Veneering an Exterior Door

Can you use veneer on a solid-core slab door that's exposed to the outdoors? October 19, 2013

(WOODWEB Member):
Has anyone used a veneer (typically for interior use) on an exterior slab door?

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From contributor D:
The simple answer is yes. However, solid core doors are not typically made with exterior rated glues, so that may be the weak link. If I were to veneer a solid core door, I would do so to both sides to keep it balanced, do it in a press - pressure or vacuum - and probably not warrant it. Exposure is critical.

From contributor W:
Waterproof glue and marine exterior finish. Hope door is not facing a lot of direct sunshine. I have used solid laminated core door blank with 3mm ply faces. Put a 10mm solid timber edge all round, thickness sand flush and then veneer both faces. Trim veneer back to solid edge. Seal all edges, as this is where moisture will enter core.

From contributor T:
I had one project for my home doors. I use moisture resistant MDF for the core. Moulding is made from tulipwood. Glue is phenol-formaldehyde type. Face and back veneer I use is okume 0.6mm. Right after hot pressed and #150-#250 drum belt sanded, I apply a coat of dye stain and a thick coat of high performance polyurethane topcoat. The door has no warp, no veneer checking, no fungus, no moving up to date.