Basic glazing

Glazing steps for the novice. April 9, 2003

Can anyone explain the procedure for glazing something? Can I use with waterbase poly?

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(From WOODWEB's Finishing Forum)
From contributor M:
To simplify glazing, you can wipe or brush the glaze on a coating, then wipe a little of the excess off, then brush across the wood, leaving some of the glaze color on the coating. In some cases, you may leave some of the lines from the brush bristles. In other cases, you keep brushing until there are no brush lines. It is fairly easy to do and with a little practice you can easily master it.

Glazing can be done on every coating. There are different types of glazes. Ask your supplier what you should use.

From the original questioner:
So the glazing goes on before my 3 coats of poly?

From contributor M:

Yes. There is another process called double glazing, where after you seal the first glaze, you apply and then brush out the second glaze, and then you add another coat. This adds more color and enriches the finish. You can also add some distressing markings and flyspecks before you apply your seal coats.