Spray booth filters

Assessing the effectiveness of spray booth filters and spray fume removal systems. August 23, 2000

We spray lacquer, dye stains, primers and paints in our booth. We are using styrene-type filters, 20 x 20, and have been getting some fumes coming back into the shop.

We are wondering if the filters could be one part of the problem. I'm wondering what other folks, who spray similar types of material, are using for filters. Does anyone have any opinions on this subject?

Check with Chemco Manufacturing in Chicago. Thay have a good line of filter materials, which we have been using, and other spray booth maintenance items.

Ask yourself these questions to analyze your situation:

1. How often are you changing these filters, and are they really filled when you do change them?

2. Do you notice that they are really filled when you smell the odor?If the filters are full, then the fan cannot get air through them, thus, you will smell the vapors.

3. Do you have supply air for the spray booth, or are you spraying in a closed building or room? If the latter is the case, you may be starving the fan of air to remove the vapors. This would allow you to smell more vapors than you should.

4. Was the fan sized properly for the booth from wherever you bought it, or is it something you might have assembled on your own? If the fan is not large enough for the size opening you have, it will not pull correctly.

I'm sure these sound very basic, and they are the basic things to consider when you are running a booth. Take a look at your situation and review it thoughoughly.

I would add that measuring the actual air-flow velocity, with both new and dirty filters, will tell you a lot.

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Comment from contributor T:
The above is true, but if it's an older/used booth it may be that the over-spray build-up in the stack and on the fan blades may need to be cleaned to achieve the proper air flow through the booth. Also, clogged up bird screens in the stack head may be the problem.