet. May 10, 2005

Melamine carcass construction
Methods for the small shop. October 30, 2002

Pricing a Small Kitchen
A question about how to price an example of kitchen cabinetry leads to thoughts about pricing methods and design rendering. February 26, 2007

Radius of Convex Wall
Formulas for calculating this measurement. May 19, 2004

Math Question: Dimensioning Angles
Cabinetmakers chime in on methods for determining the size of an angled plane. February 8, 2005

Pantry Doors with Storage
Cabinetmakers brainstorm kitchen storage ideas, and discuss how much shelf space a door can support. May 15, 2012

Finished Outside But Not Inside
How to handle things when specs call for finished face frames but unfinished interiors. February 8, 2005

Hybrid Euro/Traditional Wall Unit Details
A cabinetmaker gathers ideas for a European style wall unit - with a face frame. March 17, 2005

Hybrid Face-Frame/Frameless Cabinet Design
Cabinetmakers discuss how to merge frameless techniques with face-frame construction. August 8, 2006

Integrated fillers in cabinets
Using fillers, integrated or loose. April 3, 2002

Laptops for Sales Presentations
Some cabinetmakers get good results by bringing a laptop computer with them to client meetings. April 20, 2007

Leg Leveler Tips And Tricks
First-timer gets advice on installing and adjusting leg levelers. April 10, 2005

Frameless Cabinets With Traditional Look
Achieving quality and style with framless construction. April 4, 2004

Extreme Drawer-Slide Extension
With a wide desk overhang above some short drawers, a custom cabinetmaker needs drawer extensions that go above and beyond the call. Here, he presents and ingenious solution for giving a 20-inch drawer 36 inches of travel. November 11, 2005

How many confirmats?
Determining how many fasteners to use per joint in frameless cabinetry. April 2, 2002

Keeping Cabinets on the Wall
Sturdy construction and strong attachments are key safety factors. May 4, 2005

Installing Separate Toekicks
Methods of attaching separate kicks. January 6, 2005

Figuring Complex Leg Angles for Furniture
You can do the math, you can draw the part full size, or you can make a rough cut and then fine-tune it. November 14, 2014

Oversize Drawer Construction
Five out of five doctors agree: heavy slides, extra slides underneath, and no guarantees. August 29, 2005

Flat Panel Door Material
for the job? February 25, 2005

End Panels Inset into a Face Frame
Cabinetmakers discuss construction methods for a nice end-panel detail: panels set into a face frame, with a slight reveal. March 25, 2007

Frameless Cabinet Fastening
Attaching lower cabinet sides to deck. August 7, 2004

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas
Pros share ideas, designs, and photos of Lazy Susan corner solutions. June 28, 2005

How to Support "Floating" Base Cabinets
These cabinets are supposed to have a deeply recessed toe kick so they appear to be floating above the floor. What about the structure? November 19, 2006

Pinned Mortise and Tenon
Orienting the grain in pins on shaker-style doors, according to tradition. December 26, 2004

Ingenious Hidden Pantry Idea
This technique for disguising the doors to a walk-in pantry as a large cabinet is as slick as a whistle. March 6, 2006

File Drawer Hardware
Cabinetmakers discuss how to build custom file drawers, without that clunky off-the-shelf hardware. August 29, 2005

Making Fluted Accent Columns Useful
Fluted accent columns add a custom look. Here are some ideas for making them earn their keep as doors or pull-out fronts, too. September 8, 2007

Frameless Cabinet Dimensions and Countertops
A newcomer to frameless asks how much room to leave at cabinet tops for cabinet overhangs. Opinions vary. October 1, 2005

Long-Span Shelves
Ideas and resources for dealing with long shelf spans. December 30, 2005

Finished Ends With Separate Kickers
Preferred methods of construction. August 7, 2004

Rating drawer slides
What does a drawer slide weight rating mean, exactly? February 12, 2001

Leg levelers vs. notches and plinths
Leg levelers are the way to go, if you're going Euro. 1998.

Pull-Out Bread-Board Ideas
Tricks for adding breadboard pullouts to face-frame cabinets, without losing drawer space. October 15, 2009

Confirmat screw assembly
Troubleshooting problems with Confirmat screws. June 24, 2002

Case construction methods
Discussion of the strongest, most efficient methods of joinery. July 29, 2003

Appliance Cutouts
Standards, and a lack of, for kitchen appliace cutouts. August 7, 2004

Chip-free dovetailing in plywood
Building dovetailed plywood drawers without chipping; European and American approaches. April 24, 2002

Charging for Cabinet Design Work
Cabinetmakers discuss how they price the design phase of a job and get paid. March 12, 2009

Achieving Consistent Copes
Why is it so difficult to cut copes the same every time? October 5, 2004

Beaded Inset Face Frame Joinery
What's best - mortise and tenon, dowels, pocket screws...? April 10, 2005

Drawing Units and Precision
Deciding on the level of precision needed for cabinet and millwork design. October 20, 2004

Building Separate Kicks
Different methods of building and installing toekicks. August 7, 2004

Drawer runner holes in 32mm system
Placement, mounting and more. (From WOODWEB's Cabinetmaking Forum) February 12, 2003

Do Base Cabinets Need Back Shims?
Shim the front and hang the back, say some. May 4, 2005

Attaching Bookcases to Countertops
Efficient methods from professional cabinetmakers. February 10, 2004

Designing for Large Pocket Doors
Choosing quality hardware for TV entertainment center. March 14, 2004

Dowel, screw, staple, confirmat construction
Efficiency and assembly with different fastening methods. March 5, 2003

A Shaker Look with Frameless Construction?
A detailed thread on ways to combine Shaker style and simplicity with modern frameless construction methods. August 29, 2006

Concealing Cleats in Cabinets
Constructing cases to hide cleats. November 3, 2004

Biscuits Or Butt Joints
High-quality, high-speed cabinet joinery techniques. October 20, 2004

Beaded Face Frame Fabrication
There's more than one way to bead a frame, as this discussion proves. January 24, 2005

Designing a Corner Sink Cabinet
Cabinetmakers put their heads together on a cabinet-building problem. October 26, 2005

Alignment of Face Frames
The decision on making face frames flush versus leaving a reveal. February 10, 2004

Attaching Face Frames to Corner Cabinets
Approaches to angle transitions and tips on face frame assembly for corner cabinets. December 28, 2005

Attaching Face Frames to Cabs
Preferred methods of joinery. January 28, 2004

Drawers Vs. Shelves for Kitchen Base Cabinets
Drawers can be more useful, and also a better money-maker for the cabinet builder. August 8, 2005

Drawer Slide Choices and Tips
Pros discuss drawer slide preferences and installation details. March 17, 2005

Crown on face-frame cabinets
An alternative to notching stiles when applying crown moulding. May 15, 2002

Coping beaded face frames
Efficient methods, plus hinge suggestions for face-frame cabinetry. January 3, 2003

Cabinet Backs and Slide Installation
What other shops are using for back material and it works with back-mounted drawer slides. February 8, 2005

Cabinet Back Options
Half-inch plywood, or quarter-inch plywood and cleats? March 17, 2005

Corner Sink Base Ideas
Advice with drawings for building a corner sink base cabinet. October 11, 2007

Cabinet Hanger Cleats
Ways to install back-panel cleats for attaching cabinets to walls. June 18, 2005

Drawer Box Doweling
Pros share tips for dowel construction of drawer boxes. May 10, 2005

Building Arched Toekicks
Descriptions and images of tested techniques. September 9, 2004

A Jig for Producing Shelf Pin Holes
The search for equipment to make drilling holes simple and systematic. May 10, 2005

Best Panel Materials for a 32mm Frameless System
A question about plywood versus particleboard sets off a discussion about frameless layout preferences. October 22, 2005

Antique Barn-Board Cabinets
A high-end home with cabinets made from weathered old barn siding? Craftsmen suggest ways to marry rustic and fine. June 12, 2005

Doors for a Wide Entertainment Center
Designing doors to hide an extra-wide TV. May 10, 2005

Crown Molding With Staggered Cabinets
Making a smooth transition from cabinet to cabinet. July 20, 2004

Attaching End Panels
Methods used by the pros. January 28, 2004

Dowels: Best for frameless construction?
The case is made (no pun intended) for doweling in frameless cabinet construction. 1998.

Blind Corner Cabinet Face Frame Detail
Advice on how to detail the corner where a blind corner cabinet runs behind its opposite number. October 11, 2012

"Standard" Cabinet Dimensions
Cabinetmakers discuss the fine points of "standard" cabinet sizes. October 1, 2005

Span Limits for Plywood Shelving
Over three feet, and you're looking at potential sagging issues. Pros discuss span limits and shelf stiffening options. November 11, 2005

When a "Designer" Hands You Sketchy Drawings
Advice on structuring the process when a "designer" supplies you with vague, half-baked sketches and asks you to take on the job. November 14, 2014

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