Veneer as Edgebanding

Ways to make edgebanding out of veneer. March 26, 2009

We are doing a job with quartered plain-sliced Mozambique wood without trying to find a so-so edgebanding I like to see how I can use the face-veneer for the edges without dealing with edge tearing.

Some thoughts:

1. Is there a way to buy fleece-back in 4x8 and press it to stitched 4x8 veneer?
2. Could I glue two veneers together and cut strips?
3) Could I glue the veneer to paperback and cut strips?

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
I've glued to 1/8" solid strips, and also to phenolic backer material. Both work well but I prefer the solid wood backer.

From contributor C:
Our standard edge band is two (or three) plys of veneer hot pressed together and strip cut. It is stable, durable and looks great. Single ply is ok in secondary locations, but it is not a good choice for active areas on furniture.

From contributor Y:
I've also done them like contributor C. Glue three layers of veneer together, cut strips and apply. It makes a thick edgeband but it matches exactly.

From the original questioner:
The three ply idea I like the best. I tried paperback but the paper backing is separated in itself. We tried phenolic backing and urea resin does not stick to it. We learned that adding 30% white glue gives it enough bond and the glue line does not separate gluing up a 4x8 sheet. If you don't cut the full sheet up right away the sheet curls up into a 6" radius.