Kremlin pumps

Forum visitors give their views of Kremlin pumps for spray finishing. March 24, 2000

We use air-assisted airless pumps, Binks and Wagner, for finishing kitchen cabinets. I'm looking into Kremlin, but don't have any experience with them. Any thoughts?

I have three of these pumps and am in the process of buying my fourth.

These are easy to use and are great for quick changeovers without a lot of wasted cleaning solvent. I use five-gallon pail mounts because of the amount of changes we do each day. I have found nothing this equipment will not spray, and we spray it all! I think these are the perfect solution for most anyone's spraying needs.

For the last thirty days we have been using a Kremlin pump and air assisted airless gun for wood finishing. We spray vinyl sealer and conversion varnish.

My spray tech says it's great and it saves material. I like that. It is a little pricey, but the return is greater in a short time frame. The spraying is good, matte flows out good too. We have been using a Graco air assisted airless on the sealer and a pressure pot for the conversion varnish, with an Accuspray gun.

Both of these worked well but the Kremlin is working better. I don't have any long-term experience, but from what I hear any repairs on the pump are quite easy because the pump is broken down into sections. You replace a whole section instead of individual parts.

I think we are going to purchase one or two systems. The Graco pump has to be rebuilt too often. So I think Kremlin is the tool.

A salesman came into our shop about ten years ago selling Kremlin spray equipment. I told him that the price was too high, and he made me an offer: try it for two weeks. He said he would come back and pick it up, or a check.

Two weeks later I wrote him a check for $1,500, and we're still using Kremlin equipment.

The original pump still works fine, although we have upgraded the spray guns.