Usfulness of Variable Speed in a Planer-Moulder

Single-speed equipment is okay for running very small and simple moulding, but not for anything large or complex. September 23, 2008

I am looking at buying a Shop Fox, planer/moulder. Can get a fixed speed quite a bit cheaper than the variable speed? To those that are using these, what is the advantage to the variable speed? I can only assume that with certain hardwoods, that there may be a difference but your experience would be appreciated.

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From contributor D:
I have used both the W&H and the Shop Fox and the W&H is far superior. As far as the speed control is concerned it gives you a lot more control of the finish (cuts per inch). This is most important when doing round or elliptical shapes . I would not buy one that did not have the speed control .

From contributor B:
I agree with Contributor D, the W&H is a first rate machine.

From contributor L:
If you plan on doing small profile moldings that are no wider than 3 1/2" then the single feed is fine. If you plan on using the full capabilities of the machine, 7" and 3/4" deep profiles then the variable feed is a must.