Cabinet Installation Prices

A reasonable per-box rate for cabinet installation can really vary, depending on the complexity of the job. September 27, 2008

I am curious as to what people are charging in the SLC area for custom installs.

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From contributor F:
$1000 per project.

From contributor H:
I charge $25 a box. That includes the toe kick on the base. It does not include the following:
3" Crown $2 a foot
Fillers $8 for up to 42"
Pony walls or die walls $10 a foot
Light rail/crown build up $2 a foot.

Countertops $5 a linear ft
Back panels for islands or peninsulas $5 a linear ft.

I usually give my installer 90% of this and pay him hourly to fix any mistakes that we make. I usually pay $45 an hour.

From contributor J:
I have been installing woodwork and cabinetry for over thirty years and I do not have a set formula in how to price my installs. I just do a post-production time sheet on all my jobs to determine how long it takes to install cabinetry and millwork. There are so many factors associated with figuring out how much to charge. If you are installing for a builder doing five kitchens a week then maybe I will buy it that your numbers work. But if you are doing a remodeling job where there will be other trades getting in your way, then I think your numbers are too low.

From contributor H:
I typically charge $35 a box for remodel and I also charge a set-up fee depending on how hard I think the job will be. If the crown is going to the ceiling I charge double for the crown install. If you were doing remodels all the time I can see how these numbers would seem low but for new construction my installer makes about $60 an hour. I think that is good money.

It really doesn't matter if you think my price is too low because I sub this out anyway and I am still able to make money. This is one of the reasons that I like to sub install. It allows you to fix a cost on install and then mark it up.