Advice For Carrying Heavy Cabinets

Wood Choice For Exterior Cabinets

Installing crown moulding
Calculations and tools for cutting crown angles. May 17, 2003

Cabinet installation tool kit
A thorough look at the tools professionals take on the job. August 4, 2003

Instalación de molduras de techo
Cálculos y herramientas para cortar ángulos de corona. 17 de mayo de 2003

Scribing three edges
Templates, tic sticking and more for efficient scribing in difficult situations. September 20, 2003

Tracksaw and Accessories for Site Fabrication of Cabinets
Are pricey tracksaw and router setups practical for professional use? Opinions vary. April 10, 2012

The Trouble with High-End Appliances
Beefs, anecdotes, and general observations about installing expensive, fancy kitchen appliances. January 9, 2006

Scribing loose end panels
Woodworkers describe the processes they use. April 3, 2002

Sink cutouts in post form tops
Woodworkers share their favorite methods. April 3, 2002

Scribing Beaded Face Frames into Enclosed Spaces
Neat tricks for fitting a beaded face-frame cabinet into a space trapped on both sides by framed walls. February 11, 2010

Screws for Joining Face Frames Together
A cabinet installer finds his crews are snapping the occasional screw when connecting adjoining face frames in the field. Here's a discussion of installation methods, clamps, and fastening hardware. December 27, 2007

One-Man Installation Setup
Small cabinet-shop owners explain how they organize bringing their tools and supplies to the jobsite for installations. March 9, 2008

Circular Saw Guides for Cutting Sheet Goods
You can make your own straight-edge jig for cutting panels, but many cabinetmakers and installers recommend buying a specialized tool. November 20, 2008

Drawers To The Rescue
An installer gets organized on site, and life is good again. January 23, 2012

Tool Organization for Cabinet Installers
How does a cabinet installer cut back on the number of trips back and forth from the truck to the house? Pros ponder solutions. December 2, 2006

Are Tracksaws Under-Powered?
A tracksaw is handy when you need one, but it's no straight-line rip saw. February 27, 2015

On-Site Laminate Cutting Tips and Tricks
Cabinet re-facing work calls for a lot of cut-and-fit laminate work. Here's a long discussion of ways to go about the task. May 6, 2007

Praise for Impact Drivers
It's official: installers and cabinetmakers love cordless impact drivers. July 3, 2006

Shopping for (and Using) a Laser Level
Laser levels are a convenient productivity booster. Here, installers share experiences. November 28, 2011

Recortes de fregadero en tapas de postes
Los carpinteros comparten sus métodos favoritos. 3 de abril de 2002

Trazar paneles de extremos sueltos
Los carpinteros describen los procesos que utilizan. 3 de abril de 2002

Cutting Sink Holes in Laminate Tops
Installers trade opinions and experiences on sink cut-out tools and methods. September 25, 2009

Laser Level Accuracy Issues
Laser levels can be knocked out of whack, and old-school water levels can have issues of their own. The watchword is "trust, but verify." October 19, 2014

Cutting a Post-Formed Laminate Countertop
Hiring the job out to a well-equipped countertop shop is your best bet but here's how to do it with an installer's toolkit. February 8, 2008

Shopping for a Tracksaw
Craftsmen discuss their choices in tracksaws. November 14, 2014

Drilling Through Ceramic Tile
A discussion of power tools and bits for effective drilling into hard ceramic tile. May 2, 2011

Attaching a Face Frame to a Plywood Built-In On Site
Tips and tricks for fastening face frames to built-ins without leaving nail holes. September 8, 2008

Edge Joinery for Pre-Finished Back Panels
Looking for a clean finished joint between prefinished panels on a kitchen peninsula. December 7, 2008

Miterfolds for clean corner joints
A sweet technique for classy corners. November 21, 2003

Recutting Installed Countertops In Place
Advice for trimming a few inches off a laminate countertop, in place. January 9, 2006

Cutting a Stainless Steel Vent Hood Chimney
If a range vent hood is too tall to fit, you can't fudge it. Here's advice on trimming the metal to size. August 8, 2008

Down-Stroke Jigsaw Blades for Laminate
Thoughts and experiences on cutting laminate on site without chipping it out. November 19, 2008

Cutting Out Oven Cabinet Openings
Oven cabinets come with small openings that need to be enlarged to fit the brand of oven selected. Here, installers share their methods for making a clean, precise cut. December 14, 2005

Anchoring Cabinets to Concrete Floors
May 6, 2007

Best Cordless Impact Driver for Installing Cabinets
Cabinet installers name their go-to impact drivers. November 29, 2014

Cutting Post-Form Countertops on Site
Installers discuss how to cut out an existing countertop on site for a new cooktop. April 20, 2007

Cutting Aluminum Closet Rod
The right blade on a light chopsaw makes quick, clean work of it. April 10, 2012

Cutting Out Sink Holes in Laminate Tops
October 2, 2007

Crown moulding: Calculating miters
How to calculate the correct mitering angles in crown moulding installation. November 29, 2000

Angle Finder

Cómo colocar el frente de un cajón
Ajuste de la fijación de frentes de cajones aplicados. 25 de septiembre de 2002

How to attach a drawer front
Fine-tuning the attachment of applied drawer fronts. September 25, 2002

Cabinet Install Checklist

Proper nail hole touchup
Using a material to fill holes that will be compatible with the finish. July 9, 2002

Cabinets over outlets and cables
Options for installing over electrical outlets and computer cables. July 9, 2002

Gabinetes sobre enchufes y cables.
Opciones para instalación sobre tomas de corriente y cables de computadora. 9 de julio de 2002

Filling holes in pre-finished moulding
What to use for filling nail holes after pre-finished trim in installed. June 6, 2001

Touch-Up Marker Choices
Advice on marker selection for touching up bare wood exposed by raised panel seasonal shrinkage. July 26, 2010

Setting and Leveling Base Cabinets
A discussion of various methods for setting base cabs, including using a separate ladder base, using leg levelers, or using a wall cleat at the back and leg levelers in the front. March 26, 2009

Scribing, with graphics
Instructions on scribing cabinets to walls. April 4, 2001

When Cabinets Fail
Like the poet said, "Everything falls apart." Here's a long discussion of common cabinet failures and the nature of cabinet repair work. June 28, 2007

Upper cabinet install jig
A sampling of shop-built setups used by the pros. October 16, 2003

Should I Install Cabinets for a Big Box Store?
Advice from all sides, including those who tried it and liked it, and those who tried it and didn't. December 26, 2006

Scribing a Template to Fit A Countertop Between Three Walls
Here's a long, detailed thread about scribing a custom template for cutting and fitting countertops into tight spaces. December 27, 2007

Scribing in Difficult Situations
Techniques and tactics for problematic scribing. September 9, 2004

Scribing a Farmhouse Sink to Fit
A heavy, irregularly-shaped sink needs to fit just right the first time. The installer asks for help, and reports on his results. August 29, 2005

Whether to Re-Cut Granite in Place
Does it make sense to install granite that you plan to cut later to accommodate an appliance change? December 7, 2008

Screw Choices for Cabinet Installation
A discussion of screws with and without self-tapping points and nibbed heads, for installing connecting cabinets during installation. November 20, 2008

Top Ten Things You Can Do To Prevent Headaches during Installations
A discussion about communication and pre-planning to make cabinet installations go more smoothly. May 5, 2014

Sub-Zero Fridge Installation
Putting in a Sub-Zero? Cabinet installers feel your pain. But the big, heavy units have their defenders too. February 27, 2013

Trimming Cabinet Toekicks -- Whose Responsibility?
Should the finish toe kicks be fitted and installed by the cabinetmaker, or the finish carpenter. February 28, 2004

What Thickness of Material for Cabinet Backs?
Cabinetmakers discuss whether they use 3/4-inch, 1/2-inch, or 1/4-inch plywood for cabinet backs, and the reasoning behind their preferences. July 11, 2013

Scribing Baseboard for an Uneven Floor
Here are some good tips on how to scribe base shoe molding to an uneven tile floor around the toe kicks of kitchen cabinets. October 27, 2011

Selecting Shelf Pins
Shelf pins are a small detail, but one that can make a difference. February 20, 2008

Undermount Sinks for Laminate Tops
Tips on installing undermount sinks designed for laminate countertops. September 27, 2008

Supporting Framework for a Built-In Concrete Countertop
Cabinetmakers share their structural intuition concerning a light built-in-place framework designed to support a concrete countertop.March 13, 2014

Upper-Cab Moulding and Irregular Ceilings
Pros share perspectives and ideas on dealing with out-of-level ceilings. August 29, 2005

What's Easier to Install: Face Frame or Frameless?
Each way has its pros and cons. To make the best time with frameless, use the whole system for hanging as well as building. September 30, 2010

Supporting a Granite Countertop Overhang
Under a thin granite slab top, a plywood subtop is needed for support and to attach legs. August 7, 2006

Wrapping Cabinets for Transportation
The pros and cons of bubble wrap, cardboard rolls, newsprint remainders, shipping blankets, et cetera. March 21, 2012

Tweaking Island Height
A cabinetmaker gets advice on raising an already installed island by two inches. September 23, 2006

Trash Pullout Install Hassles
Advice on making the necessary minor tweaks and adjustments to get a trash pullout operating correctly. August 31, 2009

Veneering a Curved Cabinet in Place
Advice on a very tricky veneering problem: applying veneer to a half-completed cabinet with a curved face, on site. August 23, 2006

Scribing Face Frames To The Wall on Two Sides
Tricks for scribing both ends of a small cabinet to fit against walls on either side. November 19, 2006

Standing Tall Cabinets
Another take on the problem of maneuvering those too-tall cabinets into their spot. August 14, 2007

Wall Oven in a Base Cabinet
Mixing and matching oven units and cooktops is tricky. Here, pros supply advice and cautions. July 21, 2006

Wall Nailing Hard Spot Mystery
Sometimes it takes a little detective work to figure out why fasteners won't penetrate at one particular spot. January 11, 2008

Telescoping Extending Closet Pole Ideas
Hardware thoughts for a tight closet problem. January 20, 2010

Upper Cabinet Height Standard
Conventions and codes for upper cab height have changed over the years, with some practical implications. July 28, 2012

Upper Cabinet Height Quandary
A homeowner found the upper cabs too high after they were installed. So the cabinetmaker lowered them, but now he needs to make it look right. "It's a lesson for us all," says one pro. November 11, 2005

Troubleshooting a Backsplash Gap
Floor framing shrinkage might cause cabinets to drop, opening a gap between the countertop and backsplash. August 7, 2006

Under-Mounting a Top-Mount Sink
Installer gets advice on mounting a new-fangled "hybrid-mounting" sink. June 17, 2005

Where cabinets meet sloped floor
How to properly disguise the gap that appears during installation. August 25, 2003

Toilet-to-Cabinet Allowable Clearance Tolerances
Cabinet makers and installers discuss the allowable distance between a toilet and a bathroom vanity, and consider how to make adjustments when the space gets tight. November 19, 2005

Who Should Caulk the Backsplash to the Wall?
Whose turf is the caulking between a backsplash and a wall on? Countertop installer or painter? March 3, 2009

Scribing to Cultured Stone
This situation should have been avoided with prior planning but since it was not, here's advice on scribing cabinetry to a rough stone wall.August 15, 2011

Stacking Doors That Open Together
Suggestions for dowels, pins, and other methods to connect stacked cabinet doors so they will swing as a unit. June 15, 2014

Using Adhesive to Attach Cabinet Crown to the Ceiling
Advice on using adhesive for attaching pre-finished crown, to avoid the need for hiding nail holes. February 26, 2007

Temporary Door-Pull Expedients
Before the customer chooses knobs, you've got to use your imagination. Blue tape is just the beginning. February 20, 2008

Scribing a Laminate Countertop
Order of operations for scribing two edges of a countertop for setting into a corner. February 17, 2011

Suspending a Vanity from the Wall
Cabinet installers describe various ways to attach a heavy, unsupported vanity to the bathroom wall. August 19, 2013

Securing Island Cabinets with Leg Levelers
Installers share thoughts on the best way to lock island cabinets into place when set on leg levelers. September 4, 2005

Slat Walls -What To Charge

Tiny Oak Trim

Scribing the Back of a Frameless Cabinet
Scribe moulding, a filler strip, or the judicious use of caulk are the top remedies for a gap between the cabinet back and the wall. November 19, 2005

Shopping for a TV Lift
A little info on television lifts for cabinets, and how they work. June 12, 2014

Suspending Cabinets from an Angled Ceiling
It's a tricky detail, but there are several ways to get it done. June 23, 2006

Tight Miters for Laminate Countertops
Installers suggest ways to draw the joint tight. August 29, 2005

Vertical Sliding-Door Ideas
Ideas for a creative custom install: a framed picture as a sliding door for a built-in TV cubby. July 29, 2007

Tips on Hanging Upper Cabinets
Here are a couple of useful ideas to making hanging upper cabinets easier. August 13, 2007

Under-Shelf Lighting Options
A few tips on strip LEDs and LED and halogen puck lights for lighting under shelves. February 15, 2009

Trimming T Moulding
Tips for quickly and easily trimming T molding for laminated countertops. August 7, 2006

Installing Cabinets: Uppers or Lowers First?
Opinions vary. Here, installers describe how they go about installing cabinets, and explain why. July 3, 2006

Flooring First, or Cabinets?
Cabinet installers discuss whether they'd rather set base cabs before or after the tile flooring is laid. October 25, 2006

Level Cabinets in Out-of-Whack Houses
A rowdy, no-holds-barred debate on whether cabinet installers should fudge square and level when the existing house is neither. December 20, 2005

Farm Sink and Granite Countertop Install Mismatch
Troubleshooting a countertop installation gone wrong. May 6, 2010

Installing Framed Cabinets
Save time with careful layout and the right tools. February 9, 2001

Hardwood Built-In Installations
Hardwood Built-Ins Create Striking Centerpiece. December 3, 2001

Efficient Drawer-Front Installation
In this long, detailed discussion, cabinet pros swap techniques for attaching drawer fronts and discuss how to improve efficiency and accuracy of this fussy and time-consuming step. September 8, 2007

Out-of-Level Floor Problem
A cabinet job for a new house with an out-of-level floor leads to a callback. Pros weigh in with views and technical advice. August 29, 2005

Install Solutions for the One-Man Cabinet Shop
Anyone can do it with help... January 26, 2008

Raised Panel Shrinkage
Cabinetmakers grapple with the issues raised by installing unfinished cabinetry in an unheated house, mid-project. May 28, 2010

Opening Laminate Joints Mystery
in a long MDF and laminate countertop? March 14, 2005

Installation ... but we've never done it -- like that before!
Jon Elvrum discusses the biggest obstacle in learning to install frameless cabinets: Old habits. 1998.

Kitchen Cabinet Clearance Above Stove Top
Installers discuss the rules for installing cabinets or a microwave and vent hood above a kitchen range. November 19, 2005

Installing Drawer Faces
A long, detailed discussion about various ways to accurately and rapidly attach drawer fronts when installing cabinets. February 16, 2012

Outsourcing Cabinet Installation
There are good reasons to install your own cabinets, and good reasons to have someone else do it. Here, installers and cabinetmakers discuss the fine points of communication and cooperation among specialists. August 3, 2005

Installation Comparison Face Frame Versus Frameless
Are the efficiencies of frameless construction canceled out by installation difficulties? There is more than one point of view on the question. April 21, 2007

Installing Built-Ins Over Carpet
Should built-in cabinets be installed over existing carpet, or should the carpet be cut away and re-attached at the joint? Craftsmen debate the point. July 24, 2005

Hardwoods in the Bath
Finishing Tips When Installing Hardwoods in Wet, Humid Environments October 22, 2001

Refrigerator Cabinet Dimensions
A discussion of the practical and esthetic choices around boxing in a refrigerator. April 29, 2012

Floating Vanity Structural Attachment
Here's a handful of strategies for attaching "floating" vanities to the wall so that they'll stay put, despite having no support from underneath. May 6, 2009

Installing a U-Shaped Countertop
Pros study the awkward problem of installing a big, heavy laminated countertop into a space that is enclosed on three sides. September 5, 2006

Making Concrete Countertops
Fabricating concrete countertops is not rocket science, but it takes practice and it isn't cheap. March 26, 2007

Farm Sink Mounting Details
For a custom kitchen, confusion arises over how the farmhouse sink is intended to be mounted. Learn more here about farm sinks and how they fit in. April 9, 2008

Electrical Outlets in Cabinetry
Electrical code requires outlets to be installed within properly mounted electrical boxes. April 26, 2006

Full Height Refrigerator Cabinet Construction
Ideas for building a full-height refrigerator cabinet and fitting it into the space provided. March 26, 2009

French Cleat for Wall Cabinets
Custom-built and manufactured options for hanging cabinets from the back. August 30, 2010

Granite Countertop Underlayment
Depending on thickness, granite countertops may be self-supporting without underlayment. September 5, 2006

Hanging Cabinets on Plaster Walls
Cabinet installers discuss the classic old-house problem: finding some meat behind the plaster. March 18, 2006

Recessed Scribes for Frameless Cabinet Installation
Advice on accurate scribing for scribe strips against walls, when the strips are set back slightly from the cabinet face. February 11, 2010

Face Frames: Re-face Versus Replace
Here's an interesting thread about the advantages of replacing just a cabinet face frame, instead of refacing the cabinet or replacing it altogether. June 11, 2014

In Search of Lightweight Shelving
After struggling with inch-and-a-quarter laminated MDF panels, an installer looks for a better way. March 3, 2009

Installing Frameless Cabinets Under an Out-of-Level Soffit
Tricks for using scribed molding to fudge the gap between a set of frameless upper cabs and a ceiling soffit that's out of whack. March 28, 2010

Refrigerator Fit Issues
"Counter-depth" refrigerators don't provide a true built-in look: the sides are exposed, as this cabinetmaker learned to his (and his customer's) dismay. November 2, 2010

Getting Cabinets Level and Plumb
Common-sense tips on cabinet installation. April 30, 2009

Out-of-Whack Floor Cabinet Installation Choices
Cabinet installers discuss leg levelers and other methods of installing base cabinets when floor levels vary. December 27, 2008

Pricing Cabinet Installs
This thread on installation pricing takes an interesting approach: Compare with what the big-box stores charge. December 2, 2006

Fastening countertops
How to fasten a laminated particleboard countertop to cabinets. March 28, 2001

Refacing a Rounded Face Frame
Tips for how to reface cabinets with round corners, and some general comments on the cabinet-refacing market. February 28, 2006

Flat-Screen TV Over the Fireplace?
Some people hate the idea, but some customers are asking for it. Here, cabinetmakers discuss solutions (and personal taste). August 11, 2009

Installing Built-Ins Over a Pocket Door
How do you fasten a bookcase to a wall when there's a pocket door in the wall? Very carefully. June 11, 2014

Making Your Own Cabinet Jack
Whether you buy one or go to the trouble of making your own, a nice cabinet jack will make you wonder how you used to get along without it. September 10, 2008

Leg Levelers 101
A beginner learns the basics about adjustable cabinet leg hardware. August 3, 2005

Fastening Scribe Stiles
Cabinet installers discuss ways to attach scribe stiles to cabinets when space is tight on all sides. May 6, 2006

Installing Cabinets On Top of a Floating Floor
There are at least two ways to do it so that the floor is free to expand and contract. However, water damage to flooring is still a risk to consider. November 19, 2005

Patching a Plumbing Hole Drilled by Mistake
Two extra holes in a sink cabinet bottom ... and 10 good ideas for fixing or hiding them. December 2, 2010

Protecting edges of installed cabinets
Protecting newly installed cabinetry from the chaos of continuing construction. November 15, 2000

Leg Leveler Tips and Tricks
Pros compare methods for leveling cabinets with leg-leveler feet. August 29, 2006

Fridge Panel Head-Scratcher
When a cabinetmaker is asked to make refrigerator panels without ever seeing the appliance for a job that's a long drive away he feels the need for some advice. January 26, 2008

End Panel for a Dishwasher in a Frameless Cabinet Run
When the dishwasher falls at the end of a run of frameless cabinets, what's a good end panel detail? Here are several suggestions. June 17, 2010

Fitting Cabinets to Bowed Walls
Cabinet-hanging and scribing tips for installations in kitchens with irregular wall surfaces. April 18, 2006

Fitting Frameless Cabinets Between Two Walls
Thoughts on using filler strips to make the transition where frameless cabs fit into openings. September 27, 2009

Kitchen Design and Oversized Refrigerators
Deep refrigerators add complexity to cabinet layout and installation. April 20, 2007

Full Height Cabinets: Figuring Ceiling Clearance
Figure the diagonal using math, or draw the piece full size, or check it in AutoCAD. Do this before you build it. January 26, 2008

Formaldehyde Irritation in Work Van?
An installer reports a reaction triggered possibly by panel products stored and transported in his work van. April 30, 2009

Hidden Dowel Joinery for Closet Shelf Assembly
Advice on how to assemble a closet shelf system on site with no visible fasteners. January 20, 2010

Hanging Upper Cabinets on Out-of-Plane Walls
Advice on how to fit cabinets to twisted walls. April 24, 2014

Oops! Can't Stand Up that Too-Tall Cabinet
Suggestions for recovering on site from a bonehead cabinet design error. December 9, 2007

Fitting Drawers to a Racked Euro-Cab
The frameless cabinets were put in place twisted, so now the drawers don't fit properly. What to do? June 11, 2014

Installing Backsplash
Backsplash installation tips, including a cool new product. March 14, 2006

Fitting a Lazy Susan Into an Out-of-Square Corner
Solutions for adapting the fixed geometry of a corner cabinet to an out-of-whack space. November 13, 2009

Hanging Narrow Cabinets when Studs Aren't Available
Tips on supporting upper cabinets when sufficient nailing is not provided. August 23, 2006

Installing Cabinets When Carpet Has Been Laid
Thoughts on how to handle the business and technical problems raised when a GC asks the cabinet installer to follow the carpet installer in the job sequence. August 31, 2009

Face-Frame Bookcase Assembly on Site
Here are several suggestions for how to assemble a built-in bookshelf cabinet on site, focusing on face frame issues.July 29, 2014

Installing Drawer-Type Dishwashers
Drawer-style dishwasher units don't always require a cabinet, but attaching the faces and installing controls can be tricky. April 18, 2006

Installing a Cabinet Over Carpet
Should you install cabinets over carpet, or cut the carpet out? Opinions vary. June 11, 2014

Hanging Cabinets from Masonry Walls
What to do when the wall is cement board on furring strips over concrete block. April 25, 2006

Face-Frame Scribing Ideas
Various ways to scribe for a snug fit where a cabinet butts to a wall. October 9, 2006

Installing European Cabinets in a Log House
Here's advice on attaching cabinets to a log-house wall in a way that allows for shrinkage movement of the logs. January 23, 2009

Re-Configuring Existing Cabinets
Five out of five doctors agree: tearing out and reassembling existing cabinets is just not worth it. September 23, 2006

Laser Layout for Out-of-Whack Rooms
Here's a good description of how to use a laser level to set benchmark plumb and level layout lines on a room that's not built square, plumb, level, or true. July 12, 2008

Leveling Cabinets Runs Containing Appliances
Cabinet installers consider the problems involved when floors slope and there are ranges and dishwashers involved. July 10, 2009

Refrigerator Cabinet Installation Details
Pros share tips and tricks. May 4, 2005

Hanging Cabinets on a Brick Wall
Tips on installing to brick, including advice on trouble-free Tapcon installation and a method involving epoxy and threaded rod. August 28, 2010

Polishing Granite
This thread covers a helpful topic: polishing scratches out of granite tops. June 18, 2010

Modifying an Existing Cabinet Face Frame
Advice on how to remove a center stile from a cabinet face frame to make room for retrofitting wide drawers. June 28, 2007

Peel and Stick Edgebanding
Occasional users discuss the pros and cons of peel-and-stick edgebanding. June 23, 2014

Installing New Doors and Drawers in Old Face-Frame Cabinets
June 26, 2009

Murphy Bed Hardware Comparisons
A comparison of various types of Murphy bed hardware, with sources of supply. March 28, 2015

Packing Cabinets and Tops for Delivery
Advice on packing and shipping for a large shipment of cabinetry. November 29, 2014

Protecting Floors During Installations
How to keep finished floors safe from dropped hammers and related hazards. April 25, 2006

Laying Out Sink Base Cabinets for Plumbing Stubs
Creative cosmetics, advanced math, and inspired guesswork are all it may take for you to punch perfect plumbing holes every time. November 19, 2008

Running Frameless Cabinets to the Ceiling
The ceiling joint is a tricky detail for full-height frameless upper cabinets. Here, pros suggest ways to handle it. August 29, 2005

Hanging Cabinets on Metal Stud Walls
Thoughts on fastening cabinet backs to light-gauge metal stud walls. April 14, 2010

Pricing for Cabinet Refacing
Pros discuss how to price cabinet refacing work. November 11, 2005

Hardware Installation Jigs: Are They Worth It?
Some installers say a self-centering tape and combination square are quicker. January 25, 2013

Pricing a Small Built-In
Another instructive pricing case example this time, a small built-in with walls on three sides. May 28, 2010

Hanging Cabinets from Concrete Walls and Steel Studs
A discussion of fastener choices when installing cabinets on concrete, masonry or steel-framed walls. June 23, 2006

Installing a Kitchen Island over Tile
How to attach a cabinet base to a tile floor. July 2, 2008

Fixes for Stripped Screw Holes
Ways to make screws fit tight and hold permanently, even after the screw hole is damaged. July 5, 2011

Repairing a Screw Hole in a P-Lam Desktop
Repair options for a punctured plastic laminate desk. January 14, 2013

Protecting Finished Cabinets While Transporting and Installing
Cabinetmakers discuss how protect cabinet edges from chips and dings during handling. September 8, 2008

Refacing Vinyl-Wrapped Cabinet Face Frames
A contractor gets advice on quick, effective ways to tackle a tricky refacing detail. December 28, 2005

"Installer-Friendly" Cabinets
Installers sound off on how cabinet-makers can make their lives easier. August 29, 2005

Island Cabinet Clearance
Thirty-six inches is minimum, and forty-two is better. November 11, 2005

Laying Out a Forty-Five-Degree Peninsula
Ideas for accurately placing angled cabinets on site. December 9, 2007

Flexible Countertop Templating Material
With plastic material you can roll up after the template is built, transporting the template is easier. September 30, 2009

Fastening Cabinet Legs to Tile over Radiant Heat
Can't penetrate a floor? Silicone adheres well to tile. April 12, 2011

Lift-Up Pocket Doors for Appliance Garages
A discussion of how to design and make a cabinet door that lifts up and slides back into the cabinet like a garage door.November 5, 2013

Installing a Vanity with No Front Supports
Pros consider ways to attach a vanity to the wall so that it needs no front legs or toe kick for support. December 27, 2008

Retrofitting New Drawer Slides in Old Face Frame Cabs
Tips on how to align and secure the back attachment points of replacement drawer slides in an existing cabinet. May 6, 2007

Odor-Free Adhesives for On-Site Replacement of Laminate and PVC Banding
Some contact cements are very low odor. This thread also has some advice about organizing the work. September 30, 2010

Installing Cabinets Over Carpet
No two ways about it you have to cut the carpet back. August 13, 2007

Fastening to a Marble Floor
Tips on careful drilling and attaching for setting island cabinets on a stone floor. June 16, 2005

Metric Hole Saws
Workarounds for when you need a round hole to accomodate a metric-sized insert. September 5, 2006

Leg Levelers for Carpeted Floors
Tips on using leg levelers when installing cabinets on a carpeted basement floor. June 12, 2014

Mounting a Dishwasher Under a Granite Countertop
Solutions to a common problem: mounting a dishwasher in cabinets topped with granite. December 27, 2006

Frameless Installation Tips
A few basic tips on installing frameless cabinets. August 29, 2006

Replacing Cabinets Without Removing the Countertop
A woodworker describes how he replaces base cabinets while leaving the top in place. June 16, 2010

Planning For Crown Molding And Trim

Hanging Cabinets on Adobe Walls
Quick tip for installing support blocking for cabinets into an adobe wall. September 5, 2006

Install Jigs for Blum Tandembox
Which jigs are worth having, and what's the best place to get them? October 13, 2012

Gaps Opening Up After Cabinet Installation
When base cabs seem to pull away from walls, the culprit is usually moisture-related movement of the house framing lumber. December 2, 2006

Installing Cabinets in Log Homes
Ways to install cabinets in log homes that allow for the movement and shrinkage of log walls. May 6, 2006

Mounting cabinets to block walls
Woodworkers share techniques for attaching work to concrete block walls. September 26, 2000

Hanging a 12" Cabinet Between Studs
Suggestions include toggle bolts, adhesive, and tying into the flanking cabinets. April 25, 2006

Leg Leveler Lifting Capacity
Use caution when adjusting leg levelers with a screwdriver from inside the cabinet. February 12, 2010

Matching Off-Size Cabinet Pull Holes
Advice on replacing cabinet pulls when the originals are an odd dimension. November 5, 2013

Moving Cabinets to Site
Ideas for getting cabinets to the job site and into the building. December 7, 2008

Installing Cabinets on a Log Wall
Log homes experience major log shrinkage, so you have to allow for that somehow. February 8, 2008

Easy Drawer Slide Retrofit
Here's a quick tip for speedy installation of new drawer slides in an existing cabinet in place. March 3, 2009

Hanging Wall Cabinets from Plaster over Block
Quick tip for attaching cabinets to plaster-covered concrete-block walls. June 28, 2007

Installing Frameless Cabinets Square
If plumb and level are right, cabinets faces should be square within an easy hinge adjustment. February 26, 2007

Formica Ideal Edge

Fastening Upper Cabinets to Granite Countertops
When upper cabs run all the way down to a stone counter, how do you connect the two? Pros share ideas. October 8, 2005

Pulling Out Dings and Dents
Tips for fixing the damage when the plumber, electrician or some other trade dents a new cabinet. October 22, 2005

Pricing for Built-In Shelf and Media Center Units
Cabinetmakers consider how materials, finishes, and installation may affect the value of a representative built-in unit. April 11, 2008

Frameless Cabinet Connectors
Fastener suggestions for connecting adjoining cabinets during installation. June 15, 2009

Peel-and-Stick Stainless Steel
It's a refacing option for appliances. June 23, 2006

Hanging Glass Shelf Directly Onto Drywall

Multiple Cabinet Refacing
Can you reface over existing refacing? Yes, if the first layer still adheres well. December 30, 2007

Cabinet Refacing Labor Hours
Making a profit on cabinet refacing depends on being productive on site. Here are some thoughts on the labor time required with various methods. May 28, 2010

Installing an Island Over a Radiant Slab
Cab installers ponder how to attach an island cabinet over a heated concrete floor, without puncturing any tubes. January 11, 2008

Butcherblock Countertop Finishing
Simple butcher-block counters are easy to finish on site with natural finishes. February 17, 2012

Whether to Install Drawer Fronts and Doors on Site or in the Shop
Some cabinetmakers like to add doors and drawer fronts on site, but others do that work in the shop. Here's a look at the reasons for both ways of working. August 30, 2011

Adhesives for Cabinet Refacing
Pros discuss how to adhere paper-backed veneer to an existing cabinet. September 5, 2006

Cabinet Door Warping Problems
Job-site humidity can warp cabinet doors. To reduce problems, some would recommend avoiding Poplar in favor of Maple, or even MDF. October 27, 2011

Caulking the Backsplash Joint
Pros describe how to apply a neat, clean bead of caulk. June 16, 2005

Installing Frameless Upper Cabinets
Installers discuss how to keep frameless cabinets stiff, square and well aligned during installation. August 23, 2006

Adjusting Hinges
Up and down first, or side to side first? Or does it matter? October 3, 2006

Jig for Setting Hinges and Doors
Cabinet installers swap ideas for making door setting easier on the arms and joints. January 7, 2010

Restricting Euro Hinge Swing
A cabinetmaker gets advice on preventing a glass door from swinging too wide and contacting an appliance. September 23, 2006

Side-Mount Soft-Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
Side-mounted soft-closing drawer slides have a spotty reputation. January 23, 2014

Fitting and Mortising Butt-Hinge Doors
Quick tips on making butt hinges work in out-of-square openings. June 16, 2005

Touching Up White Cabinets
Advice on touching up nicks and dings in white thermofoil, vinyl, and melamine cabinet surfaces. August 7, 2006

Removing PL Construction Adhesive From Prefinished Floor

Strengthening Commercial Cabinet Door Hinge Connections
Advice on preventing or repairing screw pull-out where hinges are attached to particleboard doors. December 27, 2008

Drawer Slides Breaking During Transport
A cabinetmaker reports drawer slides that malfunction after a 5-mile cabinet delivery trip. April 9, 2008

New Blum Locking Devices?

Refacing Melamine Cabinets
Tips on refacing melamine. November 30, 2009

Cabinetmaker's Responsibilities
Lively conversation about who should handle plumbing, electrical, etc. on kitchen/bath projects. December 9, 2004

Crown Molding Detail -- For Sloped Ceilings
Calculating angles and inside corner details for crown applied to sloped ceilings. April 2, 2004

Cabinet Installs: Who Needs a Helper?
Do four hands plus two brains equal more production? Opinions vary. June 26, 2009

Best Method for Leveling Base Cabinets
Cabinetmakers compare installation methods for base cabs, including ledgers, ladders, and adjustable levelers. November 29, 2014

Crown moulding with angled ceiling
Is it possible to take an out-of-kilter ceiling into account? November 22, 2003

Appliance Size Specifications Rant
Here's a universal complain from cabinetmakers: it's dern near impossible to find out the dimensions of a kitchen appliance without measuring the actual appliance.November 27, 2012

Adjustable Hinge Wear and Tear and Maintenance
Cabinetmakers discuss the long-term performance of adjustable hinges, with tips on hardware choice, installation, and maintenance. February 13, 2009

Attaching Trim to a Cabinet Top
Cabinetmakers and finish carpenters discuss how to provide good nailing for large trim pieces at the top of a cabinet. June 11, 2014

Cabinet-Hanging Tips and Tricks
Ideas for cleats, shop-built "third hand" rigs, and scribing panels for installing upper cabinets. April 6, 2007

Corner cabinets and out-of-plumb walls
How do you deal with the gaps inevitably caused by less-than-perfect walls? August 25, 2003

A Cabinet as a Shower Wall?
Crazy as it sounds, this question is real: In a tight-space remodel, how to build cabinets so their back side can be tiled and serve as the wall of a shower. Read and learn. May 6, 2007

Cabinetmakers and Installers
Should cabinetmakers install their own work, or hire an installer? September 25, 2009

Constructing and Installing Banks of Bookshelves
Library jobs typically call for multiple built-in bookcases, installed shoulder to shoulder. Here are descriptions and photos of different solutions to the construction problem. April 29, 2012

Attaching Cabinets to Steel Studs
Cabinet installers share tips and tricks for hanging cabs in commercial buildings where the framing is steel instead of wood. January 26, 2008

Curling Problem with Peel-and-Stick Veneer
Pros suggest solutions to a problem with veneer that curls as it dries after finish is applied. August 14, 2007

Cabinet Installation: Preventing Problems
Careful preparation and knowledge of the site make cabinet installation much easier. February 9, 2001

Accurate Placement of Drawer Fronts on Existing Cabinets
Cabinetmakers describe various ways to quickly position and fasten new drawer fronts on an existing cabinet for a refacing job. January 2, 2012

Cabinet Refacing Tips
A few pointers on cabinet refacing. November 20, 2008

Cabinet Levelers: Worth It?
Opinions vary about whether cabinet leveling hardware is worth buying. April 29, 2012

Big-Box Cabinet Installation Pay Rates
Installing for the big boxes is a whole different business. Here are some rumors on how the setup works. January 26, 2008

Avoiding Twist when Installing Cabinets
Installers share their messages for getting cabinets plumb, square, and level during the installation process. March 22, 2013

Cork Flooring: Install Before or After Cabinets?
A discussion of the practical issues with cabinets and a floating cork floor. November 30, 2009

Cabinet Leveler Success Stories
Is a new, more expensive cabinet leveler worth the up-charge? For some cabinet installers who think it works better, the answer is yes. April 18, 2011

Applying Painted End Panels with a Seamless Look
Cabinetmakers work on a way to add a painted end panel to a cabinet without showing a seam where the panel meets the face frame. February 1, 2011

Checking for Face Twist when Installing Cabinets
Advice for installers on how to make sure the face of a built-in cabinet isn't being pushed out of flatness by irregular, out-of-plumb house walls. November 5, 2013

Cabinet Leveling: Rear Levelers Versus a Ledger Strip
Cabinet installers compare the cost and efficiency of different methods for leveling the back side of cabinets. June 12, 2014

Cabinets and Heating Vents
When a new cabinet covers an existing heating or cooling register, warm air needs a new path. Here are tips on installing toe-kick vents for those situations. August 8, 2006

Appliance Panels and Floor Edge Mouldings: Whose Job?
Cabinet installers discuss their policies on dealing with end-of-job punch list items. January 26, 2008

Clamping and Fastening Mitered Cabinet Corners
Advice on tape, clamping jigs, and the like for holding mitered corners in place for careful, accurate fastening. July 13, 2010

Cabinet Install: Before or After Tile?
Installers have various views about whether to schedule the cabinet install before ceramic floor tiles are set, or after. August 31, 2009

Cabinet Crown Moulding Blocks and Jigs
Cabinetmakers discuss the use of "crown blocks" to hold and fasten crown moulding into position.October 11, 2012

Built-In Bookcases for a Sloping Floor
Woodworkers discuss ways to adapt a built-in bookcase to a severely sloped floor. September 5, 2006

Cutting "Edge-Installed" Crown
This "stand up" crown requires some adaptations to "normal" installation procedures. February 8, 2005

Cabinet Toekicks Integral Versus Field-Applied
Using a loose toe-kick that applies in the field provides versatility and flexibility but is it worth it? June 12, 2014

Cabinet Installation Advice
Pros give a newcomer tips on putting in his cabinets properly. January 11, 2007

Choosing a 32mm Hinge Drilling Jig
Shopping for a jobsite hinge-boring guide? Here's some advice from users. September 30, 2010

Cabinets Over a "Floating" Floor
Can cabinets be installed directly on a floating floor, or should the flooring be cut away? August 29, 2005

Crown Moulding Attachment Details
Methods for mounting crown moulding on frameless and face-frame cabinets (with clear, useful drawings). April 13, 2010

Attaching Upper Cabinets to Masonry Walls
A cabinet installer gets advice on ways to hang cabinets from masonry. October 8, 2005

Building Cabinets in a Kitchen with an Un-Level Floor
The consensus advice is to build a level base platform and let the toe-kick take up the discrepancy in cabinet heights. January 19, 2011

Cabinet Cleanup Options for Ink and Glue
Tried using an orange peel? Cabinetmakers discuss less-noxious cleaning alternatives for on-site work. January 25, 2013

Box Frame Construction for Granite Counter Top
How to provide structural support for a granite peninsula countertop extending away from a cabinet. February 12, 2009

Avoiding Pipes in Bath Cabinet Installs
Advice on how not to puncture a water line when attaching cabinets to a concrete block wall. January 20, 2010

Changing from Undermount to Side-Mounted Drawer Glides
Swapping out the hardware is simple enough, but the strength of attachment of the drawer bottoms could be a concern. November 29, 2014

Design Question: Stove Adjacent to Refrigerator
Is it okay to have the stove right next to the refrigerator, when a small kitchen space is a challenge? February 19, 2008

Attaching a Dishwasher to a Granite Countertop
Tips and tricks for installing a dishwasher beneath a stone countertop. January 26, 2008

Aligning and Leveling Wall Cabinets
Installers share tips on fitting cabinets to an out-of-whack room. March 3, 2009

Corner Joints on the Back of Island Cabinets
Installers share tips and methods for creating a finished corner on the back of an island cabinet. July 24, 2005

Accomodating Flooring Thickness in New Construction Cabinet Installs
Cabinet installers debate whether to jack up cabinet heights when installing cabs before finish flooring is down. November 11, 2005

Connecting Face Frame Cabinets
Ways to pull adjoining face frames tight when setting a run of cabinets. April 18, 2006

Anchoring Commercial Sink Tops to Drywall
Quick thoughts on fastening to drywall where there are no mounting blocks within the framing. February 18, 2007

Building a Kneewall on Existing Cabinets for a Bar Top
Advice on framing details for an add-on kneewall. February 11, 2010

Cutting Installed Chair Rail
With the right tools, surgically removing existing trim before setting a new cab can be the simplest course. September 30, 2010

Cutting Sink Holes in Laminate Countertops
Introductory tips for a new installer on cutting laminate countertops. May 22, 2007

Door Choices for an Appliance Garage
A cabinetmaker explores the options for doors that will get out of the way to allow access to appliances in the cupboard. May 15, 2014

Drawer Pull Drilling Jigs
Buy a manufactured one, or make your own? January 26, 2008

Attaching Island Cabinets to Concrete Floors
Advice on securing an island cabinet to a concrete slab floor, with attention to the issue of moisture. August 13, 2007

Crown Moulding on Frameless Cabinets
Full-overlay doors on frameless upper cabinets make it tricky to apply crown molding at the ceiling. October 9, 2006

Attaching Faux Doors to an Island Back
Here's a handful of techniques for sticking fake doors onto a cabinet side or back. August 13, 2007

Cabinet Hanger Helpers
A quick rundown on the tools you can buy or make to help you set wall cabinets by yourself. April 4, 2011

Cabinet Floor-Platform Terminology
Most cabinetmakers are familiar with the idea of a ladder-shaped platform for mounting base cabinets in certain situations. But what do you call the pieces of that assembly? July 29, 2007

Adhesives for Cabinet Re-Facing
What's a suitable adhesive for attaching a new plywood end panel to an existing cabinet? September 22, 2005

Crown Moulding Reveals at Ceilings
You can get a nice effect with cabinet crown by holding it down 1/8" from the ceiling. April 29, 2011

Attaching Wall Cabinets to Steel Studs
Steel wall framing poses a particular challenge when it's time to hang upper cabinets. Here are a few installation tips. November 19, 2005

Corner Cabinet Height Puzzle
When the corner cabinet is higher than the wall cabs, how do you detail the transition? Pros share tips. June 12, 2005

Detail for the Base of a Fluted Pilaster
Pilasters flanking a sink cabinet need some sort of base detail. But what? April 6, 2011

Custom Coloring Cabinet Installation Screws
If the colored-head screws you need don't come in the right size, here are suggestions on how to color the heads of off-the-shelf screws in the right size.November 14, 2014

Appliance Garage Tips and Tricks
Pros share ideas for appliance garage design, doors, and installation. September 20, 2005

Attaching a Floating Counter to the Wall
With no legs in the design, a cabinetmaker has to think creatively about supporting a vanity top. May 11, 2011

Cutting Shims
Fine points of a minor, but important element in cabinet installation: the lowly shim. April 14, 2010

Drilling Plumbing Holes in Ceramic Tile
Tips on making neat holes in existing tile for pipe penetrations. November 26, 2007

Contact Adhesive for Attaching End Panels in the Field
Some installers swear by spray contact cement, but roll-on waterbased also works well. February 11, 2009

Counter, Range Hood, and Cabinet Clearances
Cabinet clearances around ranges and hoods can get tricky when under-cabinet lighting enters the picture. December 27, 2008

Clearance for a Microwave Above a Cooktop
Nobody seems to know the rule, but here are some individual answers. April 17, 2013

Disclaimer for Cabinet Installation
How should a cabinet installer cover himself when he notice defects in the cabinet finish before starting the installation? August 8, 2008

Dishwasher Compatibility with Unconventional Toe Kick Height
A cabinetmaker and installer searches for a workaround for dishwasher installation when a designer has specified a three-inch-high toe kick.March 28, 2015

Attaching Toe Kicks
Thoughts on toe-kick clips and other forms of attachment. April 20, 2008

Blind Corner Pullout Choices
Big supplier salespeople weigh in on this informative thread about choosing and installing pullout shelving for blind corner cabinets. August 31, 2010

Attaching Freestanding Cabinet End Panels
Cabinet designers compare details for connecting cabinets to the floor at freestanding ends. March 12, 2014

Boosting Your Cabinet Lift
Site-rigged makeshift adjustments to gain extra height when setting a high upper cabinet. August 31, 2009

Corner Cabinet for an Out-of-Square Wall
Pros exchange tips for installing a corner cabinet into a non-square corner. August 29, 2005

Caulking Moulding-to-Cabinet Joints
Ways to get a decent color match with caulk and nail-hole filler on painted cabinet trim. September 11, 2006

Building A Pyramid Shaped Range Hood
Tip: make a small scale model to figure out your angles, and the rest is simple. May 22, 2007

Crown Moulding Detail for Frameless Cabinets
Quick tips on mounting crown mouldings to the top of a frameless cabinet. February 15, 2015

Drawer Face Adjustment
Tips on fine-tuning drawer faces that last sixteenth of an inch. April 30, 2009

Countertop Cutout for a Slide-In Stove
Tips on fitting a slide-in range to a counter. May 28, 2010

Dry Feet for a Bathroom Cabinet
Options for protecting the bottom edge of a wood cabinet from water in a wet location. August 29, 2005

Attaching a Tabletop with a Wide Overhang
As an alternative to support brackets, pros suggest a stiff plywood subtop. April 4, 2011

Adhering a Cabinet to a Marble Floor
How to stick a built-in down to a marble floor without putting holes in the stone. March 3, 2009

Cabinet Catches for a Motor Home
Standard hardware suppliers have hardware that will work for cabinetry in a van conversion or motor home interior, but specialty hardware is also widely available. January 2, 2012

Aromatic Cedar for Closets
Tips on cedar closets for clothing storage. January 21, 2007

Attaching Cabinets to Drywall
Tips to create a screw-hold when there's no stud behind the wall. June 17, 2005

Cabinet Lifts

Scribing cabinets and Z clips
Issues of overhang and attachment are discussed. February 19, 2002

Gabinetes de trazado y clips Z
Se discuten cuestiones de voladizo y apego. 19 de febrero de 2002

Base cabinet installation
How to cope with wavy floors. April 3, 2002

To cleat or not to cleat
Does cleating cabinets save installation time and money? April 3, 2002

Retoque adecuado del orificio del clavo
Utilizar un material para rellenar los agujeros que sea compatible con el acabado. 9 de julio de 2002

Joining boards end to end
What's the best way to do it when creating a 20' oak top? April 2, 2002

Unir tableros de punta a punta
¿Cuál es la mejor manera de hacerlo al crear una tapa de roble de 20'? 2 de abril de 2002

Installing cabinets over tile
Tying kicks to a tile floor, and the complications presented by floor-integrated radiant heating. February 19, 2002

Calar o no calar
¿La limpieza de los gabinetes ahorra tiempo y dinero en la instalación? 3 de abril de 2002

Instalación de gabinetes sobre azulejos
Atar patadas a un suelo de baldosas y las complicaciones que presenta la calefacción radiante integrada en el suelo. 19 de febrero de 2002

Instalación del gabinete bajo
Cómo afrontar los suelos ondulados. 3 de abril de 2002

Cutting crown moulding laying flat
Calculating angles properly. April 2, 2002

Cortar molduras de techo acostadas
Calcular ángulos correctamente. 2 de abril de 2002

Seccionadoras verticales
Una comparación de la velocidad y eficiencia de las sierras de paneles verticales en comparación con las sierras de escuadra. 24 de julio de 2001

Vertical panel saws
A comparison of speed and efficiency of vertical panel saws as opposed to sliding table saws. July 24, 2001

mounting screws
July 24, 2005

Hinge Mounting Tips and Tricks
Low-tech and high-tech ways to quickly and accurately set adjustable Euro hinges. March 3, 2009

Relleno de agujeros en molduras preacabadas
Qué usar para rellenar los orificios de los clavos después de instalar la moldura preacabada. 6 de junio de 2001

Métodos de diseño del sistema de 32 mm.
Diferentes interpretaciones sobre el sistema de 32 mm. (Foro de Gabinete) 23 de marzo de 2003

Drawer runner holes in 32mm system
Placement, mounting and more. (From WOODWEB's Cabinetmaking Forum) February 12, 2003

Orificios para guías de cajones en sistema de 32 mm.
Colocación, montaje y más. (Del Foro de Ebanistería de WOODWEB) 12 de febrero de 2003

Edge Jointing of Ripped Boards on Site
Here's a long list of suggestions and tips for getting a good clean edge on site-ripped wood. June 12, 2014

High-Volume Cabinet Install Jobs Is It Worth It?
Cabinet installers discuss the potential pitfalls of a 50-kitchen installation contract, and share tips for making a success of it. March 20, 2007

Tricked-Out Job Trailers
An extended thread on how to customize your "shop on wheels" for convenience and efficiency. August 13, 2007

Comparing Oscillating Tools
How do the original high-end oscillating cutter tools rate in comparison to the less expensive off brands? October 27, 2011

Choosing an Installation Vehicle
Cabinet and millwork installers talk about their trucks, vans, hopes, and wishes. January 9, 2006

muebles de televisión
Diseños para pantallas grandes, pequeñas y planas. 9 de abril de 2003

All-Purpose Router Table
Tips on constructing a router table for shop and site duty. December 31, 2005

Building Arched Toekicks
Descriptions and images of tested techniques. September 9, 2004

Router Dust Collection for Field Work
Tweaking dust-catchers to work in odd situations outside the shop. April 6, 2007

Small Compressor Versus an Air or CO2 Cartridge
A cheap one-gallon compressor wins the voice vote for job-site convenience and reliability. August 30, 2011

Rolling Jobsite Tool Carts
Ideas for putting your tool chest on wheels to get in an out of install sites quickly. September 27, 2008

Drilling into Hard Concrete
Tips for making drill bits last when drilling for fasteners in concrete. May 6, 2007

Cutting 45 Crown Moulding
Info on cutting crown of various spring angles, and what to do if the walls are slightly off square. July 28, 2012

MDF for Built-In Closet Shelving
A discussion of MDF's structural suitability for closet shelves and upright shelf support frames. March 3, 2009

Methods of 32 mm system layout
Different interpretations on the 32mm system. (Cabinetmaking Forum) March 23, 2003

TV cabinets
Designs for large, small and flat screens. April 9, 2003

Friso con puntera
Muescas y otras ideas para integrar una puntera con friso. 3 de enero de 2003

Multiple cut crown molding
Handling such installations with accuracy. April 3, 2002

Rebuilding Cordless-Tool Batteries
The cells in a cordless tool battery pack can be replaced with aftermarket versions. But is it worth doing? May 22, 2007

Dark Putty
Ideas for blending a dark wood putty to match dark woods like cherry. July 3, 2006

Working With Leg Levelers
Revising an installation process to include leg levelers. October 20, 2004

Taking Measurements on Site Tape Measure or Laser Device?
The new generation of laser measuring tools can improve accuracy and save time. Here, cabinetmakers describe why they made the switch and how they use the new tools. November 22, 2005

Who cuts sink holes?
Is this the responsibility of the cabinetmaker or installer? December 17, 2003

Screw Through a Water Pipe: Whose Fault?
It's a typical snafu: the cabinet installer hits a water pipe with a screw. This thread is a collection of examples, with descriptions of who covered the repair cost. August 16, 2012

Scribe Rails -- Why Not?
Why are custom shops not including scribe material on backs? August 26, 2004

Toekick Drawers
Construction details and images for toekick drawers. January 14, 2004

Truck, Van, or Trailer?
Installation pros discuss the convenience, gas mileage, and security of various vehicle choices. October 8, 2005

Tall Cabinet Calculations For Ceiling Clearance
Formulas for figuring how tall a cabinet will be at its longest point. March 14, 2004

Why Build Face Frame?
Reasons the face-frame tradition survives. September 9, 2004

Training a Cabinet Installation Crew
Advice based on experience about how to teach a pair of promising shop employees how to install cabinets in the field. November 26, 2007

Trimming Out a Boat
Finish carpentry and cabinetry are a whole different game when you're working on a boat. December 8, 2010

Whether to Back Out of a Job over Site Conditions
Cabinet installers discuss the contract and management issues involved when you encounter unexpected and troublesome site conditions. May 7, 2007

Shoes Off in the House?
Woodworkers discuss the practicality of working in socks, and the alternatives for protecting floors in high-end residential work. October 14, 2009

Wearing Shorts on the Jobsite
OSHA cares how you dress on construction sites. Here's some info and some discussion. April 8, 2008

Value Engineering in Custom Cabinets?
Cabinetmakers discuss ways to shave costs to make and install custom cabinets in a competitive economy. December 24, 2012

Steel Support for an Overhanging Granite Countertop
Advice on the use of structural steel to support a stone counter, without overkill or excessive weight (and cost). April 9, 2008

Wainscot with toe kick
Notching and other ideas for integrating a toe kick with wainscot. January 3, 2003

Supporting a Cantilevered Shelf
but how? Pros share ideas. June 23, 2006

The Revolving Door Lazy Susan (She's Trouble)
A revolving-door Lazy Susan is kind of like a bad dream. But there are ways to cope with it. October 2, 2007

Shimming Cabinets
Experienced installers share tips for fitting cabinets in place. April 14, 2005

Supporting Overhanging Granite
Building a structurally sound kitchen island. November 22, 2004

Shop-Built Cabinet Lift Photos
Detailed images of a jack designed to help with cabinet installation. December 21, 2008

Wine Cubes
Experienced hands describe ways to design and assemble wine storage cabinets. June 13, 2005

Trimming Plugs
Cutting and sanding wood plugs can be tedious and laborious. Here, pros discuss efficient ways to make a clean job of it. September 3, 2005

Template Forming for Farmhouse Sinks
Farmhouse sinks require cabinet frames to be scribed and fit to the sink. Here, cabinetmakers discuss ways to make a template for better accuracy and fit. November 26, 2007

Woodworker Tests iPhone Angle Finder
... it seems to work surprisingly well. June 18, 2010

Uneven Ceilings and Cabinet Crown
How to fit crown moulding to a badly out-of-level ceiling. July 31, 2009

Sharpening Vibrating-Head Saw Blades
Did you know you can sharpen the blades for those vibrating-head detail-sander saws? You can also make your own replacement blades. December 6, 2006

2x4 Base Under Base Cabinets
Constructing ladder bases. December 26, 2004

Whether to Continue Baseboard onto a Bathroom Vanity
Should baseboard be installed on the sides of a bath vanity? Here are suggested bathroom trim details for that situation.

Upper Cabinet Heights
Suggestions for upper cabinet dimensions in a kitchen with high ceilings. May 10, 2005

Estimating High-End Cab Installs
An installer seeks tips on estimating his time and pricing his services. February 25, 2005

Characteristics of a First-Rate Installer
Experienced pros discuss what qualifies an individual to be called an A-triple-plus installer. October 22, 2005

Pricing Cabinet Installation Work
Pros discuss their differing approaches to charging for kitchen and bath cabinet installation work. January 24, 2005

Melamine Carcasses
Can melamine interiors be considered high end? April 18, 2004

Making Money on Custom Installs
How can a 2-man operation stay profitable on cabinetry installations? A discussion of costs, pricing, planning, and time management for installing custom work. July 27, 2008

Punch-List Management Strategies
Cabinetmakers discuss ways to streamline the installation punch-out process. May 20, 2009

Pricing a Multifamily Cabinet Install Job
Cabinet installers talk ballpark numbers and hard lessons. December 19, 2009

Pricing Custom Cabinets and Trim
Even within one local market, prices can be all over the map. Balancing careful itemized estimating against local market conditions can help you turn a decent profit. August 23, 2006

Kitchen Corner Cabinets
Creative solutions for this awkward space. February 10, 2004

Out-of-Level Brouhaha
Sparks fly when a cabinet installer goes with the out-of-level house for the sake of appearance. His story sets off a lively exchange of views. October 22, 2005

Kitchen Cabinets and Floors Which Should Be Installed First?
The decision affects both trades, and there's more than one well-reasoned opinion posted here. May 6, 2007

Kick boxes
Building separate kicks for efficient installation. September 20, 2003

Radius Shoe Molding
Determining radius of cabinets in order to match molding. July 20, 2004

Installations in High Rise Residential Buildings
Advice on the ins and outs of installing cabinetry and millwork in the upper stories of a tall building in the city. July 13, 2010

Gluing Up Miters in Solid Wood Countertops
Here's a wealth of advice based on successful experience of several cabinetmakers building mitered solid-wood countertops. August 6, 2008

Making a Full-Height Cabinet Fit
A full-ceiling-height refrigerator cabinet can be a bear to install, because you can't tip it up (the diagonal is too long). Here's a useful thread on solving that problem. January 20, 2007

Floating Bookshelves Without Brackets
Creative ideas for supporting shelves. February 28, 2004

More boxes, less time
Making the process more efficient, including discussion on toekicks and finishing. May 2, 2001

Pulling Surface Joints Tight
Links to gadgets that can make this sometmes-frustrating issue a breeze. February 8, 2005

More Fun with Stud Finders
No stud finder works perfectly. In this thread, pros discuss stud finding methods high tech and low. September 4, 2005

Leg Leveler Tips And Tricks
First-timer gets advice on installing and adjusting leg levelers. April 10, 2005

Island Clearance
How much space around an island? Code and comfort considerations apply. April 14, 2005

Removing Studs Without Damaging Back-Side Drywall
Here are tips for surgically removing a short section of wall stud from a bathroom wall to create space for installing a medicine cabinet, without damaging the artistically painted drywall in the adjoining room behind the wall. August 15, 2011

Lazy Susan Door Fit Issues
Door tolerances and operation can create problems at the time of installation with lazy Susan corner cabinets. November 13, 2009

Ripping an Acute Angle
For a tricky millwork installation, the woodworker needs to rip a 65-degree angle on a plywood edge. Colleagues offer solutions. November 10, 2006

Glue Injection Techniques
When laminate or veneer is lifting, you can make a slit, inject adhesive, and clamp for a clean repair. Here are some detailed tips on getting the glue where it needs to go. February 20, 2008

Job Site Toolbox Ideas
Installers tell how they transport and organize their tools on the job. December 9, 2007

Hanging Cabinets from the Ceiling
No walls to attach to, and no backs on the cabinet here are a few suggestions for securely mounting these custom cabs. March 25, 2007

Pricing Feedback on a Built-In Entertainment Center
Cabinetmakers offer their guesstimates on a reasonable price for a typical built-in. April 21, 2008

Keeping Cabinets on the Wall
Sturdy construction and strong attachments are key safety factors. May 4, 2005

Installing Separate Toekicks
Methods of attaching separate kicks. January 6, 2005

Managing Pesky Clients
When clients are living in the home while cabinets are installed, sometimes they take a little too much interest in the work. In this thread, installers suggest tactful ways to deflect their attention eslewhere. October 22, 2005

Managing Layout for Mechanicals
Who's responsible for marking the locations of pipes, wires, et cetera during a kitchen remodel? Cabinetmakers discuss the reasons that some will take on managing this problem, and others won't.February 27, 2013

Keeping Your Cell Phone Handy on Site
Installers share ideas for keeping your cell phone handy on site, but safe from being dropped or lost. May 28, 2010

Low-Odor, Quick Adhesive for Refacing
Is there a fast-setting contact cement for commercial re-facing work that does not smell bad or carry health risks? February 25, 2009

Frameless Cabinet Fastening
Attaching lower cabinet sides to deck. August 7, 2004

Garage Cabinet Details
Pros discuss ways to fit cabinet bottoms and kicks to the sloping concrete floor of a garage. June 12, 2005

Rugged Wainscoting
An installer gets advice on wainscot paneling for a high-traffic commercial space.

Fastening Stone Countertops
Ways to hold marble tops in place. May 10, 2005

How to Support "Floating" Base Cabinets
These cabinets are supposed to have a deeply recessed toe kick so they appear to be floating above the floor. What about the structure? November 19, 2006

Fillers on frameless cabinets
Filling the space around cabinets set in uneven alcoves or against bowed walls. January 3, 2001

Jobsite Tool Carts
Installers share ideas for keeping tools and materials organized on site. March 18, 2006

Fixes for a Mis-Drilled Knob Hole
Moving a screw hole over less than the diameter of the hole is a pesky task. Here are a handful of tips. October 8, 2005

Fabricating and Installing Curved Baseboard
Suggestions for this curved baseboard situation include using flexible stock, or clamping and laying up thin layers of MDF before profiling with a router. July 12, 2012

Making a Standard Refrigerator Look Built In
Wood-look panels applied to a standard refrigerator fall short of providing the appearance or useability of a true built-in model. January 1, 2012

Finished Ends With Separate Kickers
Preferred methods of construction. August 7, 2004

Handling and Installing High-End Appliances
What's the best way to get a heavy, expensive Sub-Zero or Wolf fridge or range off the truck and into the house? Short answer: pay somebody else to do it. January 23, 2014

Long Angle Cutting on a Miter Saw
A nice illustration in this thread shows how you can cut a 140-degree angle (for instance) on a chopsaw. June 17, 2010

Registers in the Base of a Built-In Bookcase
Ideas for building vents into the bases of built-in cabinets. August 14, 2007

Gluing MDF Miter Joints
MDF soaks up ordinary wood glues, compromising the bond. Here's advice on priming the joint before gluing, or using a specialized adhesive. February 25, 2009

Heavy Backs for Upper Cabinets
Cabinetmakers briefly describe construction and wall attachment methods for cabinets using 1/2-inch. 5/8-inch, or even 3/4-inch prefinished plywood backs. November 12, 2005

Elevator Panel Retrofit Methods
Tips for removing and replacing plastic laminate elevator wall paneling. April 14, 2010

Making Odd-Angle Templates
For out-of-whack shapes (like shelves for irregular closets), assembling templates with hot-melt glue does the trick. September 22, 2005

Leg levelers vs. notches and plinths
Leg levelers are the way to go, if you're going Euro. 1998.

Hanging on a Floating Shelf
Here's a fun addition to the Knowledge Base collection on floating shelf attachment: a woodworker demonstrating how a small shelf will support his own weight. May 15, 2011

Matching Toekicks
Toekicks should usually match the cabinets, not the floor. January 10, 2006

Hardware for Doors Concealed as Wainscot Panels
Thoughts on slide, pull, and latch choices for doors disguised as paneling. December 27, 2008

Height of Closet Poles
Where to set closet poles. March 3, 2009

Radius Cabinet Job - Project Review
October 27, 2003

Estimating and Pricing for Cabinet Installation
Cabinetmakers and installers discuss the ins and outs of pricing methods and rules of thumb. September 4, 2005

Building Separate Kicks
Different methods of building and installing toekicks. August 7, 2004

Melamine Wall Cabinet Design
Sturdy construction with an unfamiliar material. July 20, 2004

Pricing for Refacing Versus Replacement for a Vanity
If refacing isn't cheaper than replacement, it might still have advantages for the customer that make it a sellable option. January 25, 2013

Hanging Cabinet Doors
The efficiency of hanging doors before or during install. January 28, 2004

Alignment of Face Frames
The decision on making face frames flush versus leaving a reveal. February 10, 2004

Pin Nailers Versus 18-Gauge or 23-Gauge Nailers
Installers discuss the relative usefulness of various fastener sizes and types for attaching prefinished crown moulding to cabinets. February 21, 2006

Where Doors and Panels Meet
How various cabinetmakers deal with the relationsihp between overlay doors and the adjacent edges of finished end panels. January 24, 2005

Durable Joints For Crown Molding
The fine points of gluing and pinning crown molding copes and miters. February 25, 2005

Gluing On Cabinet Trim
Tips on fastener-free techniques to attach mouldings to cabinets. January 22, 2006

Installing Crown with Fast-Drying Glue
Installers discuss fast-setting glues and other fine points of crown moulding installation. November 10, 2006

Repairing an Edge-Banding Defect
Looking for a fix for an edge-banding failure on a built-in desk. April 20, 2011

Spring-Loaded Touch-Open Toe-Kick Drawers
but the hardware is available. May 22, 2007

Building a Custom Island out of Stock Cabinet Parts
Is it worth constructing a Frankencabinet out of repurposed stock cabinet carcasses and faces? Interesting idea ... but with drawbacks.June 17, 2013

Custom Cabinets for an Out-of-Whack Room
Pros discuss ways to make cabinets fit "right" in a room that's wrong. April 20, 2007

Crown Transitions for Corner Cabinets
Several ways to deal with a tricky crown molding detail at the top of corner cabinets flanked by manufactured upper cabs. October 25, 2006

Cabinet Refacing
Can it work as a business? Pros share business and tech tips. June 17, 2005

Do Base Cabinets Need Back Shims?
Shim the front and hang the back, say some. May 4, 2005

Attaching Bookcases to Countertops
Efficient methods from professional cabinetmakers. February 10, 2004

Closet "Fit and Finish"
What kind of precision is expected in closet shelving? Should shelves be scribed to fit? May 6, 2009

Architectural Millwork Installer Compensation
Owners and employees discuss the wages installers make, and the factors that affect the value of labor. November 11, 2005

Bookshelf Weight and Stud Wall Bearing Strength
Will an extensive set of standard-and-bracket bookshelves overload the stud wall they are attached into?October 11, 2012

Competition for Installation Contracts
A cabinetmaker complains that his installation sub started working directly for the builder. The story sets off a discussion on fair competition in the new-construction market. November 11, 2005

Crown Moulding for Uneven Height Cabinets
Alternating high and low upper cabinets create a puzzle when it's time to apply crown molding at the top. Here, installers share ideas and show finished examples. July 24, 2005

Cantilevered Shelf Supports
Practical idea for wall attachment and support for shelves that project straight out from the wall with no visible means of support. July 29, 2007

Documenting Work
Taking photos of your cabinet installs could help you out some time, in case someone else comes along and disturbs or damages things. May 11, 2011

Cabinet Scribes
Cabinet installers swap opinions on store-bought and field-rigged scribing devices. November 19, 2006

Coped Crown Installation
Coping in an octagonal room. April 18, 2004

Crown Coping Tips
Some advice on dealing with large, hard-to-cope crown moulding. January 26, 2008

Cabinet Details for an Apron Front Sink
"Farmer's" sinks have an apron front that overhangs the cabinet face. Here, cabinetmakers discuss the difficulties that can arise, and how to address them. February 28, 2006

Corner Cabinet Solutions
Thoughts on ways to provide access to buried inside cabinet corners. October 28, 2014

Cabinet Pricing Versus Built-In Pricing
A cabinetmaker who does mostly kitchens gets advice on pricing for a basic built-in entertainment center. February 12, 2009

Cabinet Hanger Cleats
Ways to install back-panel cleats for attaching cabinets to walls. June 18, 2005

Attaching Cabinets To Concrete Or Steel Stud Walls
Pros give tips on cleats and specialty screws. April 14, 2005

Crown Moulding and Ceiling Movement
Here are some tips on installing crown so that it will keep looking good despite seasonal moisture-related movement of the house structure. December 26, 2007

Crown Moulding for Frameless Cabinets
Installers explain various ways to apply crown moulding to the tops of frameless cabs. November 10, 2006

Cabinet Installation and Trim Carpentry
Installers discuss how trim carpenters and cabinet installers should work out the kinks where their workflows intersect. July 3, 2006

Crown Molding for Radiused-Corner Cabinet Tops
An explanation of how to mill curved crown molding for application to radiused corners. June 23, 2006

Beating a Cabinet to Pieces
You learn a lot about the strength of various joinery and installation methods when you have to tear out a cabinet and break it into pieces for disposal. July 11, 2013

Antique Barn-Board Cabinets
A high-end home with cabinets made from weathered old barn siding? Craftsmen suggest ways to marry rustic and fine. June 12, 2005

Beaded Face Frame and Scribing Stick Trick
Here's a trick for detailing beaded face frame stiles, that makes scribing ends easier. February 6, 2007

Cabinet Scribing Hows and Whys
Basic tips on fitting cabinets to floors and walls. November 11, 2005

Can You Make Money With Wire Shelving?
A quick look at the business side of wire shelving. February 13, 2013

Assorted Videos for Millwork Installers and Cabinetmakers
January 25, 2007

Crown Molding With Staggered Cabinets
Making a smooth transition from cabinet to cabinet. July 20, 2004

Curved Closet Poles
Ideas for fabricating curved closet poles from wood or metal. May 28, 2010

Custom Closet Basics
Entry-level info on custom closets for a cabinetmaker who is unfamiliar with that kind of work. July 28, 2012

Cabinets on Top of Granite
Don't set upper cabs until the granite's in place. May 4, 2005

Attaching End Panels
Methods used by the pros. January 28, 2004

Cabinet Installation Prices
A reasonable per-box rate for cabinet installation can really vary, depending on the complexity of the job. September 27, 2008

Attaching crown moulding
Methods of attaching crown moulding to frameless cabinets. March 28, 2001

Angle for Coping Crown Molding
Looking for the magic number. December 26, 2004

Applying Door Panels to a Refrigerator
Tips for facing refrigerator doors. October 26, 2005

Countertop Choices for a Farmer's Sink
The way farmer's sinks are installed, there's usually an exposed edge where the countertop meets the sink. For that reason, durable countertop materials are preferred. March 1, 2006

Anchoring Shelf Brackets to Concrete
Suggestions for firmly attaching steel angle countertop supports to a poured concrete wall. February 19, 2011

Creating an installation division
Setting up a special division to install the product your company builds. July 9, 2002

Should a Cabinetmaker Agree to Let the Contractor Install Cabinets?
For various reasons, most cabinetmakers prefer to install their own work unless they know and trust the installer. December 2, 2006

Crear una división de instalación
Establecer una división especial para instalar el producto que fabrica su empresa. 9 de julio de 2002

- What makes a cabinet "custom"?
Is there a specific standard that qualifies a cabinet as custom? June 24, 2002

Carpintero a instalador consumado
¿Cómo se capacita a un carpintero para que se convierta en instalador de gabinetes y carpintería? 9 de julio de 2002

Carpenter to accomplished installer
How do you train a carpenter to become a cabinet and millwork installer? July 9, 2002

Integrated fillers in cabinets
Using fillers, integrated or loose. April 3, 2002

Crown on face-frame cabinets
An alternative to notching stiles when applying crown moulding. May 15, 2002

Corona en gabinetes con marco frontal
Una alternativa para hacer muescas en los montantes al aplicar molduras de techo. 15 de mayo de 2002

Joining cabinets - at a 45 degree angle
Cabinetmakers offer illustrated tips on joining a line of cabinetry which incorporates a 45-degree-angled unit. April 3, 2002

Unir gabinetes - en un ángulo de 45 grados
Los ebanistas ofrecen consejos ilustrados sobre cómo unir una línea de gabinetes que incorpora una unidad en ángulo de 45 grados. 3 de abril de 2002

Installing refrigerator end panels
The search for better methods. April 3, 2002

Moldura de corona de corte múltiple
Manejar este tipo de instalaciones con precisión. 3 de abril de 2002

Encolado de chapa
¿Existe alguna norma específica que califique un gabinete como personalizado? 24 de junio de 2002

Finished end panels
How to install pre-finished end panels. April 3, 2002

Instalación de paneles finales del refrigerador
La búsqueda de mejores métodos. 3 de abril de 2002

Rellenos integrados en armarios.
Utilizando rellenos, integrados o sueltos. 3 de abril de 2002

Paneles finales terminados
Cómo instalar paneles finales preacabados. 3 de abril de 2002

Tratando de hacer frente
Y, cómo hacerlo. 15 de mayo de 2002

Trying to cope
and how to do it. May 15, 2002

Armarios con puertas empotradas
Un ebanista pasa del marco sin marco al marco frontal y busca consejo. 19 de septiembre de 2001

Inset-door cabinets
A cabinetmaker goes from frameless to face frame and seeks advice. September 19, 2001

Período de garantía del gabinete
¿Cuál es un período de garantía razonable para la instalación de un gabinete personalizado? 24 de julio de 2001

Cabinet warranty period
What is a reasonable warranty period for a custom cabinet installation? July 24, 2001

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