Two-Ply Veneer Versus Crossbanded Plies
A custom cabinetmaker carefully considers the veneering process on a custom project for demanding clients. January 12, 2015

Sunburst Veneer Layup Methods
Follow along as a craftsman works his way through a difficult first-time veneering project. November 3, 2010

Troubleshooting Failure with an Iron-On Dried-Glue Veneer Application
Pros discuss the probable reasons for bubbling of veneer that was applied using a hot iron and dried yellow glue. September 27, 2008

Gluing door veneer
Systems for gluing hardwood veneer to stave-core stile and rail doors. Illustrated.. February 6, 2002

Removing Glue Bleed-Through on Veneer
Try your trusty scraper. November 27, 2007

Troubleshooting Veneer Shrinkage
A waterbased adhesive may be causing freshly applied veneer to swell on application, then shrink within a few days. July 24, 2006

Frame press - Troubleshooting Flatness Problems with Vacuum Press Veneering
This discussion has extensive advice on tweaking a vacuum press to create effective vacuum, even pressure, and a flat result in the product. October 19, 2013

Bubbles in veneer
Why are bubbles appearing in veneer applied with PVA glue in a bag press? March 21, 2002

Applying Veneer to an Automobile Dashboard
Veneer pros discuss vacuum bag and other techniques for making veneer conform to a three-dimensional surface like the gauge panel of a Jaguar automobile dashboard. August 8, 2010

Veneering a Grooved MDF Panel
A craftsman struggles to find a way to apply veneer to a heavily profiled sheet of MDF with deep, regular grooves. January 25, 2013

Veneered MDF Table Top
A furnituremaker wrestles with the issues involved in veneering a 1-3/4" thick MDF table top. March 26, 2009

Veneer Vacuum Mold: Convex or Concave?
Experience says an convex mold is easier to use and more effective for veneer layups. January 19, 2012

Veneer Plus Contact Cement Plus Lacquer Equals Malfunction
Veneer Forum members help troubleshoot a project gone bad. October 17, 2012

Troubleshooting Buckled Peel-and-Stick Veneer
Indoor humidity has caused adhesive-backed veneer to buckle. Here, pros discuss the limitations and vulnerabilities of the material. November 20, 2005

Removing Veneer Tape Staining
Here's detailed advice on applying and removing veneer tape, and on sanding and finishing veneered panels afterwards. December 6, 2012

Softening Veneer for Wrapping Over a Bullnose Edge
Advice on how to persuade an expensive veneer to wrap around a tight curve without splitting. January 25, 2010

Veneering a Dining Room Table Top
Detailed advice for a first-timer for an ambitious table-top veneering project. November 16, 2011

Flip-Top Vacuum Frame Press
A discussion of flip-top vacuum presses and router jigs for making wood-edged veneer table-tops. July 18, 2008

Veneer Checking
Understanding the causes and prevention of veneer checking -1999

Hot Pressing, Cold Pressing, and Veneer Joint Methods
A discussion of different veneering techniques and their advantages. October 14, 2008

Getting Started with Vacuum-Press Veneering
Advice on starter equipment and learning resources for a veneering newbie. March 26, 2013

Good Bandsaw Blade for Resawing Veneer?
Woodworkers discuss veneer production on the bandsaw. January 12, 2012

Closing and Sealing Long, Thin Vacuum Bags
Half a dozen good ideas for how to wrap and seal long stair stringers for vacuum bag veneering, so you don't have to slide a long heavy piece into a long, slender bag. April 21, 2011

Troubleshooting Vacuum Leaks in Veneering Bag Systems
Pros advise on how to keep a vacuum bag veneering setup air-tight. July 28, 2006

Veneering with a Clamp-and-Caul Setup
Veneering a large panel is best done with a vacuum press, but here's a description of how to do it with clamps. April 10, 2007

1/4" Solid Wood on 3/4" Plywood
Thinner veneers in a balanced layup are the way to prevent trouble down the road. March 22, 2013

Veneering a Large Half-Column
How to veneer fiberglass columns. January 29, 2009

Thicknessing Veneer
Thoughts on belt-sanding or planing sawn veneer sheets to thickness. November 14, 2009

PVA glues for veneering -- pros and cons
PVA glues can work for veneering, but there are potential pitfalls. 1998.

Veneering Concave Surfaces
Tips and discussion on a tough veneering problem: inside curved surfaces. July 7, 2011

Wrapping Columns with Veneer
Tips on how to wrap architectural columns with veneer. July 23, 2007

Plywood Substrate for Veneer
Advice on finding and working with "platform" or "calibrated" plywood for applying veneers for specialty panels. December 6, 2012

Solving a Dimpling Issue in a Small Veneering Project
Dimples in a finished veneered panel seem to be traceable to issues with the substrate and the adhesive. September 6, 2010

Flattening Burl Veneer
Veneer pros describe the formulas and methods they use to make burl veneer flat and pliable before pressing. June 28, 2013

Re-Applying Veneer to a Thick Table Edge
Here's some advice on veneer pressing and adhesive choice, with a thorough description of how to hammer veneer using hide glue.June 8, 2011

Installing Sheet Veneer Correctly
and problems to watch for along the way. January 22, 2001

Edgebanding With Veneer
Exploring ways to attach matching veneer to the edges of veneered panels. October 3, 2009

Touching Up Veneer Defects
A white line at joints in veneered panels poses a problem. Pros suggest visual fixes, and ways to avoid such problems in the future. March 1, 2006

Making Miter-Fold Corners with Wood Veneer
Detailed advice on tooling and techniques for making miter-fold countertops with wood veneer on an MDF substrate. August 21, 2006

Vacuum Bag Veneering Tips
Some detailed advice about vacuum bag veneer methods. April 2, 2013

Using Hot Hide Glue for Veneering
A thorough description of using hot hide glue and pressure to apply veneer. February 22, 2011

Is a Stack of MDF Heavy Enough to Press Veneer?
In a word, no. Here are some common-sense explanations of why not. April 18, 2009

Veneer Quality: Is Veneer Getting Thinner?
Veneers these days are much thinner than they used to be. This makes finding a quality source of supply more critical than ever. February 17, 2012

Laying Up a Patterned Veneer
Detailed advice on laying up a veneered panel with a perimeter strip made of one veneer, and a center area made of another. June 28, 2006

Lacewood Veneer on MDF or Plywood
Thoughts on the practical and cost issues of applying lacewood veneer to an MDF or plywood panel. February 12, 2009

Re-Veneering an Antique Table
New hide glue will probably stick best to existing old hide glue. April 21, 2011

Storing (and Flattening) Veneer
Veneer should never be stored rolled up, or in hostile conditions. If it has been, however, here is advice on re-flattening any that survives. July 14, 2010

Veneering a Cone
Ideas for building and applying veneer to a cone. March 13, 2009

Shagreen and Parchment
Tips on sourcing and working with unusual animal hide-based veneer materials: shagreen and parchment. April 18, 2010

Balancing Veneered Panels
Even small veneered lay-ups require back-veneering to prevent curling. But with care, you can get away with using a different and less expensive material for the back side. July 13, 2006

Veneering a Cone Shape
Interesting discussion of veneering methods for cone-shaped pieces. March 26, 2013

Laying Up and Attaching Wood Wall Panels
Woodworkers discuss how to fabricate and hang wall panels of grooved-out hardwood veneer on a plywood substrate. May 26, 2008

Preventing Splitting in Spliced Veneer Seams
A little advice on gluing success with spliced veneer seams. June 11, 2014

Vacuum Press Bags: Buy or Make?
When you need a custom size, it's not hard to make your own vacuum bag. July 18, 2008

Troubleshooting Bubbles in a Vacuum-Press Veneer Glue-Up
Platen characteristics, veneer issue, or glue quality might be to blame for small bubbles appearing under the veneer. April 7, 2008

Troubleshooting Veneer Tape Ghosting
Fine points of taping veneer joints, to avoid visual defects. October 14, 2006

Keeping Glue off the Veneering Vacuum Bag
For clean veneering, you need both a platen and cauls. August 26, 2008

Peel-and-Stick Veneer Problems
Tips on how to prevent or fix adhesion problems with adhesive-backed peel-and-stick veneer applied to existing cabinets. September 23, 2006

Balancing Veneers
How big a thickness variation front to back might cause warping problems in a veneered panel? Well... maybe it's better not to risk it. July 28, 2006

Veneer Tape Tips and Tricks
Advice on selection and use of veneer tape. March 31, 2008

MDF Core Showing through Thin Veneer
Crossbanding with another veneer first is the way to keep core materials from telegraphing through. August 29, 2014

Shopping for a Veneering Vacuum Pump
Basic vacuum pumps are affordable. January 19, 2012

Making Checkerboard Veneer
A description of a simple way to assemble and glue up a checkerboard pattern using strips of veneer. July 28, 2012

Applying figured veneers
Anticipating and addressing potential problems of movement and moisture in laying up veneer on solid substrates. November 7, 2000

Cracking veneer
Why are cracks appearing in a veneered mantelpiece a year after construction? March 21, 2002

Math for Calculating the Length of Edgebanding on a Roll
Try these complicated formulas, or the slightly simplified versions ... or maybe just weigh the material. July 7, 2011

A basic description of V-grooving equipment and its use for making miter-fold joints using veneered stock. November 13, 2008

Veneering with Crotch Mahogany
Advice on veneering techniques that can improve the performance of crotch Mahogany veneer. January 14, 2013

Tape Issues when Joining Veneer
Veneer tape can cause minor defects at the seam. Here are some suggestions for preventing that problem. March 31, 2008

Bowed Flooring Panels
A moisture imbalance is the likely cause of movement in wood-veneer flooring panels. June 11, 2014

Bowing in a Veneered MDF Panel
Troubleshooting a piece of veneered MDF that bowed after being left in the veneer press overnight. January 12, 2015

Veneer Joint Cutting in Volume
Suggestions for boosting production in veneer seaming. June 11, 2014

Keeping Veneer From Slipping
Pros explain how they hold veneer in place during glue-up and vacuum bag pressing. December 30, 2007

Balancing Panels with Paper-Backed Veneer
Veneered panels should have veneer applied to both sides to prevent the panel from warping. Here's a discussion of the options for stabiliizing the back of a panel with paper-backed veneer on the visible face.June 30, 2014

Cutting Mother of Pearl Inlay
Tips on tools and techniques for working with mother-of-pearl. December 29, 2008

Getting a Good Bond with Paper-Backed Veneer
Quick tips on adhesive choice, prepping the paper surface, and using cauls for more even pressure to achieve better adhesion. May 30, 2011

Veneering Over Pre-Finished Plywood
A discussion about how to go about preparing prefinished plywood for an application of paper-backed veneer to one side. September 29, 2014

Tips on Balancing Veneer Panels
You can use scraps from full sheets to balance the back of panels that won't be seen. February 1, 2015

Avoiding Bubbles in Veneer
Advice on adhesive and application methods that don't result in bubbles in veneer. January 14, 2013

Troubleshooting a Vacuum Bag Leak
Problems with vacuum pump operation in vacuum-bag veneering may be traceable to a leak in the bag. May 13, 2013

Veneer Balancing Issues
Fine points of pairing veneer types for a balanced layup. March 26, 2009

Working with Contact Cement at Cold Temperatures
The low end of recommended application temperatures for contact cement application and curing may allow a little leeway. February 26, 2007

Simple Veneering Without a Press
Ideas for veneering without a press, and ideas for easily-rigged press setups. September 6, 2010

Veneering to a Bendable Substrate
Tips on getting a smooth, curved veneer face. October 2, 2006

Veneer Thickness and Sanding Tolerances
Veneer thick enough for heavy sanding is hard to find, so learn to use a light touch. June 18, 2009

Gluing Veneer to a Hardwood Table
Thoughts on the best glue-up sequence for a veneered table top. September 27, 2008

Vacuum Bagging Extra-Long Assemblies
Vacuum veneering of very long pieces is complicated, but doable. October 11, 2007

Veneering Columns
Tips on gluing veneer to a four-inch-diameter column. October 14, 2006

Cherry Veneer Desktop Construction
Thoughts on substrate and assembly details for a veneered desktop. October 15, 2009

How to Veneer a Plywood Cylinder
Suggested methods for applying veneer to a cylinder. August 17, 2012

Veneering Scalloped Doors
Veneer will conform to a gentle curve across the grain. Here's more information and advice. June 18, 2013

Cutting Veneer into Strips for Edgebanding
Advice on how to soften and cut figured veneer flitches. December 14, 2009

Veneer on Moisture-Resistant MDF
Thoughts on applying wood veneer to exterior-rated MDF. March 13, 2009

Veneering a Cube
Ideas for applying veneer to the outside of a box. November 14, 2009

Veneering a Top: Which Face First?
Which do you veneer first: top and bottom, or edges? June 8, 2008

Veneering MDF
Advice on a balanced veneer layup for an MDF-core countertop. November 26, 2008

Laying Out to Veneer a Cone
Advice on planning the cuts in veneer pieces required to veneer a cone segment. November 5, 2013

Re-Gluing Veneer Bubbles
Tips on how to re-glue and re-clamp veneer that has bubbled up from adhesive failure. December 11, 2006

Veneer Checking or Finish Defect?
This might be veneer checking, but more likely it's a problem with the coating. February 29, 2012

Veneer Panel Inlay Problem
"Lumpy" veneer causes trouble when routing for veneer inlay. Rigid glue and panel sanding are the suggested solution. January 13, 2006

Hand Gluing Veneer Onto a Curved Surface
Tips for gluing veneer onto a curved substrate. June 29, 2008

Vacuum Bag Versus Frame Press
A frame press may be more convenient for one man to operate when veneering flat panels. September 15, 2006

Softening Veneer with Glycerin
A little info about glycerin, available in pure form or as an ingredient in branded products for softening wood veneer. September 18, 2014

Veneer Saws for Left-Handers
A left-hander learns a little bit about veneer saws. February 1, 2015

Veneering a Guitar Body
Advice on gluing up a guitar body made with an exotic wood core and veneers. June 11, 2014

Cracking Concerns with Veneer Over Solid Wood
Veneer should be able to accomodate the movement of the substrate if the species are similar. January 25, 2010

Vacuum Bag Platen Details
Fine points of vacuum bag platens. December 1, 2005

Using a Screen Breather with a Vacuum Veneer Press
Placing a screen between the press and the piece helps create uniform pressure and prevents veneer bubbles. October 14, 2008

Applying Veneer to a Solid Wood Table Top
Veneer glued to solid wood is a less stable assembly than an MDF or plywood-core glue-up. But there are ways to make it work. November 19, 2005

Gluing veneers
Some tips for gluing down veneer. 1998.

Large Vacuum Bags for Veneering Large Curved Panels
You can make custom vacuum bags any size you may need. July 26, 2010

Flattening a Bowed Panel
Attempts to flatten a laminated or veneered panel that has bowed are rarely if ever successful. March 28, 2010

Shadow Lines in Veneered Wood-Edged MDF Tops
Joints are telegraphing through veneer. Here are suggestions. April 18, 2010

Applying Veneer over a Rounded Edge
Quick tips on applying veneer to a four-inch curve. October 19, 2013

Veneering a Cylinder
Quick description of a workable technique for veneering a cylindrical object. March 14, 2006

Troubleshooting Tape Marks in Veneer
Masking tape used at veneer joints will leave a visible "dent" at the seam. June 28, 2006

Patching Sanded-Through Veneer
How to cut and patch a small area on a veneered panel. May 23, 2007

Locating a Vacuum Leak
Advice on finding the slow leak in a vaccum-bag veneering setup. May 3, 2011

Steam-Bending Plywood ...
... does not work. May 15, 2011

Buckled veneer is manufacturer's fault
except letting the manufacturer hear about it. 1998.

Veneer as Edgebanding
Ways to make edgebanding out of veneer. March 26, 2009

Heat resistant veneer glue
There are glues that will withstand the high temperatures in heat-assisted finishing operations. 1998.

Hand Application of Veneer to Curved Wood Substrate
Using wood glue, heat and pressure to hand-iron veneer onto a curved substrate in place. August 31, 2009

Inlaying Abalone
Advice on trimming and fitting mother of pearl to a void in wood veneer. March 13, 2009

Investing in a vacuum press
A vacuum press can help expand your business and shop capabilities. June 6, 2001

Drying Freshly Sawn Veneer
Tips for drying veneer. August 29, 2014

Blue Stains on Newly Pressed Oak Veneered Panels
Steel platens can make a blue stain on Red Oak. Here's advice on prevention and cure. October 29, 2012

Cross-Band Veneering with Hide Glue
Hide glue veneering with a veneer hammer is tricky. Tip: apply the veneers one at a time to the substrate, and let dry between layers. December 15, 2005

Veneering a Raised Panel
Two quick tips for this tricky detail. June 28, 2006

Pressing Your Own Two-Ply Veneer
Advice on applying a strengthening backer to a thin or fragile sheet of veneer. January 29, 2009

Making Veneered Panels with Sawn Lumber Cores
Here's a quick description of how to lay up panels with a core of sawn lumber and a veneer face. June 30, 2014

Minimizing Glue Bleeding Through Veneer
Tips for keeping certain glue formulas from bleeding through veneer. June 8, 2011

Flattening Veneer
Advice on using a glycerin and water formula to soften veneer for flattening in a press. October 26, 2011

Rosewood Veneer over MDF
Prep and gluing tips for a stable panel. March 13, 2009

Veneering Steel Doors
Some people say applying veneer to a steel door is feasible, but it's tricky. June 11, 2014

Bag Presses
Source of supply for bag presses - 1998

Veneer Glue Thickness and Coverage
Quick tips on glue coverage and on measuring wet-mil thickness. July 28, 2006

Dryer Screen Marks on Sliced Veneer
Causes and cures for the "net-like" visual defect that sometimes appears on veneer. May 21, 2009

Problem with veneer over MDF
Veneer applied over MDF is splitting and cracking - what could be the cause? March 21, 2002

Balanced veneer application
Why veneering only one face of a panel product may cause problems. June 20, 2001

Veneer Cracking on Curved Doors
Advice on glue and substrate choices for preventing cracks in veneer applied to a curved flexible-plywood substrate. June 28, 2006

Veneering with contact cement
Is this kosher? October 30, 2002

- Veneer Seams and Taping
Specialized tapes aid in creating a tight, well-matched veneer seam. This step-by-step how-to from supplies tips and cautions for getting the best results when you seam veneer using tapes. July 11, 2005

Veneering Speaker Boxes
Wood veneer on an MDF box makes for a tricky veneering problem. May 13, 2005

MDF and Wood Veneer
Cabinetmaker using veneer over MDF wonders about balancing the veneer and using a "crossband" layer. He gets detailed advice from a full-time veneering professional. June 28, 2005

Color and Shade Issues in Book-Matched Veneer
Sawing can create a "light side" and a "dark side" on veneer pieces, leading to visual appearance issues in bookmatched veneer layups. Here are some explanations of the issue and some suggested solutions. July 26, 2005

Avoiding veneer buckling
Detailed instructions on applying veneer with contact adhesive in a way that prevents future buckling. June 20, 2001

Webbing type adhesives and veneer
Ar canister spary systems appropriate for use with sheet veneer? September 25, 2002

Removing bubbles in applied veneer
Step-by-step instructions for getting rid of bubbles in oak veneer. June 20, 2001

Sanding Highly Figured Veneer
Techniques to keep the figure from diminishing during sanding. April 14, 2005

Dealing With Pinholes, Cracks, Voids , & Bark Patches In Veneer
Tips &techniques for reparing veneer June 23, 2005

Jointing veneer with tablesaw
Various techniques for jointing veneer. August 29, 2001

Veneering Rounded Corners
Methods for smooth application. February 28, 2004

Veneer storage and rejuvenation
Is an overly dry, low-humidity shop a concern when storing veneer? October 15, 2001

Avoiding tear-in when trimming edges
How to prevent splintering when trimming veneered edges with a router. June 20, 2001

Troubleshooting Expanding Veneer
What makes veneer expand overnight after application? Pros suggest possible causes and remedies. May 13, 2005

Slicing Veneer
Advice on patterns, tools and techniques for cutting triangle-shaped veneer pieces for a "sunburst" table top. October 30, 2005

Adhesives Bleeding Through Wood Veneer
A few simple steps will prevent this veneering problem. July 2, 2005

Crossbanding concerns in veneer work
A description of crossbanding, and advice on veneering over a plywood substrate. June 20, 2001

Glue sizing veneer
Reasons for using veneer sizing. October 15, 2001

Using Foam Board as a Veneering Form Material
Sources of information on using cut and layered sheets of rigid sheet foam to make curved forms for veneer lay-ups. May 13, 2005

Veneering a Tight Radius
Tips and techniques for applying wood veneer to a four-inch radius column. October 30, 2005

Veneer softener
Details on the use of GF-20 veneer softener. June 20, 2001

Flattening solution for crotch veneers
A recipe. June 20, 2001

Veneering Marquetry with Hide Glue
Advise on gluing up a complex marquetry panel with hide glue. June 11, 2014

Tips on Vacuum-Press Veneering
Entry-level advice on vacuum bag veneering techniques, and leads to more info. July 21, 2006

Crotch Veneer Glue-Ups for Cabinetry
Detailed advice on using crotch veneer to make panels for cabinet construction. July 14, 2010

Veneering an Oval Table Apron
Advice on the range of practicable methods for applying veneer to a curved apron. June 18, 2013

Removing Veneer Tape from Marquetry
It's easy the glue in the tape is water-soluble. September 27, 2008

Compound Curved Veneered Panels
Theoretically, it's impossible (or "impractical") but hey, we can dream. January 20, 2010

Vacuum Veneered Drawer Faces
Vacuum laminating is ideally suited for creating curved surfaces. May 23, 2006

Adhesives and Methods for Very Thin Glue-Ups
This discussion of how to glue up wide boards and re-saw them to 1/8 thickness includes some technical info and insight into glue types and the nature of glue bonds in wood joints. February 4, 2011

Table Leg Attachment and Veneer Details
This thread offers good analysis of table structure, veneering techniques for complex shapes, and the business problem of trying to compete with cheap manufactured goods as a custom furnituremaker. October 1, 2010

Troubleshooting Shrinkage Cracks in a Veneer Tabletop
Water-based glue may have caused expansion, then shrinkage, leading to gaps between the veneer pieces. June 10, 2006

Troubleshooting Rough Veneer on Furniture
An extended discussion of the adhesive, veneering or finish issues that could create roughness on veneered pieces after some time in service. June 11, 2014

Vacuum-Pressing with a Curved Mold
Vacuum-press inventor and expert Ted Hunter presents this step-by-step illustrated tutorial on making and using a curved mold with a vacuum press. July 16, 2006

Applying Paper-Backed Veneer
A question about the best adhesive to use for paper-backed veneer over plywood leads to an extended discussion comparing professional methods to inexpensive and less-durable DIY options. March 18, 2006

Veneering MDO for Stair Treads
A question about whether MDO could be stable if veneered on only one side, continues on into a deeper debate about the suitability of veneered material for stair treads. July 29, 2012

Fabricating Curved Side Panels for a Custom Desk
Furnituremakers brainstorm about how to make custom curved veneered side panels for a desk. February 15, 2009

Troubleshooting Finish Cracking over Veneer
Trying to determine the cause of finish defects over veneer is the the core material, the adhesive, the veneer, or the finish? March 28, 2012

Balancing Issues when Veneering a Hollow-Core MDF Table
A table project involving MDF surfaces applied to a hollow torsion box and veneered raises complex questions about how to balance the assembly. October 19, 2013

Curling Problem with Peel-and-Stick Veneer
Pros suggest solutions to a problem with veneer that curls as it dries after finish is applied. August 14, 2007

Contact Cement and Bubbles Under Veneer
A report of veneer delaminating from architectural columns leads to a long string of cautions about using contact cement to apply veneer, along with advice about superior methods. March 4, 2007

Repairing veneer sand-through
Short of firing the employee, what's the best fix for recurring sand-through in veneer edges? November 15, 2000

Epoxy Bond Failure Between MDF and Paper-Backed Veneer
What could be causing birch veneer to delaminate from MDF when applied with epoxy? November 15, 2010

Quality Control for Veneered MDF Panels with Solid Wood Edgebanding
Here's a complicated discussion about whether veneered MDF panels require multiple plies of veneer, and whether or not they must be laid up oversized and then trimmed to fit. October 15, 2012

MDF and fine furniture -- a contradiction in terms?
Do the two go together, or is MDF inherently lower in quality? March 4, 2002

Troubleshooting Adhesive Failure in Laminate over Luaun
Adhesive properties or jobsite technique might explain the bubbling separation between post-formed laminate and the wood panel substrate. July 16, 2012

Veener over Drywall
Installers puzzle over how to veneer a gypsum-board wall. September 24, 2009

Ebony Edgbanding Alternatives
A furniture maker gets ideas for finding ebony edgebanding material, or an acceptable substitute. December 15, 2005

Quality and Cost for Veneered Cabinet Faces
The cost of veneered panels varies depending on the required appearance and the level of craftsmanship. May 31, 2014

Veneering Table Legs
A furnituremaker gets advice on applying veneer to glued-up table legs. March 26, 2013

Refacing a Rounded Face Frame
Tips for how to reface cabinets with round corners, and some general comments on the cabinet-refacing market. February 28, 2006

Large Veneered Conference Table Top
A discussion of how to lay up veneered components and assemble them for a large conference table. March 13, 2009

Veneering a Half Cone
A woodworker gets help with the problem of constructing and applying veneer to a architectural cone shape. February 12, 2010

Why Is Finish Curling Alder Veneer?
Finish applied to thin veneer may cause curling. July 29, 2007

Cutting Veneered MDF on a Bevel
Tips on blade selection and table-saw technique for clean cuts on veneered panels. November 28, 2006

Veneering a Bay Window in Place
Advice on applying veneer to architectural window trim on site. August 22, 2014

Glue Catalyst Bleed-Through on Veneer
Undissolved adhesive catalyst can bleed through and discolor veneer with unsightly spots long after finishing. November 15, 2010

Troubleshooting Bowing in Engineered Flooring Layups
Veneer balancing issues, as well as glue characteristics, could explain why laminated engineered wood flooring panels are curling badly. December 29, 2008

Staining Furniture with Inlays
Here are some suggested ways to selectively stain pieces with narrow inlay strips. June 28, 2006

Edgebanding with Veneer
A cabinetmaker gets advice on applying quartersawn cherry veneer as edgebanding. January 26, 2008

Veneering a Curved Cabinet in Place
Advice on a very tricky veneering problem: applying veneer to a half-completed cabinet with a curved face, on site. August 23, 2006

Veneered Panels: Buy Or Make?
If you're a cabinetmaker, veneering your own panels is a last resort, not a way to save money or simplify your life. June 11, 2014

Shop-Made Veneer Bag Platens
Woodworkers show and tell about their shop-built veneering press solutions. November 14, 2009

Veneering a Large Pie-Cut Table Top
Veneering this tabletop brings up a lot of tricky issues. September 6, 2010

Veneering Methods for a Torsion-Box Table Top
When you build a torsion box with veneered sheets of MDF over a central core, do you have to balance the veneer on each sheet of MDF? May 4, 2011

Stave Core Veneer Door Layup
A discussion of vacuum-bag veneering and other construction tips for veneered stave-core doors. July 13, 2010

Veneering to a Bending Ply Substrate
Advice on adhesive choice, layup methods, and clamping techniques for a large curved veneer assembly. September 29, 2014

Contact Cement Failure with Veneer after Finishing
Is the problem caused by the finish, the solvent carrier, the adhesive, or what? September 25, 2014

Veneering Stair Stringers in Place
Advise on adhering paper-backed veneer to curved stair stringers as a retrofit on site. April 24, 2009

Cutting Veneer Wedges for a Round Table Top
Here's detailed advice on how to template, cut, join and trim the pie slices for a round veneered table top. June 28, 2010

Veneer buckling
Preventing veneer from expanding and buckling through proper gluing and application methods. November 7, 2000

Troubleshooting Veneer Failure on MDF
Contact cement is the culprit in a veneer bubbling incident. Rx: re-do with the right glue. April 21, 2008

Lightness Variation in Bookmatched Veneer Panels
Because of grain differences, the way bookmatched sawn veneers reflect light varies depending on their orientation. It's called "chatoyance" but what can you do about it? May 24, 2006

Repairing a Scratch in Old Veneer
If it's not a scratch but an indentation, then steaming would be wiser than sanding. February 21, 2013

Repairing a Veneering Defect
A void in the plywood veneer press caul caused a bubble in a trophy tabletop. But it all worked out in the end. March 28, 2012

Bonding Veneer to MDF
Advice on laminating "wood on wood" veneer to water-resistant medium density fiberboard. January 8, 2010

Spreading Glue for Laminate Panel Pressing
Advice about hand application of adhesives for fabricating laminated panels. June 5, 2007

Prefinishing Veneer: How Do You Keep it Flat?
Advice on securing veneer to a flat surface temporarily in order to keep it stable while a finish cures. January 25, 2013

Repairing Bubbled Veneer
Diagnosis and suggested fixes for a case of veneer bubbling up after finish is applied. June 28, 2013

Gluing Wood Veneer to Acrylic
Adhesive choices and methods for sticking veneer to plastic. August 5, 2006

Veneer Glue Options
Pros tell which glue types they like for vacuum-bag veneering work. July 28, 2006

Gluing Woven Veneer Layups
Advice on gluing up panels made by weaving strips of veneer and gluing it to a solid substrate. April 10, 2009

Gluing Veneer on Site
Pondering the problem of placing veneer on the inside of an existing TV cabinet. June 30, 2014

Removing Veneer from Backer
A cabinetmaker wants to pull the backer off of some backed veneer. Others provide advice. August 29, 2006

Glue Type and Veneer Movement
A complex veneer pattern may move noticeably in relation to its substrate more noticeably, if the adhesive is flexible. January 28, 2014

Gluing Macassar Ebony and Zebrawood Veneer
Questions about adhesive choices for veneering Ebony and Zebrawood onto Baltic Birch plywoodSeptember 6, 2010

Constructing a Foam or Plywood Bending Form
Basic info on building a solid form for gluing up curved laminations. February 14, 2010

Filling Torn Grain in Crotch Veneer
Advice on making an invisible repair to a torn veneer. May 18, 2010

Veneer Thickness for Laminating Curves
Advice on determining the fattest thickness of Oak veneer that can manage a 24-inch radius bend. August 18, 2009

Vacuum Pressing a Scroll Table
A furniture maker grapples with the problem of veneering a curved table shape. April 18, 2009

Glue Choices for Veneering a Boat
Whether to use epoxy or other adhesive for veneering on a boat transom which will get wet. April 24, 2009

Matching Veneer to Solid Wood Surroundings
Advice for applying veneer to MDF and finishing it to match the European steamed Beech already installed in the room. January 3, 2012

Weight Versus Vacuum for Veneering Pressure
A little rough math about how high a stack of MDF you would need to match one atmosphere's worth of vacuum. November 14, 2009

Repairing a sequenced MDF door
reverse the terminal warp of a sequenced MDF/cherry door. 1998.

Choosing Glues for Flexible Veneers
Different types of glues can be used, but each requires that the proper technique be followed - 1998

Fumed Larch Glue Adhesion Issues on Fire-Retardant MDF
It is the veneer, the adhesive, or the substrate? Probably the adhesive. January 3, 2012

Veneering a Hollow Column
A vacuum bag can be arranged to apply pressure to a cylinder from inside as well as outside. September 17, 2012

Veneering an Exterior Door
Can you use veneer on a solid-core slab door that's exposed to the outdoors? October 19, 2013

Veneering Drawer Faces for an Oval Chest
Advice on vacuum and form setup and adhesive choices for making an oval chest with curved drawer faces.November 16, 2011

Preparing and Applying Decorative Wood Veneers and Inlays to Substrates
A short but comprehensive introductory textbook on veneering from the Australian government. March 4, 2008

Veneering the Inside of a Drum
Instead of vacuum, use an inflatable tube to apply pressure. October 15, 2009

Making a Vacuum Bag Using a FoodSaver
Here's a tip: a "field expedient" method for fabricating a vacuum bag using a shower curtain and a FoodSaver bag sealer.July 15, 2012

CNC Vacuum for Veneer Bagging
A CNC vacuum has plenty of power to clamp glue-ups even on the side. January 3, 2012

Urea Resin Glue on Paper-Backed Veneer
Urea resin glue works well with paper-backed veneer (but scuff sand the paper first). October 19, 2013

Converting an Old Compressor to a Vacuum Pump
Advice on cobbling together a vacuum bag veneering press out of available equipment and materials. January 8, 2010

Veneer Substrate for Bathroom Vanity Doors and Drawers
Searching for a substrate that will hold hinges well and be tolerant of bathroom humidity. July 29, 2012

Vacuum application FAQ
All aspects of vacuum and how it is used by the woodworker. March 18, 2002

Wrapping a cone with laminate
How to determine the size, shape, and positioning of cone "skins." April 9, 2003

Glue Choices for Applying Veneers
Pros dig into the fine points of glue selection for veneering, compare the qualities of different adhesives, and discuss veneer application techniques. October 1, 2005

Bonding veneer to melamine
Bubbling veneer and contact cement. (Cabinetmaking Forum) May 1, 2003

Veneered columns with PVC substrates
The best procedures and products to get the job done right. June 20, 2001

Miterfolds for clean corner joints
A sweet technique for classy corners. November 21, 2003

Joint Tape "Shadows" -- at Veneer Seams
Why does the area from which tape was removed accept stain differently? March 14, 2004

Trimming real wood edgeband
Tricks for avoiding tears. April 17, 2002

Repairing Damaged Veneer
Pros troubleshoot a water-damaged veneer table top, and consider possible fixes. October 30, 2005

Making Your Own Vacuum Bag
Project too big for your vacuum bagger? Make your own bag with plastic sheeting. July 11, 2005

Veneering cylindrical pieces
Applying veneer to drums. (From WOODWEB's Veneer Forum) January 21, 2003

FSV adhesive
How this new glue is used. April 9, 2003

Softening/flattening burl veneers
Step-by-step instructions. July 22, 2003

Veneer pressing time
Necessary waiting period between hot-pressing and further processing of panels. November 18, 2002

Goat Skin Cabinets?
Yes, goat skin parchment is used to veneer cabinets. Here's how it works. May 13, 2005

Hide glue
Proper mix ratio and storage info. September 24, 2002

Glue Choice and Open Time for Veneer Glue-Up
Veneering sometimes calls for glue that can give the woodworker a little extra time. Here's a discussion of glue choice and veneer gluing technique. November 24, 2007

Wood Veneer on MDF: How Thick Is Too Thick?
Craftsmen report problems using thick wood veneer on an MDF substrate. June 9, 2007

Finish Causing Ripples in Veneer
Troubleshooting a bad interaction between finish formulas and veneer adhesives. May 18, 2009

Glues Interfering With Water-Borne Stain on Veneer
Advice on fixing a problem where glued veneer seams telegraph through water-borne stain finishes. June 9, 2007

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