Matching Toekicks

Toekicks should usually match the cabinets, not the floor. January 10, 2006

For toekicks, do you match the cabinet or match the flooring?

Forum Responses
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From contributor A:
Match the cabinet.

From contributor B:
Matching the cabinet may show wood when the floor is hardwood or vinyl. When the floor is tile, I always try to sell the client on running the tile up onto the toekicks. Lacquered toe kicks are really a bad idea, but then when I look at the so called floor mops being sold today they donít really have much water involved in the process.

From contributor C:
I do mine a dull black lacquer. That way they disappear.

From contributor D:
Most of mine end up same as cabinet, however, I personally think black looks better with most stain-grade cabs, but I sell very few. I don't push the black too hard when our shop finishes, simply because it's easier.

From contributor C:
I attach my toekicks with pocket screws (from the rear). That way I just take them off to finish them black. It also makes it easier if you need to scribe the toekicks when you install - you can remove them to do your cutting. I do a lot of old houses and my kicks always need to be scribed.

From contributor E:
Always match the cabinet unless the client wants something different.

From contributor F:
Match the cabs, although I did a nice modern kitchen last year where I put in extruded aluminium toekicks. Looked really cool with high gloss doors, but probably not everyone's taste!