Glass Doors and Remote Controls

Will a glass door on an entertainment center block the TV remote? Apparently not. December 14, 2005

What has your experience been with using glass doors in front of electronics equipment (DVD, cable box, etc.) that is controlled by infrared remotes? I was wondering the impact of the glass type - clear, tinted, flat, antique, etc.

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From contributor B:
Call a home electronics store. They deal with these setups all the time.

From contributor M:
I used a dark brown Lexan on my TV cabinet at home. It is stronger than glass for those of us with children and the DVD and satellite remotes seem to work fine. The color is so dark that you can't really see through it, but the IR works fine.

From contributor D:
As you can see, I put a piece of bronze glass in this door for a customer and everything works just fine for him. I was also concerned about the infrared remotes, but I was told the color has nothing to do with it.