Touching Up White Cabinets

Advice on touching up nicks and dings in white thermofoil, vinyl, and melamine cabinet surfaces. August 7, 2006

I'm just wrapping up an installation of KraftMaid white cabinets. It appears that the finish is a thin vinyl sheet, maybe vacuum-formed? Is that thermofoil?

In any case, quality control at KraftMaid seems lacking when it comes to this white stuff. We got many faces with mashed corners, which won't take fill from a fill stick. Is there any good way to fix vinyl-surfaced cabinet issues?

Forum Responses
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From contributor A:
I had problems with some American Woodmark cabinets that I was installing. Due to their packing methods there were quite a few that were damaged in shipping and they sent the sales rep out and replaced them. If it was the poor packing then they should stand behind what they sent and replace them. That would save you having to fix their mistakes.

From contributor B:
I always do custom where I'm paid enough to pull out my touch up gun, or take the door back to the shop. Putty just doesn't work on white.

From contributor C:
Try using white seam-fill - that works pretty well for me.

From contributor B:
I tried seam fill, but had problems when wiping it off with the solvent on cabinets other than thermofoil (with a finish).

From contributor C:
As far as I know the seam fill or the solvent should not damage the thermofoil doors. Try it in a place where it will not be seen first.

From contributor D:
Go get a small touch up paint bottle at your local auto zone or other auto part stores. Most have the gloss white or white to cut the gloss in the paint; wait till dry 10 minutes and wipe with denatured alcohol. Also for on hand purposes of cabinet (PLAM) makers, Benjamin Moore Standard color 3000, a perfect match to white melamine here on the East Coast. Use a small artist's brush.

From contributor E:
White out for paper works well - comes in a squeeze bottle and dries fast