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Advice on using a glycerin and water formula to soften veneer for flattening in a press. October 26, 2011

I have some splendid burl walnut veneer which is very twisted and uneven. As far as I know, GF-20 is not available here in France. Can anyone tell me if plain water and pressure would be sufficient to flatten the sheets?

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From contributor C:
I found this in some old notes. I have not tried this myself, but I believe my source is good.

“As an alternative to a commercial flattening solution, one can mix together:

Two parts white or yellow glue
Three parts water
One part pure glycerin (usually obtainable from a pharmacy)
One part denatured alcohol

Use a glycerin and water solution. Start with 1/3 Gly and 2/3 water. That will keep your veneer pliant after you flatten it. Use a heated press to flatten/dry it if you can; for a small amount of veneer, you can clamp and press. If it is very dry and 'crispy'; let the solution set on the material until it is soft before pressing.