New Blum Locking Devices?


From original questioner:

I saw an add for blumotion slides in Custom woodworking business mag. and it mentions side to side adjustments, an adjustment they never had before. Nothing on their web site that I could find more info on. Does any one know any thing about these and where to get them?

From contributor ha

Blum often starts to advertise new innovations before they actually appear on the market. They like us to salivate in advance. I tried the grass dynapro slides for the side to side feature, but still like the Blum drawer levelers the best. I have switched to an italian undermount soft close slide for 10.88@. It has none of the bells and whistles,but is amazingly smooth and silent and i still get my side to side with the blum levelers. Since i have a double line boring machine and my panels are always square, the back tilt is irrelevant for me. My 21" blum slides are up to 20.00 with the front clips and these new slides have a sealed piston and very smooth action. Harold.

From contributor Jr

Where are you getting the Italian slides?

From contributor Jo

I went on a tour of the Blum plant in March and they were in the process of tooling up for these new slides. It's my understanding that there are scheduled for release around IWF in August.

From contributor Wy

I saw them demonstrated recently at E.B. Bradley. I was told they would be available July or August. The slides themselves are different as well. They have a left to right mechanism on the bayonet to allow you to parallel the drawer. The rep told me the slides would cost about the same but the locking devices would be about $3 more per set.

From contributor Ch

I just bought my last box of locking devices and asked my rep at e.b. Bradley if they had the new kind yet with the side to side..he said they would have them in this week.