Cutting 45 Crown Moulding

Info on cutting crown of various spring angles, and what to do if the walls are slightly off square. July 28, 2012

When cutting standard large crowns (crown that leans out less than it goes down the wall) we set the compound miter at 31.6 (miter) and 33.9 (bevel). Today we are cutting large 12" across Enkenboll crown that leans out the same as it goes down the wall (everything is at 45deg). The regular degrees used standard crowns leaving the back of the crown cocked out at the bottom. What settings would be needed on a compound mitersaw when laying the material on its back to cut?

Forum Responses
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From contributor D:
I use a 30 bevel and 35.25 miter.

From contributor Y:
Bosch makes an angle finder that will calculate your miter and bevel based on the actual angle of the inside and outside corner. Simple to use and takes all the guess work out of trying to fit the miter. The miter and bevel indicators on your saw and the charts only give you known angles then you must "fine tune" from there. Well worth the investment.

From Gary Katz, forum technical advisor:
Contributor D has it right, but if the corner angle isn't exactly 90 degrees, you'll need a crown chart.