Buying a new spray system

A discussion of preferred spray finishing systems. March 29, 2000

I am in the process of purchasing a new spray system, and am undecided between a remote pressure pot and cup (assuming less weight and easier access in tight areas). I'm also concerned about the additional clean up of hoses with pressure pot setup.

I am not a production shop, only construct cabinetry and custom furniture for my remodeling customers (for now). I'm also torn between the Asturo and DeVilbiss gun, and wonder if my shop compressor may be slighty undersized; 5hp, 60 gallon, single stage, 11.5cfm @ 40psi.

Go with the pressure pot setup or a pump to supply the fluid. If you get a pump, go with Kremlin.

For guns, I prefer the DeVilbiss JGHV 531.

I prefer the Asturo guns. They are much more efficient than most (if not all) other conversion guns, without sacrificing quality of spray or speed. Plus, they are the next best thing to using the Kremlin Airmix air-assisted airless.

A typical Asturo gun needs only 5 to 6 cfm at around maybe 20 psi.

I have been looking into the pressure pot system from C.A. Technologies. It has a lot of very impressive features, you can get it with an HVLP gun, and it has the look and feel of a quality piece of equipment, but I have yet to try it out. Goes for about $650 in my area.

You would be surprised how easy a pressure pot is to maintain. Relieve the pressure on the pot, blow the material back into the tank, dump the unused material into a container, flush pot with solvent.

In a two-gallon pot, a half gallon of solvent is about all you need to clean the pot, and you can reuse the the cleaning solvent if you clean it properly every time. Be sure to clean after each day's work, or upon changing the materials being sprayed.

I don't know anything about Asturo guns, but have always been a big DeVilbiss fan. Where I work at we just purchased four of the C.A. Technologies HVLP spray guns for my NGR/toner stain booth and they are working great so far. For the price, you may want to look into them. The saying you get what you pay for doesn't apply with these guns; they're better than that.

The C.A. Tech pressure pot has a removable liner and a one-gallon can will fit right in the pot also. There is also an air valve right on the pot so you can turn off the air and open the pot without disconnecting every thing. It's just a real nicely engineered piece of equipment.