Formica Ideal Edge


From original questioner:

We have a current project where the contractor is asking for the new Ideal Edge from Formica. As this is a new product, we have never used it before. Has anyone used this product? If so, how difficult was the fabrication with it and how much longer did it take you to fabricate than a normal self edge laminate countertop? Any advice wouild be great. Thank you.

From contributor La

Did you watch the video from Formica?

From contributor La

Yes, we did watch the video. We were just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with it. Thanks.

From contributor Jo

Besides the hack step of grinding seamfill in with a board, it looks the same as applying beveled edge.

Wilsonart has the same edges.


From contributor sh

And the other hack step of using a belt sander vertical. It is so much easier and consistent to use edge with tongue.

From contributor Br

I can not believe Fromica posted such a lame instruction video and the product isn't much better. they must have fired all the engineers with experience and hired car salesman insead. this in MOST definatly a DIY application except when they get out that belt sander the whole thing will be ruined.

From contributor P

Finally a product to compete with something Wilsonart came up with 20 years ago that looks more difficult to work with...

I'd stick with postforming.

From contributor Br

We've used the Wilsonart product quite a bit. Not much different than applying bevel edge. It does offer some alternatives to postforming. We've even done some larger radii with it. No magic bullet, good edges, maybe a little touch up on odd pieces with a belt sander or file. Glue it on.