Peel-and-Stick Stainless Steel

It's a refacing option for appliances. June 23, 2006

My customer wants to reface their black dishwasher with stainless steel to match their other appliances. I remember there is a company that sells a flexible self-stick metallic material that can transform the old looking appliances into the modern stainless look. Don't know who has this stuff. Any ideas? It's a KitchenAid dishwasher.

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From contributor D:
The panels in Kichenaid are reversible - there are two color options standard on each one, and you can buy a replacement stainless panel top and bottom.

From contributor K:
Look at I think this is the stuff you are talking about. I saw it used on an HGTV show. Alsa makes one in conjunction with GE. The other is ALKOR DECO, in Germany, but not sure if available in the US. Formica also makes a metal laminate in 96" x 40" sheets.

From the original questioner:
Thanks - exactly what I needed!