Steam-Bending and Laminating

Steam-bending before laminating is a way to reduce or eliminate springback when using thicker strips of wood. November 28, 2006

After I steam bend some exotic woods, to a limited degree, I need the wood to hold that form and not revert to its former shape. I can laminate two or more pieces of wood and glue them up. What kind of glue is best used in this application?

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From contributor L:
A glue with less creep is best for laminating.

From contributor B:
If you steam bend your material prior to glue-up, most any glue should do the trick. Steam bending will take enough springback out of your strips so that there will be minimal springback strength when the pre-bent strips are glued together. We often do this with strips up to 3/4" thick. We even have a name to describe it to our customers... steam laminating. Springback in laminated glue-ups is a result of trying to bend straight sticks into a curved shape. If you start with curved sticks, there is no significant springback force. This is a way to make curved items with thicker material when 1/8" to 1/4" strips will not create the appearance required.