WOODPRO - Species Selection Made Easy
A free complete working computer program (that can be downloaded at WOODWEB), allowing woodworkers to select the most suitable wood species for any particular application - 1997

Steam-Bending Kiln-Dried Purpleheart
Purpleheart is one of the most difficult woods to bend, especially after it's kiln-dried. But here are some useful tips on how to best do it. September 10, 2007

Steam Bending Tight Turns
For very short radius bends, you'll have to laminate strips. For more gentle curves, here are a few technical tips. August 30, 2005

Steam Source for a Wood-Bending Setup
Woodworkers discuss the steam supply for a shop-built wood-bending rig. March 28, 2015

Tips for Steam Bending
Advice on a steam-bending setup, and leads for more information. December 8, 2006

Steam-Bending Base Moulding
Is it practical to bend base moulding around a curved island? February 15, 2009

Steam Bending Tips
Expert info on grain, sawing, moisture content, and finishing concerns for steam bending wood. October 2, 2005

Steam Bending Tips and Tricks
More advice on steam bending wood. October 2, 2005

Veneering Rounded Corners
Methods for smooth application. February 28, 2004

Steam Bending after Gluing?
Gluing boards before bending is not practical, for various reasons. October 13, 2010

Steam-Bending and Laminating
Steam-bending before laminating is a way to reduce or eliminate springback when using thicker strips of wood. November 28, 2006

Rx For Bending Wood
Dr. Gene Wengert offers advice on bending solid lumber in production applications. 1998.

Fabric Softener for Steam Bending
Fact or legend? Rumor has it that fabric softener makes steam-bending easier. October 26, 2007

Building and Using Your Own Steam-Bending Rig
Turkey fryers and pressure cookers, PVC pipes and plywood boxes woodworkers show their inventive side in this thread about steam-bending apparati. January 27, 2008

Bending Mahogany Trim
A furniture-maker gets tips on making tight curves with Magohany. October 2, 2005

Bending Hickory for a Walking Cane
Thoughts on bending thick wood dowels into cane shapes. October 2, 2010

Bending Dowels Permanently
Creating a lasting bend in a wood member requires steam heat. March 26, 2013

Bending gun stocks
Advice on bending lumber in general and gun stocks in particular.1998.

Tapering Bow Laminations
Thoughts on how to make tapered laminations for glued-up archery bows, using either simple or advanced equipment. December 28, 2006

Troubleshooting Glue Joint Performance with Steamed and Bent Wood Glue-Ups
Lots of advice on the fine points of achieving solid glue joints when laminating steamed and bent wood. October 30, 2010

Wrapping a cone with laminate
How to determine the size, shape, and positioning of cone "skins." April 9, 2003

Steam Box Construction Ideas
Here's a handful of ideas for building a simple steam box for steaming and bending wood. December 9, 2010

Straightening Thin Dowels
A woodworker struggles with a crooked dowel problem in a mass production setting. October 1, 2010

How much time to allow based on thickness and proposed radius of wood. September 23, 2003

Steam bending and lamination
Switching from glulam to steam bending of curved furniture parts. July 22, 2003

Straightening Cupped Slabs of Pine
Detailed information and advice on removing cup from wide boards. April 30, 2009

Steam Bending Leopardwood and Lacewood
An informative thread on steam bending versus lamination of curved pieces, and on the different properties of Leopardwood and Lacewood. April 4, 2011

Steam Bending Alder
Pondering whether to steam-bend alder for a curved shutter frame, a woodworker hears that other woods, or other methods, may meet his needs better. April 21, 2011

Steam-Bending Hardwood Veneer Strips
A description of the hot-pipe method for bending 1/16-inch veneer strips. February 3, 2011

Steam Bending Larger Boards
Advice on steam-bending 2x4 stock for a curved roof structure. October 19, 2013

Storing Maple in Partially Dried Condition
A woodworker gets advice on the feasibility of maintaining wood at 25% moisture content for use in drying operations. January 8, 2010

- Spreadsheet Calculation Program -- for Curves, Angles, Compound Miters and Springback
Free downloadable program(s) in both Excel and MS Works, including illustrations that support the formulas.. August 6, 2002

Steam-Bending a Pre-Turned Part
Bending wood that has already been turned is difficult, if not impossible. August 6, 2010

Steam Bending Bloodwood
Bloodwood is a tough wood to bend. Bent laminations might be a more practical method. January 20, 2011

Veneer Thickness for Laminating Curves
Advice on determining the fattest thickness of Oak veneer that can manage a 24-inch radius bend. August 18, 2009

Quartersawing for Bows
Whether for archery, a chuck wagon, or a fiddle, bow-making starts with quarter-sawing. October 14, 2006

Steam-Bending Plywood ...
... does not work. May 15, 2011

Radius Cabinet Job - Project Review
October 27, 2003

Optimal Joint Method for Making Curved Beams
Woodworkers discuss the best way to fabricate a curved beam, and learn about an interesting historic example of curved laminated timber barn construction. October 19, 2013

Radius countertop edge
Making a radiused wood edge without resorting to segments. January 3, 2003

Lamination and Springback
A chair back curvature problem leads to a discussion about predicting and minimizing springback in bent wood laminations. December 6, 2009

Osage Orange Uses
Osage Orange is prized for traditional bow-making and other valued uses. April 18, 2009

Laminating Teak Strips
Advice on adhesive choice, wood prep, and springback when laying up curved laminated members from Teak strips. November 3, 2010

Ironing Plywood
A cabinetmaker has success straightening out bowed plywood with a hot iron. December 28, 2005

Radius of an arc
Formulas for determining the radius of an arc, or "eyebrow"

Bending Stair Rail in Three Dimensions
Experienced stair rail professionals weigh in on a deep and complex subject multi-dimensional wood bending in this long, detailed thread. February 25, 2009

Compound Curves: Circle Applied to a Cylinder
Problem: Create a curved molding shaped like a Frisbee wrapped around a drum. May 23, 2011

Bending and Laminating Ipe for Outdoor Use
Woodworkers share experience and advice about bending and gluing Ipe. February 25, 2009

Curved cabinet doors
What's the most efficient way to build radius frame-and-panel doors in-house? May 15, 2002

Bending Pressure-Treated Wood
Detailed, authoritative information on the ins and outs of bending pressure-treated wood for curved outdoor decks or garden structures. May 23, 2007

Bending 3/16 Solid Wood
Methods for bending wood to fit an arch. October 5, 2004

Curved Staircase and Rail Discussion
The Furniture-Making Forum takes on an architectural question: bending and laminating wood for curved stair projects. July 25, 2005

Bending Douglas Fir Dry
After asking for advice, a woodworker successfully laminates a curved 5-inch by 7-inch beam on a tight radius by laying up and bending 3/4-inch-thick plies. October 17, 2012

Bending Large Pieces
Experienced hands offer tips on bending a thick piece of cherry for a curved rail. June 12, 2005

Bent Lamination Springback
Advice on limiting springback in a laminated piece with a fairly gentle bend. July 13, 2010

Bending Wood: Steam or Heat?
In steam bending, is it the moisture or the heat that makes the wood bendable? The doctor explains, it's both. October 17, 2012

Bending wood -- options
Products and methods for bending wood. March 23, 2002

Building a steamer
Homemade steamers for bending wood in your shop. January 21, 2002

Constructing a Round Table Apron
Advice on bending wood in a circle for a round table apron. September 27, 2008

Building a Curved Form - for Inside the Bag
Illustrated advice on constructing lamination forms for use in vacuum pressing. June 24, 2002

Crown moulding on a radius
Upside down, backwards, and bent; lots of ideas for making crown flow sexily around an inside curve.

Curved Work - with Form Outside the Bag
Creating vacuum-pressed curved parts with the clamping form outside the vacuum bag. March 10, 2002

Creating a Heavy Laminated Furniture Frame
A furniture maker gets tips on wood bending and lamination for a four-by-four curved hammock-chair frame. May 23, 2007

Antique Lumber: Steam Bend or Laminate?
Upon consideration, a furnituremaker decides to laminate a curved table apron rather than try to steam and bend historic old wood. October 17, 2012

Bending and Laminating Cherry
Quartersawn wood will behave a little better than flatsawn for making a laminated bent piece, but it's not a critical issue. April 21, 2008

Constructing a Foam or Plywood Bending Form
Basic info on building a solid form for gluing up curved laminations. February 14, 2010

Calculating Springback
Simple formula for determining amount of springback in bent solid wood. April 18, 2004

Avoiding Iron Stain when Steam-Bending Red Oak
Oak and other high-tannin woods react with water and iron to create black staining. Here's how to prevent it. December 8, 2006

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