Planning For Crown Molding And Trim


From original questioner:

I just completed my first large crown molding job. (thanks to Gary Katz's educational materials and the Collins coping foot). I was wondering how much extra material to plan on a trim job. When I ordered, I thought I was ordering plenty. Shortly into this crown molding job, however, I was afraid I was going to run out of trim and have to make a few scarf joints on the last run. (I would not have actually done that.). I ended up having just enough material. I know it comes with experience and making the right cuts the first time, but do most of you add a certain percentage?

From contributor MJ

I usually add on 15-20% for painted trim, 20-30% for stain grade. But it really depends on the number of cuts. If it's just a simple square room, those overages are adjusted down. Lotsa twists and turns, it'll go up.

I've never used a coping jig. Does it work well? how much time does it take you to cope the standard crown with it? I've gotten it down to 12-15 minutes freehand jigsaw and bastard file.

From contributor Br


For me, I would say 5-10 minuntes to cope with the coping foot on a jigsaw. There is a learning curve, but it works great.

From contributor Jo

I typically add 15% unless it's alder then about 20% because of the short lengths. I should add I always round up as I measure as well. Incidentally, I use a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a backing pad and 36g disc for coping. After almost 20 years It's become almost an extension of my hand. I rarely file and can make copes that look like they grew that way. I never timed it but I'd say 5min tops.

From contributor MJ

Hey Brad, does that include set up time, like clamping the piece down in the right spot? Crown molding is one of the few things I actually enjoy about installing. I'm kinda in a zen state when coping. Timing it was just a guesstimate.

Hey Joe, I'd love to watch your angle grinder method. Sounds interesting. Any chance you could upload a video?

From contributor St

When I was installing trim I used the collins coping foot and a dremel to cut copes. I could cope colonial crown in about 2 mins. The miter clamps sold by collins are also a must have.

From contributor Jo

MJ, I will try to do that although it may take me a bit.

From contributor ni

i use two 36 grit disc back to back in a angle grinder that way you can us both sides of the disc

From contributor Jo

Nicko, I have some friends that do that. I've been thinking of trying it. I took some video yesterday, Once uploaded somewhere I'll post.