Lattice Design for Wine Bottle Storage

Lattice construction details that keep the bottle tilted so that the cork stays wet. March 27, 2012

I am putting in some wine bottle lattice in a small kitchen cabinet, behind doors. When you install the front and back lattice, are they supposed to be at different heights? I understand the cork staying wet, but should the neck always rest on the front lattice and the body on the back, thereby creating a natural slope for the bottle? Or should the bottle always rest on its body?

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From contributor D:
I usually install both lattices at the same height, but place the front one so the bottles lay on the neck. That's the way my clients have always specified. Here's a photo of one I just finished last week.

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From contributor J:
Same opening (3.5" +/-) yet the neck of the bottle should rest on the front and the body on the back set in about an inch+. The neck will have enough fall to keep the cork wet!

From contributor G:
Both to the same height in my opinion.

Nice horizontal lattice. Where can you get it? I'm always using the diamond shaped ones.

From contributor D:
We make our own. It's pretty simple, but it probably took 4 hours to mill and assemble everything.