Need feedback on a spray system

Wood finishers discuss their favored spray finishing systems. April 18, 2000

I need feedback on a spray system. I build custom furniture and I'm currently using a Graco/Croix turbine system with one cup. I'm fed up with the big hose and the cup, and I'm toying with the idea of a Kremlin Airmix system. I have also looked at the Graco HVLP gun/air compressor combination.

I spray catalyzed lacquer, solid and clear, and plan to change to waterborne in the near future.

Go with Kremlin. I have used a lot of equipment also, and just now I have tried the Kremlin for the last 45 days. Airmix is great and lightweight as mentioned. Pump seems to work well and is small compared to others. We use ML Campbell's conversion varnish and vinyl sealer, and the Kremlin sprays both real well. We have decided to purchase the system because of our pleasure with it during the trial time.

I don`t know of any other system available that can outperform the Kremlin Airmix, in transfer efficiency, air consumption or ease of use. I have reserved my pots and cup guns for spraying stains and detailed toning. Everything else runs thru the Kremlin.

I do recommend getting a couple of different-sized tips for fan and fluid outputs. If you need to go on the job with it you`ll only need a two HP compressor, it will run it all day.

Maintenance-wise, the most important thing is to keep the tip clean and flush the system thoroughly.

Yes, I will say it too, Kremlin has a very nice gun but I think the pumps are overpriced.

I just played with an Asturo gun and pump and I would have to say that it will give Kremlin a run for their money. The gun sprayed just as nice and the pump has chrome-plated stainless in the wetted parts, which will wear better than just stainless. Check it out; you have nothing to lose but paying about a grand more for the Kremlin. I'm not knocking the Kremlin but this gun and pump were very nice!
Bob Niemeyer, forum moderator

If you have the money to spend, Kremlin's air-assisted airless is a great pump. However, that's not the answer to everyone's equipment needs. Diaphram pumps are also available, and when combined with an HVLP gun they also do a great job for about half the price. I'd check out the Asturo line as well as Kremlin.

The Kremlin air-assisted airless 10 to 1 ratio is the way to go. You can run two guns off it if needed, but I only run one and it killed the Graco system we had, the 4900 which is their biggest, and the Kremlin puts out twice the volume.