Rosewood Veneer over MDF

Prep and gluing tips for a stable panel. March 13, 2009

Iím looking for some advice veneering rosewood. I am gluing shop made veneer about 3/32 to 1/8 thick to a MDF sub. I will be veneering both sides and edges. Will this be too thick to prevent movement? Thanks for any advice.

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From contributor J:
If you laminate with proper adhesives ''wood assembly glues'' and balance both sides with the same thickness, even more edging around, movements should be no problems for you. Most movements arise when you have an unbalanced assembly.

From contributor E:
When gluing the veneer to the fiberboard make sure to put it on both the MDF and the veneer. I would also sand the MDF. With a 100 grit belt sander just hand do the edges. If you can use a about 1/4" chamfering bit set just bright on the bit on the edges to break them over with the wood router after the glue sets up. Double check your router - at least I always do.

From contributor B:
Another tip is to wash the rosewood with acetone to remove surface oils to get a better gluing surface.