Hanging Glass Shelf Directly Onto Drywall


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I have to hang a glass shelf (15" deep X 23" wide X 3/8" thick) in a alcove directly onto the drywall. The shelf unfortunately is only 15" deep and the stud is way out at 24" (I guess it is just a decorative wall so they put the stud way out.) I am thinking my best bet is a cleat with the 1/2" toggle type bolts, perhaps 3 or 4 of them just to be sure.
But it would be nicer looking if we could use a one point hanger out of stainless steel like this http://www.sugatsune.com/products/ProductDetails.cfm?CATID=16&SUBCATID=7&P
But I just don't trust all the weight on one point. And I don't want to go to the cost of ripping up the drywall. Would you trust the shelf on one hanger? Would you trust it on the 3 toggle bolts?

From contributor Pa

It seems to me that I used a extrusion once that sort of worked like that.

Try these guys

From contributor Pa

Greg, you need to get back to the shop! Just checked out your site, very nice work.

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We also use C.R. Laurence Co. for a lot of glass stuff.