Installing Frameless Cabinets Square

If plumb and level are right, cabinets faces should be square within an easy hinge adjustment. February 26, 2007

How are people checking frameless cabinets for square on installs? I've always done my best to get them plumb and level, put the doors on, then give them a final tweak, but then the doors are in the way for installing molding etc. Measuring the diagonal isn't really an option in most cases. Should I use a framing square? I realize that with a square cabinet, perfectly plumb and level should do it, but sometimes I rely a little too much on hinge adjustments to align doors.

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From contributor F:
I build my base cabinets with a separate ladder frame. I fasten the whole run together before fastening to the wall. With upper cabinets I use deadmen to support them while I do the same, attach them all together, then shim, level, and fasten to the wall. Any adjustments I can make with the hinges. Another thing that I find helps me is pre-assembling the cabinets in the shop. By doing this I can find any potential problems ahead of time and installation is even faster.

From contributor R:
If you use base levelers then plumb and level should = square. If you use upper hanger supports with a wall rail then it should be the same after you get the first one right in both cases, no pun intended.