Handling and Installing High-End Appliances

What's the best way to get a heavy, expensive Sub-Zero or Wolf fridge or range off the truck and into the house? Short answer: pay somebody else to do it. January 23, 2014

We're just delivering our first few Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and I'm hoping that you'll be able to give me some tips and tricks for handling them. The range cooker weighs 300kg and yet specifically says no forklifts on the packaging. How are we supposed to get it from the workshop floor into a lorry (which unfortunately on this project doesn't have a tail lift)? At the other end, how do we get it into and move it around the client's house? Any advice is appreciated.

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From contributor C:
Have the customer get the appliance dealer to re-deliver them (special hand trucks and floor damage liability). When you can afford appliances at this level professional delivery is mandatory!

From contributor D:
Appliance delivery and installation should be handled by professionals who specialize in the products in question. You don't want the liability. I have fought with customers over this in the past, but I refuse to install appliances. Not worth it.

From Contributor R:
We deal with these appliances all the time. Very common for us to get a crane (we are at the NJ beach and most kitchens are on upper floors) and get it lifted up at the granite countertop. There are wheels on the back of the Wolf so once in the general area it does roll around pretty well. Use mica or plywood if the floor is finished.

From contributor H:
Get the pros to do it. I just watched three guys get a sub-zero into a house and it was like watching graceful ballerinas. They made it look so easy. I asked how much they charge and it was $2000 from truck into the house. On another job a company quoted $25 a step. We had around 40 steep ones. We just moved a 42" Wolf with a pallet jack and some 4x material and it worked fine. Bucks have rollers so that made sliding into the pocket very easy.