Aromatic Cedar for Closets

Tips on cedar closets for clothing storage. January 21, 2007

I need to line a closet with aromatic cedar. It's a small storage closet 2' wide by 6' high by 4' deep. Two questions:

1) I was thinking due to the small size, I would only have to line one surface - top, back, or one side. Would this be sufficient?

2) Is there any issue with the aromatic cedar "bleeding"? If I put it on the top, might it drip onto the clothes? Or if on a side or back, do I have to ensure the clothes do not contact it?

Forum Responses
(Cabinetmaking Forum)
From contributor F:
Traditional "cedar chests" were lined completely with it and filled with clothing and linen.

From contributor E:
You might consider 1/4" cedar plywood. It works great for this type of thing, and is easy to cut and attach to the walls and ceiling.

From contributor J:

One word of caution on the use of cedar plywood or flakeboard… Leave plenty of expansion at the joints and ends as it will expand readily, with much force, and easily buckle. Do not ask how I know.

From Professor Gene Wengert, Sawing and Drying Forum technical advisor:
Oftentimes you will have stronger odor from cedar lumber than from the plywood. Sanding lightly can help restore the odor.