Shopping for a TV Lift

A little info on television lifts for cabinets, and how they work. June 12, 2014

Iím building a cabinet with a TV lift. Any suggestions regarding what hardware to go with - KV, Hafele or Accuride? I still can't figure out how once the lift comes back down how the lid closes? The customer also wants a DVD player in the cabinet.

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From contributor S:
Most lifts have a wear strip on the back that the lid leans against, so when the lift lowers the lid simply drops into place. Included are a couple of photos that might help explain what I'm saying.

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From Contributor T:
We've just built one exactly like your picture, small world really. We put teflon strips at the wear points on the door and it works great.

From contributor P:
I just finished one using the Nexus 21 lift. The TV swivels, and there's a component shelf that travels up and down with the TV. This requires a full-size lid that also travels with the TV (vs. the hinged style lid). Very pleased with the lift - well-made, easy to install, and good support from the company.

From Contributor Y:
Nexus is by far the best on the market. They may be on the more costly side but the value is in the product. If your customers are seeking a premium piece then there is no substitute.

Costs for concelled A/V units are regional and can vary on the degree and quality of each piece. Unit consoles about six feet in length that carry a 32" to 42" TV will generally fetch between $2400 to $4800 depending on the style of the piece. These are based on limited production pieces for sale on the internet. Larger TV's go up from there. Just for reference, we have a piece 121" x 110" tall shipping to Salt Lake with a 65" TV on a Nexus unit that fetched 12k (wish I could fill my year with those).