Using Foam Board as a Veneering Form Material

Sources of information on using cut and layered sheets of rigid sheet foam to make curved forms for veneer lay-ups. May 13, 2005

Has anyone seen or heard of using blue Styrofoam as a form for bent lamination? I saw a picture of it used somewhere... It seems like a great idea.

Forum Responses
From contributor L:
I believe that Darryl Keil shows that as a form material in his vacuum veneering videos at

From contributor J:
I have used white Styrofoam as a form for a skateboard and it worked well in a vacuum press.

From contributor T:
Have a look at what we have been doing using foam molds at Also look in the Ragged Edge site under Cool Decks, ocad. These students used foam for all their molds. You have to use water base contact cement to join the foam sheets if the mold is any thickness. A higher R rating on the insulating foam is best, as it is more dense.