Suspending Cabinets from an Angled Ceiling

It's a tricky detail, but there are several ways to get it done. June 23, 2006

We have a client who would like two cabinets suspended over a peninsula in her kitchen. The cabinets are each 33 inches wide and 18 inches high (unloaded, the cabinets weigh approximately 25lbs) The ceiling is also angled at a 45. Any suggestions on a ceiling mounted pole system?

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From contributor Z:
Only thing that I can think of is the hanging system for ceiling fans. The ones with the ball and swivel type.

From contributor J:
May look at 1 1/2" or 2" brass or chrome bar rail. Lots of fittings and flanges available.

From contributor L:
I've done work for a bar that had the same problem. They used threaded rod and had brackets made for in the ceiling and on top of the cabinet (engineered). My job was to hide the threaded rod. I did what contributor J suggests and used 1.5 brass tubing/fittings from Outwater plastics.

From contributor F:
I do this in about 20 houses per year. Since it is a peninsula, I assume you can attach one end to a wall. At the other, choose an acceptable mounting place on the top of your cabs and transfer point to the ceiling. Go into attic or crawl space and attach a length of 2x4 between the joists with 3" screws so that the board covers the mounting location in the ceiling. (This step not needed if there is already wood in the ceiling at the attachment point.) Build a column from 3/4" plywood with matching angle to the ceiling and use 2x4 for the top and bottom of column. Note: only attach 3 sides to the 2x4 until you have the whole thing mounted. Use 3" washer head screw and screw up through the top of the cab, into the bottom 2x4 of your column. Move cabs into place and attach one end to wall and the column to the ceiling using 3" screws up through the top column 2x4 and into the wood in the ceiling. Now install the 4th plywood side on the column. Finish off the column with matching veneer plywood and trim.