Blind Corner Pullout Choices

Big supplier salespeople weigh in on this informative thread about choosing and installing pullout shelving for blind corner cabinets. August 31, 2010

Has anyone had any experience with the articulating base-corner cabinet mechanical trays? Iím not sure exactly what to call them, but it better utilizes the dead-space in corner cabinets. Pros, cons, warnings, comments? Also, I know Hafele and Lee Valley sell their own version, any recommendations?

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From contributor E:
Hefele sells a corner cabinet manufactured by Vauth Sagel. It has two independent shelves and I find it to be the best I have used so far. Itís expensive but very nice.

From contributor M:
I just installed my first blind corner organizer - very nice. The directions were not very good as usual, but I did save the final install specs. I got mine from Richileau for about $300. It still leaves about a foot of dead space, but the customer won't realize it if you put a full top on cabinet.

From the original questioner:
Much thanks on the speedy responses! I'll see what I can do. I don't remember seeing two banks high in a typical cabinet (30 1/2 ish). Also, didn't notice any real specs on my brief view on said links. Any thoughts on a high/low option for a base cabinet?

From contributor T:
The Hafele mechanism works well. I typically fit a drawer above it in a standard 30 1/2" high base cabinet.

From contributor R:
I used a system from rev-a-shelf, it was a 1/2 circle shaped shelf that pivoted out then pulled out. They liked it.

From contributor S:
I have one in my kitchen (Rev-a-shelf I think). It is a half moon shape with basic wire type construction. I cut some 1/4" oak ply to make the wire shelving more manageable for smaller items. I use it a lot, and itís very convenient when compared to the stock cave-like cabinet. Get a good quality product, the last thing you want to do is try to repair a shoddily manufactured unit in a finished kitchen.