Corner Cabinet for an Out-of-Square Wall

Pros exchange tips for installing a corner cabinet into a non-square corner. August 29, 2005

I'm about to build a corner cabinet for a set of upper cabinets. The corner in the kitchen is way out of square and building the wall out square is not an option. I've never dealt with this problem before and was considering taking a template of the corner and building the cabinet out of square. As long as the gables are all the same, I don't think it'll be noticeable once cabinets are installed on both sides of the corner cab. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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From contributor D:
It depends on the type of cabs you 're building, but as long as you make the corner cabinet smaller (in depth) than adjacent wall cabinets, you can get around the problem. I install tons of kitchens and see wall corner cabinets twice a year, if that. Blind corner cabinets are more common for me, and easier to install in out-of-square rooms

From contributor P:
Build the corner cabinet and wall cabinets to be installed with French cleats. Install the cleats first, building the corner away from the wall with shims until it is square. This has the added benefit of giving you a 1/2" void behind the cabinets for such wall accommodations and can be used for a chase when under cabinet lighting is requested. This will require side finish panels, and under-cabinet finish panels.

From contributor B:
I always make them with bigger scribes. It always gives me room no matter what.

From contributor R:
You might consider using Euro hanging brackets and rails, which not only space it away from the wall, but also give you a lot of leveling capability in three axes.

From contributor R:
Blum, Hafele, Camar all make them. I use the Camars available from or carries some models that true32 doesn't, but the ones true32 sells are good. You probably want the screw-on versus the doweled versions unless you have a point-to-point.