Install Jigs for Blum Tandembox

Which jigs are worth having, and what's the best place to get them? October 13, 2012

We're about to head out for an install of Blum Tandembox, regular tandem drawers, Tip-on and Servo Drive (27 drawers) in a kitchen. Blum has a pile of install jigs, gauges, templates in their catalog - many of which obviously overlap. Which of these are essential and really work, and which are a waste of money?

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From contributor F:
The universal template is great for boring all the holes you'll need for the tandem box (back, bottom and even the drawer fronts) and the front marking templates greatly simplify the task of locating the drilling points of the drawer fronts. The Tandem boring template is great for locating the holes you'll need to install the locking devices. I haven't had experience with the servo drive or the tip-on yet.

From the original questioner:
Do you have a product or model number? The only universal template I saw said it was for Metabox, and did not say anything about Tandembox or Tandems.

From contributor F: is the only website I've found that sells it directly. You can probably have it ordered through your hardware supplier from Blum.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. You were a big help in steering me to the right jigs. I think we'll be all set up with jigs for Tandembox and Servo drive now! I've made my own jigs before, but it is nice to just use something someone else has already thought through.

I compared prices on the jigs and availability between Cabinetparts, WW Hardware, and in Montana and AH Turf had the best prices by far, almost half the price on one jig. They also had the most different jigs in stock.

From contributor F:
Thanks for introducing me to ahturf. Had no idea that you could get those jigs for such a low price! Unfortunately the tandem box marking template won't work for beaded inset face frames since the lip of the jig extends too far, but I'll probably get a pair to do frameless cabinets.