Veneer Saws for Left-Handers

A left-hander learns a little bit about veneer saws. February 1, 2015

Has anyone ever seen for sale a "left hand" veneer saw? I am left handed and can't seem to find anyone who carries one. I have a good one that is right handed, but that makes it awkward to use due to the angle of the head. I bought a cheap one and bent it but that doesn't work so well either. If I can't find one I will have to make one, but that would be my last choice.

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From contributor T:
I know the off-set handle veneer saw seems ubiquitous, but Japanese models are straight-handled with the blade mounted forward of the handle. Traditional French arrangement is handle above the blade. These are non-handed. Unfortunately I see no reason you can't cut "right-handed". We right-handers have to perform many operations "left-handed".

From the original questioner:
It is the offset in the handle which causes the problem as the angle is opposite to what it should be. I guess if it is not available I may have to look into the other styles you spoke about or try doing it right handed. I am just not that coordinated with my right hand, but maybe with enough practice.

From contributor C:
You can buy the French version veneer saw that works from both directions. They are available in a few places but you might need to search a bit to find one locally. Arno is one manufacturer, Gramercy makes an expensive interchangeable blade version. I don't recall where I bought mine.

From the original questioner:
Thanks guys. I am trying all kinds of new things these days. I tried cutting right handed as one suggested and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought! I also didn't know about the French version for either hand and have ordered one. I love this site as everyone seems to bring something to the table and all of us benefit as a result. I have been doing this for 35 years and still love being a woodworker. I am in good company.