Attaching Cabinets to Drywall

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Tips to create a screw-hold when there's no stud behind the wall. June 17, 2005

What is the best sheet rock fastener to hang upper cabinets? On one end of a cabinet, I have no access to a stud to fasten, therefore I need some type of fastener to pull it snug to the wall.

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When I run into a situation like yours (almost every job), I simply cut a 4" square hole into the drywall where I want to screw the cabinet into the wall. Then I insert into this hole a 3.5" X 10" X 3/4" thick plywood (the longer the piece of plywood, the better) and while centering the plywood in the hole, I attach the plywood to the drywall with drywall screws (1 3/8"). I have just created a stud to hang my cabinet from. I usually place one of these "studs" behind the drywall at the top of the cabinet and one at the bottom. Obviously, keep this drywall hole in a place where the cabinet will completely cover it and if the customer is on the job, always explain that you need to place backing behind the rock and this is one of the best ways to do it. And then there is always the Moly bolt, which I have never liked or trusted.

Perhaps you could cut an opening in the drywall behind the cabinet and next to the point you want to secure. Gob some construction adhesive onto a chunk of 2X, and while holding it inside, attach in place with drywall screws. Patch your hole (or not), now mount the cabinet, screwing to the buried block.