Fastening Upper Cabinets to Granite Countertops

When upper cabs run all the way down to a stone counter, how do you connect the two? Pros share ideas. October 8, 2005

How do you guys attach your uppers to granite countertops, when the uppers have no bottom in them and go all the way down to the counter? Can you drill through the granite and screw from the underside? I always just put some good silicone under the side, but scribing is always an issue, and it doesn't hold forever. Any ideas?

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If the wall cabinet is fastened to the wall, and resting on the granite top, why does it need to be fastened to the granite?

I second that question. I might caulk if I think I need to, with some good tub and tile caulk. Other than that, I don't worry about it.

Since there is no bottom, the sides may remain flexible, so even if it's fastened to the wall, the sides of the cabinet aren't. What about liquid nails run underneath the cabinet before it is dropped into place? Then run caulking around the sides.

In these situations, I try to make the sides 2-1/4" wide so that I can use a 3/4"x3/4" tenon that is siliconed to the stone, and mortise the bottom of the sides to slip over the tenon with some liquid nails or yellow glue. This way, I get no visible caulk or glue lines.