Drawer Face Adjustment

Tips on fine-tuning drawer faces that last sixteenth of an inch. April 30, 2009

Does anyone know any tricks for adjusting drawer faces slightly sideways after they have been screwed to the box.Removing and rescrewing works but for 1/16'' there must be easier ways.

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From contributor V:
Make the through-holes in your drawer a larger diameter.

From contributor R:
You can use drawer front adjusters.

From contributor W:
What does everyone do for a drawer that is tilted in or out a bit? What I mean is that assuming the drawer box is installed level and plumb but the drawer front tilts out or in at one corner, keeping the drawer front from sitting flush to the cabinet. The assumption is that something is possibly warped a bit. Do you swap out the drawer front or has someone come up with another solution?

From contributor K:
We build our drawers with four screws that hold the front on. We only install two screws at the shop and two in the field after install, that way you can tap them around with a rubber mallet before setting the final screws. Also we use face frame screws because they have a coarse thread and a smaller smooth shaft between the threads and the head thus creating a small amount of adjustment.

From contributor Z:
Blum adjusters are great, except for shaker or flat panel drawer faces. If the track is installed straight and the box is square and installed right, then there should not be any tilt. Something is off somewhere. Adjust the track to fix it. For shakers, we install drawer fronts on site only. We temporarily attach a piece of scrap to the bottom of the cabinet so that the bottom drawer face sits on it. Then we position face left or right and clamp to drawer box and attach with screws from the inside. The next drawer is registered to the bottom with a 1/8 strip of Masonite and so on till the top drawer.