Large Vacuum Bags for Veneering Large Curved Panels

You can make custom vacuum bags any size you may need. July 26, 2010

I have to make 6 - 6'0 x 10'0 curved panels (panels are curved lengthwise at 8'0 radius) with a pattern of maple and cherry veneers. Too large to vacuum, and base forms are already made. Veneers are bubbling in spots. We need any advice we can get. Time is of the essence.

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From contributor J:
How about 1/8" door skins (hardwood veneer plywood) applied with contact cement? I am assuming the grain runs with the width.

From the original questioner:
Here's some additional info on the panels - 10'0 edge is straight, 6'0 edge is curved. Grain runs in 6'0 direction. Substrate is 2 layers of 1/4" plywood with seams overlapping. If we were to try laying over 1/8" substrate, what do we do at the substrate seams? Is 1/8" hardboard (masonite) acceptable?

From contributor D:
First of all, get substrate large enough so you don't have seams - or make it if you have to. Use a vacuum bag and start the bend as you make the substrate. Secondly, yacht hulls are vacuum bagged, so a larger bag for these panels is easy to make or buy. Use Unibond 800 or similar, and do a few tests first if you are unfamiliar. Good vacuum and form, single face substrate, and proper glue take out the guesswork.

From contributor A:
You can make any size vacuum bag using mastic tape. I helped bag a 42' sailboat hull.

From contributor O:
There is no size for vacuum bags. Look up Aero-tech.They have bags and something called Tacky Tape by Schnee Morehead. I have built bags 15' x 45' and 26 x 26 x 26 square envelope bags. They should have everything you need.