Hanging a 12" Cabinet Between Studs

Suggestions include toggle bolts, adhesive, and tying into the flanking cabinets. April 25, 2006

I'm installing kitchen cabinets over existing 1/2" sheetrock. One lower and one upper cabinet fall between studs. Both can be attached to the adjacent cabinet for some support. Any tried and true methods for securing these cabinets to the sheetrock?

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From contributor J:
Toggel bolts, construction adhesive.

From contributor L:
You can do a slightly more destructive method. Cut a small hole in the rock and slip a board in there and screw it through the sheetrock. Of course, you want this to line up with your screwing surfaces in your cabinets. Just make sure the hole you make to slip the board in is hidden by the cabinet when it is installed. You will get a lot of support from those other cabinets if they are attached to the studs.

From contributor A:
If this is not the end of the run, then just cut out 2 strips of sheetrock at screw level across the studs and screw in 1/2 plywood. Cabinet covers when installed.

From contributor W:
Maybe I'm missing something here, but if the cabinet in question is so small that it falls between a stud bay, why not just fasten the face frame to the cabs on either side, and *maybe* fasten the backs together (with a block to fill the back)? After all, it sounds like the cabinets on either side are hitting the only available studs. If it were one large unit, instead of three separate cabinets, you wouldn't worry about it, 'cause you'd be hitting all the available studs. If the cabinets were ganged together and moved into place, ditto. If it were hanging off the end of a run, that'd be different. And... some code/inspectors want all patches in sheetrock to be fire taped.

From contributor F:
If you want a better method than toggle bolts without cutting holes to insert plywood, try Hilti's hollow wall anchors. They are designed so you can insert the base in drywall without the bolt, making for an easy installation.