Making Time in Production Finishing
Finishers talk about how to organize an efficient, high-volume cabinet finishing operation. May 15, 2008

Whether to Paint Cabinets Before or After Assembly
A shop that mass-produces cabinetry looks for a way to speed up its finishing operation. December 23, 2014

Problems spraying conversion varnish
Troubleshooting cleanup and viscosity/load problems. September 2, 2002

Finishing mahogany
Producing the dark color expected of mahogany. February 12, 2003

"Shading" and "toning" defined
How different finishers use these terms. February 12, 2003

Dangers of On-Site Finishing
Health and fire risks that accompany improper ventilation. September 20, 2004

No-blotch dying
Methods to achieve uniform finishes. March 5, 2003

Test results: Waterborne products
Comparison and testing of several different waterborne products

Wrinkles in Lacquer
Recoat window? Catalyzation? What could be causing this defect? December 9, 2004

- Spraying Dye Stains Smoothly
Achieving an even, streak-free finish. June 4, 2004

Spraying ICA stains
Looking for better results with spray/no-wipe stains. November 18, 2002

Stain and Finish Recommendations
Pros share comments and images about their favorite products. February 8, 2005

Spraying a Washcoat
Achieving a smooth, consistent application. August 26, 2004

Color matching standards
Are they even possible? May 1, 2003

Touching up conversion varnish
Problems related to conversion varnish touchup. (From WOODWEB's Finishing Forum) January 21, 2003

Solving Lifting in Catalyzed Lacquer
Finishers address the persistent problem, experienced by one of their own, with wrinkling and lifting in catlac. February 8, 2005

Troubleshooting Spots in a Wiping Stain and Pre-Cat Finish
This defect could be caused by interaction between the oil stain and the waterborne top coat; or, something might have penetrated through cracks in the top coat. October 26, 2012

Reducing finish overspray
Methods, additives and equipment for minimizing this problem. October 30, 2002

Finishing Big Batches of Cabinet Doors
A finisher gets advice on finish schedules, color consistency, and efficiency for a high-volume job. June 18, 2009

Spraying Doors in Vertical Hanging Racks
A well-arranged rack system can speed up production dramatically. March 3, 2010

Waterborne lacquers
How quality measures up against other finishes. December 26, 2002

Color Burnthrough Sample
Finishers share images of burnthrough effects created during the finishing process. February 8, 2005

Contaminants in High-Gloss Finish
Is dust causing the flaws in this otherwise mirror-shine finish? August 26, 2004

Curing Stations, Drying Time, and Workflow
A small ultraviolet or infrared curing station might speed up a small finish line's production. Here, finishers talk about equipment, formulas, drying times, and efficiency. May 17, 2005

Using Waterborne Finishes
How do waterborne finishes measure up, in practical use? September 9, 2004

Filling Depressions Exposed by Topcoats
Sprayers share tips for achieving a flat, filled, fine finish. January 25, 2005

Praise for HVLP
Has HVLP outgrown a bad reputation? Here's why some swear by it. (Finishing Forum) May 19, 2003

Deodorant Fisheyes
Finish flaws caused by personal care products. December 9, 2004

Eliminating Scratches in Glaze
Stubborn sanding scratches appear when a piece has been glazed... can this be avoided?January 6, 2005

Spraying Pigmented Lacquer
Details on cure time and finishing racks. January 15, 2004

Wrinkling Conversion Varnish
Why is CV wrinkling with dark colored stains? June 21, 2004

Opaque lacquer finish
Concerns about the substrate used and avoiding orangle peel are addressed. March 4, 2002

Filling grain
Basic methods for filling grain and finishing. April 9, 2003

Switching to pre-cat or CV
Properties of these finishes and their applications. December 26, 2002

Using finish after its potlife
What are the consequences, and how can potlife be extended? July 24, 2002

Setting up new finishing department
Forum participants chime in on their favorite types of finishing systems, and approaches to establishing a finishing department. April 21, 2000

Gel Stains in a Production Setting
Can gel stains be practical in a high-volume finishing shop? Opinions vary. October 26, 2007

Refinishing an Old Veneer Table
Some interesting points made about veneer, table construction, and stripping and finishing in this discussion. October 26, 2012

Rubbing Out Conversion Varnish
Can the same method be used as for pre-cat lacquers? January 29, 2004

Conversion varnish vs. lacquer
The pros and cons of each, including comparison of durability and repair. October 30, 2002

Color "Burnthrough"
Ideas for getting a sanded-through look to enhance the sense that a new piece is anything but. January 25, 2005

Kremlin Airmix Air and Fluid Pressure Settings
Everything you need to know to dial that equipment in. August 9, 2005

Sanding Equipment for a Finishing Shop
A high-quality wide-belt sander can consistently thickness-sand MDF parts, and also sand primer coats, efficiently in a production environment. July 3, 2008

Both Sides, Now
Ideas for jigs and fixtures that allow finishing and drying on both sides of the same panel. February 8, 2005

What's the best HVLP system?
Finishing forum participants chime in with their feelings about the best HVLP spray finishing systems. May 29, 2000

High-Volume Cabinet Finishing Efficiency
Finishers discuss production line set-ups, whether to assemble before or after finishing, and other aspects of cabinet finishing in a mass-production environment. October 28, 2005

Making Curly Maple "Pop"
Finishers share ideas for bringing out the best in this stressed wood. February 26, 2005

Rubbing Out Nitro Cell Lacquer
Is there a speedy way to polish a high-gloss finish? December 9, 2004

Resources for conversion varnish
Learning the fundamentals of finishing with CV. September 2, 2002

Dyes and Wash Coats
Conditioning "naturally blotchy" woods to accept stains and dye uniformly. February 26, 2005

Rack for finishing doors
Designing a rack for finishing interior doors as efficiently as possible. November 7, 2001

Spray room set-up and operation
Hot to get lighting and exhaust details right, eliminating safety risks in spray-finishing operations. February 13, 2001

HVLP + compressor vs. HVLP + turbine
Participants offer their preferences between compressor- and turbine-driven HVLP spray finishing systems. March 13, 2000

Electrostatics and Finishing
The role electrostatics play when used in a finishing environment

Post-cat lacquer vs. conversion varnish
What is the difference between these two finishes? July 24, 2002

Basic glazing technique
Pictures and descriptions of glazing methods. September 23, 2003

Retarder to correct overspray?
A discussion of the usefulness of lacquer retarder in minimizing overspray on cabinet interiors. August 10, 2000

Hanging Finish Lines Versus Horizontal Flow Coaters
A volume shop considers options for a production finishing line. March 26, 2009

Finish Sanding Hand-Planed Boards -- Without Losing the Look
A woodworker wonders how to efficiently smooth a surface enough to take finish, without ruining the hand-planed texture. February 8, 2005

Open Face Booth
Pros and cons. February 26, 2005

External Crosslinkers, Explained
Finishing Chemistry 301 is now in session. February 26, 2005

Conversion varnish crackle finish
How small-scale finishers can achieve big-manufacturer results. May 22, 2002

Preventing lacquer overspray
Tops on preventing overspray when applying lacquer topcoats. August 23, 2000

Finishing routed MDF doors
Dealing with sealing and finishing routed Medium Density Fiberboard doors. April 11, 2000

Dye concentrate
Dye stain basics. October 16, 2003

Need feedback on a spray system
Wood finishers discuss their favored spray finishing systems. April 18, 2000

Buying a new spray system
A discussion of preferred spray finishing systems. March 29, 2000

Maple Toners and Finishing
Techniques and options. February 26, 2005

Dripping HVLP gun
Troubleshooting a dripping spray gun. March 29, 2000

Spray booth filters
Assessing the effectiveness of spray booth filters and spray fume removal systems. August 23, 2000

How to price contract finishing
How to determine a baseline cost for a long-term finishing contract. January 24, 2001

Finishing Wood Window Blinds
curing a wavy finish in a flat line finishing system - March 17, 2000

Kremlin pumps
Forum visitors give their views of Kremlin pumps for spray finishing. March 24, 2000

Electrostatic finishing of wood products
An overview of the uses of electrostatic spray technology in the wood industry. 1998.

Finishing MDF Doors
Urethane-based paint versus pigmented lacquer for paint-grade doors. August 9, 2004

UV-cured finishes
A look at UV-cured finishes over water-based stains. 1998.

Color Standards When Finishing
Use a color standard or guide panel to acheive consistent results

When to Apply Glaze
Finishers share their procedures. February 26, 2005

Polyester primer primer
Some primary information on primer of the polyester persuasion. April 4, 2000

High-gloss finish on MDF
Advice on producing a high-gloss finish on Medium Density Fiberboard. March 20, 2000

Basic glazing
Glazing steps for the novice. April 9, 2003

Fumes escaping from lacquer drums
Options for sealing 55-gallon drums of lacquer to prevent fumes from escaping. 1998.

Sanding and sealing MDF
Steps for sealing exposed core areas of medium-density fiberboard. 1998.

Precatalyzed vs. catalyzed lacquer
The technical differences between these two types of lacquers. July 18, 2000

Heat-drying conversion varnish
Conversion varnish requires a warm environment for timely drying. April 8, 2000

Urethanes for Deep Color
Using urethanes to achieve a deep, colored finish in a production environment - March 17, 2000

Antiqued Look for Cabinets
Developing a finish schedule for distressed cabinets. December 26, 2004

Air bubbles in conversion varnish
Why are they appearing when finish is sprayed on with an airmix pump? March 23, 2002

Automatic Flat-Line Finishing Systems
Is an automatic flat-line reciprocating high-volume spraying setup practical? February 23, 2008

Air-assisted airless: What is it?
A primer on air-assisted airless finishing and how it works. August 10, 2000

Antique Finish for Natural Pine
Finishers share ideas for creating this effect. February 26, 2005

Finding Good Finishing Help
Tactics for attracting finishers, perhaps the industry's most difficult "get." December 26, 2004

Set-ups for spraying cabinet doors
Methods for clean and efficient finishing. Includes photos.. October 9, 2002

Finish room heating
Safe systems for keeping you, your finishes and your spray equipment cozy. November 22, 2003

Spray Shop Layout
Setting up an efficient spray-finishing area in an expanded shop. December 26, 2004

Drying racks for cabinet doors
Purchased and shop built varieties - the designs that work the best. Illustrated. (Finishing Forum) March 23, 2003

Square-Foot Pricing for Volume Work
When a potential customer suggests a low-ball price for a volume job, finishers chime in with information about the realistic costs of such a project. May 27, 2014

CV and formaldehyde fumes
The wrong respirator can lead to serious health problems. July 22, 2003

Safe sprayroom setup
Advice on everything from finish type to disposal of hazardous materials. December 17, 2003

Finished Outside But Not Inside
How to handle things when specs call for finished face frames but unfinished interiors. February 8, 2005

Teak Finish on Kitchen Cabinets
Teak may be naturally water resistant, but in a kitchen environment, even this tough lumber needs some help. February 26, 2005

Exhaust Fan Size for Spray Booth
How much ventilation is needed? August 17, 2004

Finishing Custom Staircase
Tips, tricks, and rituals. February 26, 2005

Explosion proof lighting
What type of lights should be used in your spray booth? May 19, 2003

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