Adhering a Cabinet to a Marble Floor

How to stick a built-in down to a marble floor without putting holes in the stone. March 3, 2009

I have a customer for whom I am placing wall cabinets and a bureau in the center of his closet. The floors in the closet are marble and he does not want holes in them. I need recommendations for adhering the bureau to the floor without holes.

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From contributor R:
Do you mean the middle of the floor so he can walk around the bureau? If so, some sort of adhesive like PL may work. Will there be a continuous "toe kick"? You should be able to adhere a piece of stock to the floor and then attach the bureau to that. That way if the customer wants to ever remove it the adhesive can be scraped off. If you are going against the wall there should be no need to attach it to the floor.

From the original questioner:
The bureau is in the center of the closet, a walk-around.

From contributor C:
How about velcro? It would allow moving of the cab if necessary and you can order adhesive backed stuff so you can stick it to floor and cab.

From contributor L:
Make a plywood sub-base so it fits just inside the cabinet base. Make it so there will be substantial contact with the floor, but give enough leeway for a floor that isn't perfect. Seal the ply that faces toward the floor and use commercial grade double faced tape to hold the sub-base to the floor. (With enough tape making contact, a bulldozer couldn't move it). Place the cabinet so it nests over that sub-base and tag them together with a few screws.