Bag Presses

Source of supply for bag presses - 1998

Q. I am starting a boat project that will require me to glue wood veneer to door blanks. Can you give me information on vacuum bag presses?

A. A vacuum bag press is definitely the way to go for this project. The addresses for two different sources follows:

Vacuum Pressing Systems
Darryl Kiel
553 River Road
Brunswick, ME 04011

Quality Vacuum Products
Ed Ferri
43 Bradford St.
Concord, MA

Both companies can supply you with the equipment needed for successful veneering.

I recommend using a urea resin in these systems. It provides an excellent bond with a high degree of heat and water resistance. This adhesive is available in both powder and liquid form. Generally, the powder is the way to go unless you are involved in a high production situation. Its long shelf life lends itself well to smaller operations.

Jeff Pitcher is Marketing Director for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, Ohio.