Attaching Faux Doors to an Island Back

Here's a handful of techniques for sticking fake doors onto a cabinet side or back. August 13, 2007

A customer would like to install some faux raised panel doors to their island. I didn't make either of them, but they are a former customer. I can't get inside the island due to dishwasher, sink, etc. to screw through back. They are not interested in tearing it all out. Is there a clip or a special method anyone knows of to attach the door with no screw holes or air nails? I've been looking for some kind of clip that I can mount on the back of door and the back of the island so that I can just "push" it on. Any suggestions?

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From contributor K:
If these are faux doors and do not need to be removed for any reason in the future, don't overthink it... Being that these are RP doors, use some LocTite or Liquid Nails on the back, press it on, align it to where you want it, and put a brad in each corner (on a 30 degree down angle) where the raised panel and sticks meet (the holes should not be seen there, but use a little putty if they are), to secure it while the glue cures (LocTite is instant hold, Liquid Nails takes 15-20 minutes), and call it a day.

A quick method if it needs to be removed in the future, or if the customer doesn't want to pay too much for the install, would be to use hook and loop Velcro. Just apply it in the shape of an "X". Another option is Rare Earth magnets. Screw steel plates to cabinets, plunge route 1" holes in back of panel, glue magnets in, and attach. Package of 5 1" diameter x 1/4" deep 10lb. strength magnets will run you about $10. I doubt you will need more than three per door (two at top and one in center).

Otherwise, rout some keyholes in the back and mount the doors on some screws. Be sure to use bumpers. There are other methods, but they are more time consuming and less profitable.

From contributor L:
Use a picture frame hole router bit. It makes a 3/8" hole and a 3/16" slot. Put that on the back on the doors, one in each corner, and put 4 screws in the cabinet and slip them over. They can be easily removed and will be secure for a good long time. Make a template for the screws; it'll make things go quick and smooth. Or just glue it and be done with it.

From contributor D:

Keyhole slots are good, but with the countertops already installed, there is no room to slip them on. The simplest solution could be 1/4" dowels. Drill 1/2" deep holes in back of door, drop in 1/4" dowel points and press into island for mating hole location.

From contributor T:
Try Fastcap's double sided tape - it sticks like mad. Press it right the first time, as you will struggle to reposition it.

From contributor C:
3M VHB serious double stick tape. Holds the interior panels in aircraft and yachts. How much stronger do they need to be on there? Keep it simple and profitable.