Re-Gluing Veneer Bubbles

Tips on how to re-glue and re-clamp veneer that has bubbled up from adhesive failure. December 11, 2006

Veneer has various size bubbles appearing as if vapor/moisture is trapped beneath. Can a syringe with glue be used to inject into bubble and a laminate roller run over area to flatten. If so, what and where do you get these materials?

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From contributor F:
Im not sure you gave enough to go on but here are my thoughts. Did you do the veneer work in question your self? If so, what type of adhesive did you use? Glue can be injected in to a void. No, just rolling it with a "J" roller wont make it stick, it must be clamped.

From contributor M:
If you use a white glue or say Tightbond a hot iron will allow the veneer to re- adhere. Immediately after applying heat place weights on the area and allow to cool .

From contributor T:
I have never been able to get a syringe to work with glue. Glue is too thick, won't draw up. I cut the blister with a razor (along the grain lines), lift the edge with a toothpick (the round pointed ones like for pickles), and push in the glue with whatever. Wipe off the excess right away, place a piece of poly over it and clamp tightly between thick flat blocks or re-press somehow. Leave overnight. I use PL Premium polyurethane construction adhesive. It won't set up too fast and won't stick to the poly (as in vapor barrier). PL Premium comes in a caulking gun cartridge and can be injected into a lot of tricky spots. It also makes an excellent veneer adhesive with a vacuum press. Use an old dovetail saw blade to spread it out.

From contributor D:
One other little trick you can use is to take an air nozzle that you can turn down to a lighter pressure and gently blow the glue into the void. I have used this method with success. I agree that the syringe method is very hard to do as the glue is too thick to work well unless you water it down. As mentioned earlier if you make a small slice in the veneer with the grain and then slip some glue in with a flat piece of metal you can then use the air nozzle as mentioned above to coerce the glue all the way in to the void.