Matching Off-Size Cabinet Pull Holes

Advice on replacing cabinet pulls when the originals are an odd dimension. November 5, 2013

I am repainting a set of kitchen cabinet doors for my electrician. The door handle holes are drilled 3.125" on center, which seems odd. He wants to upgrade his handles but wants to stick with the same spacing. But if it is not possible I will have to fill at least one of the existing holes in the doors. The question is, can I find a source of handles that have 3.125 spacing?

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From contributor M:
Ain't no such thing as 3 1/8" spacing. The old pulls must have been a one off.

From contributor E:
There are some 84mm centers that might fit. Hafele carries some of these styles.

From contributor D:
Hafele actually has some cup pulls in oil rubbed bronze, matt nickel, or copper finish which have 80mm c to c hole spacing. 3.125" should be about 79+ mm. Hafele #105.61.300,105.61.600,105.61.000. There certainly is not much available in that spacing.

From contributor T:
Seems like most 3" pulls centered on 3.125" would work without any filling.

From contributor J:
You could put a back plate on with the new handles and cover that hole.

From the original questioner:
What do you mean by back plate?

From contributor C:
Type "adjustable cabinet pulls" into google search. Idea being that one peg is fixed and the other slides up and down the pull for infinite adjustability along its length.

From contributor Z:
Search for cabinet backplates. Drill larger diameter holes, truss head screws and you should be able to go 3" center standard pulls. Sneaky I agree, but only thing I can think of.